Ya'acov Peterzil -- various publications

    Updated November 2022

    Selected talks

    1. ``Interpretable groups and fields in various valued fields'' , a 3 parts tutorial, Cetraro 2022.
    2. ``The images of definable sets in the torus and their associated Hausdorff limits'', Fields Institute, 2021, in honor or Hrushovski's 60's birthday.
    3. ``Strongly minimal groups in o-minimal structures'', Workshop 3, Institut henri Poincare, Paris 2018.
    4. ``Complex geometry in tame model theoretic settings: definability, analyticity and algebraicity'', Riemann conference, Munster 2016.
    5. ``Topological closure of algebraic and o-minimal flows in com,plex tori'', Model Theory and applications to geometry, Padova 2017.
    6. ``O-minimal structures - basics and some applications'', Tutorial for 11th Panhellenic Logic Sympsoium, Delphi 2017.
    7. ``The real shadow of a definably compact homogenuous space'' The 2016 Model Theory meeting at U. Notre Dame.
    8. ``Topological groups and stabilizers of types'' Logic Colloquium 2015, Helsinki (pdf). A video of the talk.
    9. ``O-minimality and Arithmetic, the Pila-Zannier method'' MSRi workshop: Model Theory, Arithmetic, geometry and number theory, February 2014, MSRI berkeley, (pdf). A video of the two talks.
    10. ``Locally definable groups and lattices'' (Ravello Model Theory meeting, June 2013), (pdf)
    11. ``Do o-minimal theories eliminate imaginaries?'' A video of a talk at the Banff International research center, February 2012.
    12. ``Definable quotients of locally definable groups'' (June 2011, (pdf)
    13. With S. Starchenko, ``Tame complex analysis and o-minimality'' (slides for a talk given at the logic session of ICM 2010 at Hyderabad) (pdf)
    14. ``The infinitesimal subgroup of a definably compact group'' (slides for a tutorial given in the Wroclaw Logic Colloquium, July 2007) (ps)
    15. A self-guide to o-minimality (notes for a tutorial given in the Camerino Summer School, June 2007) (pdf)
    16. With S. Starchenko ``Complex analytic geometry, an o-minimal viewpoint'' (slides for a tutorial in Oberwolfach Mathamtical Institute, July 2004), Part I (ps), Part II (ps) , Part III (ps), References (ps)
    17. ``Definable groups in o-minimal structures'' (The Evelyn Nelson lecture given at McMaster University, November 2003) (ps).


      Authors are originally listed in alphabetical order.


    1. with Y. Halevi and A. Hasson ``Definably semisimple groups interpretable in p-adically closed fields''.
    2. with H. Abu Saleh, ``Additive reducts of real closed fields and strongly bounded structures'' (to apppear in Model Theory).
    3. with Y. Halevi and A. Hasson ``On groups interpretable in various valued fields''. .
    4. with Y. Halevi and A. Hasson, ``Intepretable fields in various valued fields'', to appear in Advances in Math.
    5. with A Chernikov and S. Starchenko, ``Model theoretic Elekes-Szabo for stable and o-minimal hypergraphs''.
    6. ``An o-minimalist view of the group configuration''.
    7. with P. Eleftheriou ``Correction to: Definable groups as homomorphic images of semi-linear and field-definable groups'', (pdf).
    8. With S. Strachenko, ``Correction to ``Expansions of algebraically closed fields in o-minimal structures'', Selecta Math. NS 7 (2001) 409-445'' (pdf).
    9. With S. Starchenko, ``Around Pila-Zanneir: the semiabelian case'', infromal notes from February 2009 (pdf).
    10. ``Analytic-like functions in o-minimal structures'' (an unpublished paper from 1993) (pdf).


    11. with S. Starchenko ``O-minimal flows on nilmanifolds'', Duke Math. J. 170 (18) (2021) 3935-3976.
    12. with P. Eleftheriou and A. Hasson `Strongly minimal groups in o-minimal structures'', JEMS 23 (2021), no. 10, 33513418.
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    14. with E. Baro and P. Eleftheriou ``Locally definable subgroups of semialgebraic groups'', J. of Math. Logic, vol 20 (02) (August 2020) .
    15. with A. Rosel ``Definable one dimensional topologies in o-minimal structures'', AFML 59, 103-125(2020).
    16. with E. Bar-Yehuda and A. Hasson ``A theory of pairs for nonvaluational structures'', Journal Sym. Logic, vol 84 (2), June 2019, 664-683 (pdf).
    17. with S. Starchenko ``Algebraic and o-minimal flows on complex and real tori'', Advances in Mathematics, vol 333, 31 July 2018, 539-569 (pdf).
    18. with S. Starchenko ``A note on o-minimal flows and the Ax Lindemann Weierstrass Theorem for abelian varieteis over the complex numbers'', L'Enseignement Mathematique (2) 63 (2017) 251-261. (pdf).
    19. With S. Starchenko ``Topological groups, μ-types and their stabilizers'', Journal of European Math. Society, vol 19, 10, 2017, 2965-2995 (pdf).
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    Other material

  1. A radio interview, 4.5.2016, about Mathematics and Mathematicians (Hebrew).
  2. With Meron Rapoport, about the so-called "Hannibal procedure" practiced by the IDF, December 8, 2009 (Hebrew).
  3. (Hebrew), NEGED HATERROR, historic collection of articles against Jewish terrorism in Palestine, ed. R. Binyamin and Y. Peterzeil, 1939.
  4. About the killing of civilians during the Gaza war, February 5th, 2009 (Hebrew).
  5. (English translation): "Disconnected", about the unrecognized village Dar Elhanoun, Nov 2, 2007.