The Third International Conference 
on Permutation Patterns
March 7-11, 2005, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

Contributed talks
1. M.H. Albert*, N. Ruskus, S. Linton,
         On the permutational power of token passing networks, PDF.
2. M.H. Albert, R.E.L. Alderd, M.D. Atkinson*,H.P. van Ditmarsch, C.C. Handley, D.A. Holton, D.J. McCaughan,
         Sorting classes , PDF
3. M. Bona*,
         Parity and stack sortability, PDF. 
4. E. Steingrimsson*,
         Generalized permutation patterns, PDF. 
5. R. Brignall*,
         Finite basisproperties of wreath product, PDF.
6. A. Burstein*, S. Kitaev,
         Partially ordered generalized patterns and their combinatoiral interpretations, PDF. 
7. A. Burstein, I. Lankham*,
         A geometric form for the extended patience sorting algorithm, PDF
8. M. Coleman*,
         An answer to a question by Wilf on packing distinct patterns in a permutation, PDF.
9. M. Elder*,
         Pattern avoidng permutations are context-sesitive, PDF
10. G. Ferro*, T. Mansour,
         Restricted permutations and polygons , PDF. 
11. S. Elizalde*,
         Asymptotic enumetaion of permutations avoiding generalized patterns, PDF
12. L. Evans, A. Godbole*, C. Henley, D. Williams,
         The number of occurrences of patterns in a random permutation, PDF
13. S. Huczynska*, N. Ruskuc,
         Atomic classes: pattern classes indecomposable by union, PDF.
14.  S. Huczynska,  V. Vatter*,
         The three flavors of profile classes, PDF.
15. T. Mansour*,
         Restricted 132-avoiding k-ary words, Chebyshev polynomials, and Continued fractions,  PDF.
16. N. Ruskuc*,
         Decidability questions for pattern avoidance classes of permutations,  PDF.
17. B. Sagan*, V. Vatter,
         The Mobius function for permutations ordered by pattern containment,  PDF.
18. R. Smith*,
         Permutation reconstruction,  PDF.
19. D. Warren*,
         Packing densities of more 2-block patterns,  PDF.
20. S. Waton *,
         Token passing networks,  PDF.
21. H. Wilf*,
         Pattern avoidance in compositions and multipermutations,  PDF.
22. D. Zeilberger*,
         Enumeration schemes for restricted permutations,  PDF.