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Californian Universities to Take a Further Financial Hit.    30/06/11

    Cuts totalling US$1.3 billion for 2011/12 financial year. [More


The ERA and a Bibliometricians Viewpoint 9-Years On.    29/06/11

    I've been intrigued to see the number of times in the recent discussions on the dumping of journal rankings that bibliometricians have been identified as their creators. [More


US President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology Releases Report on Advanced Manufacturing.    28/06/11

    In response to the PCAST report the Office of Science and Technology Policy released a statement simultaneous with the report's release. [More]


Proposed Agenda for July 15, 2011 Meeting of PCAST.    28/06/11

    This PCAST meeting will discuss among other matters the National Academies' Study on the Future of Research Universities. [More]


Royal Society's 2011 Book Prize Long List Announced.    27/06/11 [More]


The Chief Scientist Talks to ANU's Deputy Director of the Australian National Centre for Public Awareness of Science.    25/06/11

    Ian Chubb: Do I have to come here with ninhydrin-stained fingers actually to prove that I can do the job? [More]


FASTS has a Name Change and Launches "Respect the Science".    25/06/11

    The Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies (FASTS) has a new name and new website. [More]


US National Academies' Report: Instruction, Not Schools, Key to Successful Science Programs.    24/06/11

    The short answer: sufficient instructional time for well-trained teachers to implement a strong curriculum with effective assessments. [More]


Yes They Could.    24/06/11

    The winners of the biomedical engineering challenge ... a team of six 11-13 year-old Girl Scouts. [More


Yet Another Index Assessing Citations to Quantify Research Performance in Nations and Institutions.    24/06/11

    After setting out his assumptions and reasoning Rodríguez-Navarro introduces his x-index:  [More]


CSIRO Logo to Get Extreme Makeover.    23/06/11

     The new logo would "lend itself to 3D, video animation and other digital uses," Mr Morgan said. [More]


Australian Chief Scientist, Ian Chubb, Addresses the National Press Club.    22/06/11

    I am here to help ensure that the immense potential of science to create a better and more prosperous Australia is fully realised. [More


FASTS' Science Meets Parliament Campaigns for Scientific Credibility in Canberra.    20/06/11 [More]


CSIRO's Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station Goes Public.    18/06/11

    Check out the Cape Grim, Tasmania website and its interactive monthly updated graphics together with detailed explanations of the methods of the measurements. [More


John Holdren Answers Questions at AAAS' Forum on Science and Technology Policy.    18/06/11 [More]


Royal Society's Short List for Its Youngsters Books Prize.    18/06/11 [More]


Joint G8+ Science Academies’ Statement on Education for a Science-Based Global Development.    16/06/11

    Education in science must be targeted not only to future scientists, engineers and other specialists but also to the general population... [More]


OECD Gross Expenditure on Research and Development (GERD) 2004 to 2009.    16/06/11

    The most up-to-date figures for the OECD nations. [More


Threats Against Aussie Climate Scientists Make AAAS News.    16/06/11 [More]


What Price the Production of Teachers of Mathematics?    13/06/11

     In the US recruitment of future maths teachers must come from the upper end of the distribution of mathematics performance. [More


US President Barack Obama's Memorandum on Scientific Integrity 2¼ Years On.    10/06/11

    On March 9, 2011 US President Barack Obama sent a three-page memorandum, Subject -- Governmental Scientific Integrity. [More]  


ARC Centre of Excellence for Particle Physics at the Terascale (CoEPP) Established with 7-year $25 Million Grant.    09/06/11

    It is a collaborative research venture between the Universities of Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Monash. [More]


Oxford University Passes No-Confidence Motion in Universities Minister David Willetts.    08/06/11

    The vote of the Congregation of the University of Oxford 283 in favour of the motion of no confidence, 5 votes against the motion. [More


Where is the New Chief Scientist?    07/06/11

    Since assuming the post on May 23, there has been no sign of Professor Chubb's presence on the Chief Scientist's website. [More


The ERA As Evaluated by the ARC's CEO and DIISR's Minister Carr.    06/06/11

    In which are presented public expressions of the value of the initiative of Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA). [More]


Cambridge Follows Oxford to Determine Confidence vs No Confidence in Universities Minister.    04/06/11

    "We just have to take every opportunity that presents itself to say that we are concerned that the government is doing something destructive." [More]


Additional Australian Government Funding of $3 Million to Maintain Australia’s Involvement in the Gemini Telescope Partnership.    03/06/11 [More]


“Australia’s Universities, Like Its Wine, Are Decent and Dependable, but Seldom Excellent.” The Economist.    03/06/11

    As one-liners go this one was a dead set certainty to hit the fan. [More


Go8 Chair, Paul Greenfield, Responds to the 2011/12 Federal Budget.    03/06/11

    Sensibly, the Government has an eye to the capacity implications of the mining boom. But it needs also to think further out. [More


Message from the US The National Academies Press.    03/06/11

    The United States National Academies Press has sent out a notice which we believed would be of interest to many of TFW's readers. [More]


QS World University Rankings® 2010/2011 Released.    02/06/11

     Four of the top ten are in the United Kingdom and six belong to the United States, with Cambridge piping Harvard for 1st place. [More


Increase in Foreign Undergraduates in the US 2009/10 vs 2007/08.    01/06/11 [More]