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Finnish Education Guru Discusses What's Needed -- Better Education  for All Teachers.    28/09/12

    And understanding and organising special education, the education for children with special needs [More]


Is US Basic Research in Biomedicine Still No.1?    28/09/12

    Sidney Altman, 1989 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, asks the question. [More]


UN Names PM as an "Education Champion".    27/09/12

    Julia Gillard appointed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as one of 10 champions of the Global Education Initiative. [More


US House of Representatives Approves "Stop the War on Coal Act."    27/09/12

    Included in the act is prohibition of the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. [More


Sweden is to Significantly Up Its Commitment to Research and Development.    26/09/12

    Governmental plans calls for adding A$589 million (SEK $4 billion) to the annual budget by 2016. [More]


Particle Physicists Strike a Golden Open Access Deal.    25/09/12

    Is it a solution or just kicking the can down the road? [More


After 11-Years, Princeton University's Shirley Tilghman to Retire as President.    25/09/12

    In May 2001 for a double first Princeton University chose a molecular biologist, Shirley Tilghman, to take up its  presidency. [More


The 2012 Ig Nobel Prize Winners.    22/09/12 [Much More]


Carl Wieman Tells Congress What's Wrong With STEM Education.    21/09/12

    Professional development for teachers already in the classroom is based on a flawed premise... [More


A Plea for the US to Rejoin Support for the SKA.    21/09/12

    Within the next two years the SKA must clearly define the technology developments necessary for a realizable instrument. [More]


Stanford's Exploration of the MOOCs.    21/09/12

    Despite the many uncertainties surrounding online education other universities will be watching closely to see how these experiments pan out. [More


It is Increasingly Difficult to Get the Ear of Government. -- AAS President Suzanne Cory.    20/09/12 [More]


Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt Contributes an Op-Ed to the Daily Telegraph.    19/09/12

     He invited our federal parliamentarians to join him on the roof of Parliament House for a bit of stargazing. [More]


New Method of Lab Instruction wins Science IBI Prize.    18/09/12

    ...they didnt really understand the lab in terms of what was actually happening. [More


Australia's Chief Scientist Gives Some Cautionary Advice at Sydney University's  Association of Professors' Annual Dinner.    17/09/12

    It is important not to draw grand conclusions from low benchmarks. [More]


Australia's Most Recent Nobel Laureate Calls for Increased Scientific Input in Determining Governmental Policy.    17/09/12 [More]


Update on Scientific Integrity Policy in US Government Agencies.    17/09/12

    Twenty-two US government agencies have now released draft or final policies on scientific integrity. [More


Cabinet Leak Triggers Panic in Group of Eight.    15/09/12

     A clamp on an estimated $2bn-a-year in federal grants has the Group of Eight reacting in terror. [More]


MIT Puts ChemLab Boot Camp Online.    15/09/12

    An introduction to MIT's laboratory environment through a four-week January course -- MIT's answer to reality TV. [More]


Kurt Lambeck Awarded Balzan Prize.    14/09/12

     For his work on the interplay among glacial melting, sea-level change, and rising landmass resulting from climate change. [More]


Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM) Publishes 3rd Newsletter.    14/09/12

     Read its newsletter to find out what it's up to. [More]


Dj vu All Over Again: What Next for Universities?    13/09/12

    Warren Babbington's inaugural address on becoming vice-chancellor of the University of Adelaide. [More]


Office of the Chief Scientist Issues "Occasional Paper" on STEM Education.    11/09/12

    This 4-page paper examines STEM skills, and employer demand for the graduates that possess them. [More]


Three Assessments of Australian University International Rankings.    11/09/12 [More]


UK Government Allocates 10 Million to Support the Shift to Open Access Publication.    10/09/12

     The 10 million are being directed to 30 of the nation's top research universities. [More


100K in 10 and USignite.    09/09/12

    US projects to train 100,000 outstanding STEM teachers by 2022; a public private partnership and apps development for ultra-speed broadband. [More]


Archive of the PCAST September 7, 2012 Webcast.    09/09/12

    Included are reports on Networking & Information Technology R&D, Innovation and Public Private Partnerships and Inducement Prizes. [More]


Science Examines the Key Ingredients in Creating and Maintaining So-Called Global Research Universities.    07/09/12 [More]


The Union of Concerned Scientists Ask.    07/09/12

    Would a Large-scale Reforestation Effort Help Counter the Global Warming Impacts of Deforestation? [More]


First Permanent Director-General for SKA named.    06/09/12

     Philip Diamond is to be director-general of the Square Kilometre Array. [More]


Will Upping the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank Per Se Increase the Numbers of the Better Teacher Applicants?    05/09/12

     Or in plain language how do you get smart, knowledgeable, dedicated people to take up primary and secondary school teaching. [More]


PCAST Agenda for the September 7, 2012 Meeting.    05/09/12

    Under discussion will be the "Networking & Information Technology R&D" as well as "Innovation Inducement Prizes"... [More


Chief Scientist Suggests: $10,000 Up Front for Students Who Agree to Teach Maths and Science Once They Completed Their Degree.    04/09/12 [More]


Universities Australia "Applauds" Government's Support for the Gonski Report.    03/09/12

    Opposition education spokesman, Christopher Pyne, described the government's plans as... all foam and no beer. [More]


Science and Technology Australia Need Your Help!    01/09/12

    Science and Technology Australia want to send The Geek Manifesto: Why Science Matters to our 226 Federal Parliamentarians. [More]