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A Foundation of 'Lessons Learnt' Underpins this June's CHASS Workshop at Flinders to Fix the ERA.    29/04/11 [More]


NTEU President Opens National Climate Change Conference.    28/04/11

    Then the polluting industries are falling over themselves arguing that they should be exempted from the carbon tax. [More]


LSE Professor Travels Half the World to Tell Us the Emperor Has No Clothes.    27/04/11

     Excellence in Research for Australia [ERA], is "predigital in nature", rendering it clumsy and bureaucratic. [More]


Tertiary Education Union Calls to Extend the Boundaries of Climate Change Mitigation.    27/04/11 a union of academics, researchers, university professionals and administrators we have a particular role to play in addressing this critical problem of our time. [More


University Fees -- Berkeley and ANU vs Those Projected for English Universities.    27/04/11

    Beginning 2012 English Universities will be permitted to charge up to £9,000 (US$14,900, A$13,700) tuition per year. [More


New Chief Scientist's Appointment Greeted with Hope.    25/04/11

    Does Professor Chubb have the will, ability and connections to alter the government's current counter-productive approach in "supporting" scientific research? [More]


Marty Hoffert and Clean Energy.    20/04/11

     Professor Hoffert cites history to those spooked by sovereign debt and in a panic to return the government to surplus in the shortest possible time. [More]


Young Academy Movement is Gaining Ground but too Slowly.    19/04/11

    [B]y providing a shortcut for outstanding young scientists to exert national leadership, Young Academies can be highly effective in recruiting a nation's most talented students to scientific careers—a critical issue for the future of every nation. [More


Immediate Past V-C of ANU Appointed Australian Chief Scientist.    19/04/11

    "I think personally that the overwhelming bulk of the science is in and that we have to do something about it. What's done is an issue for government and not an issue for me." [More


Tentative Agenda for May 19, 2011 Meeting of PCAST.    18/04/11

   For discussion  the NRC's Committee to develop a conceptual framework for New Science Education Standards Study. [More]


My... View is That Governments... Just Need to Set Up a Competitive System: Denise Bradley.    18/04/11

    We don’t want to have an American system, with a very long tail of really bad institutions. [More


Campus Review Discloses a "Cone of Silence" With Regard to 8 Governmental Tertiary Education Reports.    18/04/11 [More]


Women in Science and Engineering Summit Evokes Commitments from the Powers That Be, but What and When Will be the Results to Follow?    15/04/11 [More]


La Trobe University Staff Condemn Adverse Consequences of the ERA.    15/04/11

    ERA condemned for adverse consequences on Australian research in the lead up to the next Excellence in Research for Australia. [More


While Australian Rallies Against $400 million Prospective Cuts to Medical Research Proceed, US 2011 Spending Deal Spares NIH Major Cuts.    13/04/11

     " can't just turn research on and off." [More


Nobelist Peter Doherty Speaks Out About $400 million Prospective Cuts to Medical Research.    12/04/11 [More]


National Tertiary Education Union Supports Campaign to Protect Medical Research Funding.    11/04/11

     NTEU has thrown its support behind WEHI's campaign "Discoveries Need Dollars". [More]


Has the ARC Chief Executive Justified the $35 million ERA Initiative?    09/04/11

    The September 30, 2010 issue of  THE, Times Higher Education, devoted a page to Australia's research assessment programme. Now it's back with "the post-launch lessons". [More]


Group of Eight Calls for Both Government and Students to Share in a Funding Increase of Billions.    08/04/11

    The Go8 need only undertake two guarantees for their push for uncapping fees to have universal backing from the Australian community. [More]


A Brief History on the 150th Anniversary of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.    07/04/11

     Perhaps the most influential of MIT's many innovations lay not in curricula or textbooks but in patronage. [More]


Australian Centre for Renewable Energy Releases Strategic Directions, its Approach to Deliver Competitively Priced Renewable Energy.    06/04/11

    With limited funds, ACRE faces the choice of either supporting all renewable energy technologies, or focusing its support on a narrower range... [More


SKA Moves a Step Forward.    06/04/11

    The establishment of its founding governing board will set up its project office at the Jodrell Bank Observatory on New Year's Day 2012. [More]


Academe, Secretaries of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and Senator Carr Speak to HASS on the Hill.    05/04/11

    If you don't come away feeling pangs of panic you're not grasping the gravity of the dysfunctioning of the government/public service nexus. [More]


From the Australian Science Media Centre: The ‘Evil Twin’ of Climate Change -- Ocean Acidification.    05/04/11

     Four scientists speak on why it is considered by many to be as great a problem as increasing temperatures. [More]


"Don't Rush the Science Curriculum", Says ATSE.    04/04/11

     Much of the past focus has been on motivating students to pursue STEM studies and careers... the impact of all these efforts has been frustratingly little. [More]


A Comment from Bob Park on Fukushima: Hydrogen Explosion in Reactor No.4 Spent-Fuel Pool.    03/04/11

     And that tuft of "platinum wool" ? [More]


Notes from the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies.    02/04/11

    Excerpts from the notes in the April news letter from FASTS. [More