Past Editorials


02/10/13 Jan Thomas Issues a Plea for Maths and Stats

02/08/13 Kim Carr - Research Impact - and The ERA?

01/07/13 An Apparently Exasperated Chief  Scientist Spits the Dummy

02/06/13  "Guest Editorial" The A-Z of Wave Power Generation

01/05/13  Public Support for University Research 3 Views

01/04/13  The Changing PhD

27/02/13  NHMRC Symposium and Consultation on the Evolution of Peer Review

29/01/13  Daniel Koshland, Editor in Chief of Science '85 to '95, Creator of Dr Noitall

01/12/12 The Roadmap for the National Research Investment Plan

31/10/12 The Premature Reportage of the Death of the University. Will it Be a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

30/09/12 Too Many Graduate Students? Too Many Postdocs? Too Few Research Assoc

01/09/12 Do Chief Scientific Advisors Speak Only to the Hand?

01/08/12 STEM, Higher Education, the Bumblebee and the World's Economy

01/07/12 Still Swimming Through Glue?

01/06/12 The Future of Peer Review?

30/04/12 An Educational Pioneer Makes Time's 100 Most Influential

02/04/12 "To be an Effective Chief Scientific Advisor You've Got to be Lucky." Robert May

31/01/12 Those of us who are passionate about science have thus far failed to get real science taught in most of our schools. - Bruce Alberts.

02/01/12 The Wonderful World of CSIRO Administration

31/10/11 The Theatre of the Absurd and the Dance of the Xenophobes

01/10/11 In When the President of the Australian academy of Science Speaks, Who Listens?

01/09/11 In Which the Director of the Center for Scientific Review at the NIH Steps Down and Talks Peer Review

01/08/11 Don't Think Just Add Another Layer to the Bureaucracy

30/06/11 Australia's Public Universities - Are They Good Enough?

31/05/11 Is an economic crisis looming for Australia, which has nothing to do with carbon trading?

30/04/11 (01/01/08-rerun) So Estragon, Happy Now?

30/03/11 (09/04/08-rerun) Terry Tao: Mathematics in Today's World?

01/03/11 And Just Who Do You Think Should be the Next Chief Scientist?

01/01/11 Some Pieces of Unsolicited Advice

30/11/10 Matters No Longer Pending?

31/10/10 Transforming Learning and the Transmission of Knowledge

01/10/10 A The Schlemiel & the Schlimazel

30/08/10 A Metric Too Far

20/07/10 A Glimmer of Light at the End of the Tunnel

30/06/10 Who Writes This Stuff Anyway?

31/05/10 A Real and Pernicious Debit

27/04/10 Big Stick -- Small Carrot?

27/02/10 Is Australia Doomed to Lack Opportunities dor Pursuing High-risk Open-ended Science

27/01/10 Bad Ideas Whose Time is Nye

29/12/09 Throttling the Goose

29/11/09 CSIRO's So You Want to be a Scientist

29/10/09 CSIRO's Fundamental Research of Over 17 Years Ago Leads to $200 Million and Counting

29/09/09 Redesigning the ARC's System of Peer Review

31/08/09 The Detrimental Increasing Dependence of Our Universities on International Students' Fees

31/07/09 De-emphasise the Pace, Concentrate on the Objectives of Labor's Education Revolution

30/06/09 University Research Funding and the Choke Collar

30/05/09 Something to Aim For?

30/04/09 The Assent from an Abyss

30/03/09 University Autonomy - Governance - Accountability

27/02/09 D-Day for the Government's Response to the Bradley Review Approaches?

26/01/09 Car Batteries, Biomass, Malcolm Turnbull and Carbon Reduction?

30/12/08 The Bradley Review but What's the Use of Universities Anyway?

29/11/08 Vice-Chancellors of the Group of Eight Show a Remarkable Lack of Perception

29/10/08 John Dawkins Continues to Cast a Destructive Shadow

29/09/08 Cutting the Curricula To the Quick

31/08/08 What Path Innovation?

31/07/08 The Biostatistician and the Peer Review

30/06/08 Don't Bother With Facts, His Mind is Made UP

31/05/08 It Takes a Long Pole to Balance on the Political Tightrop

09/04/08 Terence Tao: Mathematics in Today's World

01/04/08 Brains Drain to Where Their Future Lies

02/03/08 Micromanagement is Never Far Away

31/01/08 A Chief Scientist Can be a Most Influential of Advisors

01/01/08 So Estragon, Happy Now? Vladimir Do You Believe Godot Will Come

31/10/07 To Subjugate, Be Consistent in Attack

30/09/07 A Glimmer of Light at the End of the Tunnel

30/08/07 When You've Got a Bad Idea, Work it to Death

30/07/07 The Legacy of Daniel Koshland

29/06/07 The Paucity of Mr Howard's Legacy to Science or Speak to the Hand

31/05/07 From Flagpoles to Chaplains to Performance Pay

29/04/07 Where Illogicality Rules Both Major Political Parties Vie for the Goof Ball World Cup

29/03/07 Without a Clue

27/02/07 Seize the Day, Carpe Diem, Pluck the Day

28/01/07 Learning Promoted to the Status of Political Football?

30/12/06 Has John Howard's Hubris Overwhelmed His Political Acumen?

30/11/06 Barriers to the Future Growth of Australia's Human Capital

25/10/06 The Pale Greening of John Howard

01/10/06 If it Weren't So Serious, It's be Farcical: the RQF Lumbers on, the RAE Stalls

30/08/06 "The best students in the world in number theory all want to study with Terry"

30/07/06 The Relentlessness Higher Education Research Policies

26/06/06 The Continuing Heartburn Over the UK's Research Assessment Exercise

31/05/06 Nuclear Power Good -- Nuclear Power Bad: a Debate?

26/04/06 The Economic Engine, Foreign Debt and the Current Account Deficit

25/03/06  Gareth Roberts - The RAE - The RQF - and Chancellor of the Exchequer Mr Brown

26/02/06  Don't Think -- We'll Tell You What To Do

31/01/06  Might a Grownup Have Been Chosen to Cleanup the Mess?

27/12/05  Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage?

24/11/05  Would the Real University of California,  Berkeley Put its Hand Up

31/10/05  "Learning is Not Compulsory... Neither is Survival"

28/09/05  Just What is Dr Nelson Playing At?

28/08/05  "If you want to influence politics, make your concerns public." -- John Howard

30/07/05  Where Has All the Opposition Gone?

30/06/05  The Wages of Doctrinaire Anti-intellectualism

22/05/05  Is CSIRO's Hyping of its Science a Service to Those Really Doing the Work

01/05/05  The Progressive "Dysfunctioning" of Australia's Universities

01/04/05  A Framework on Which to Fasten the Fabric of Australian What...?

28/02/05  Can the Amalgam Become Greater Than the Sum of the Parts?

27/01/05  Universities: Hunting of an Endangered Species

30/12/04  A Myopic Government Eschews an Eye to the Main Chance

30/11/04  Public Spending on Unis to Fall Sharply...Record Deficit to Hit Dollar Growth

23/10/04  A Victory Too Far

29/09/04  Labor Unveils a Research and Development Policy Without Committing to Increased Resourcing

18/08/04  The TWI, Foreign Student Enrollment and a V-C's Prediction

27/07/04  The Treasurer, the Chancellor and Views to the Future

26/06/04  Whom to Lobby - How to Lobby - When to Lobby

18/05/04  Computational Quantum Chemistry -- But What Good is it, Professor

19/04/04  The Australian National University's Review is On-track

20/03/04  Keeping Your Eye on the Ball, or What is it We're Defending

25/02/04  The Loneliness of a Chief Scientist

30/01/04  A Continuing Descent into the Maelstrom

16/12/03  The Populist Superficiality of Brendan Nelson

20/11/03  He That Eats His Own Flesh is a Fool

 19/10/03  Is the 'Peter Principle' Operational at Cabinet Level

29/09/03  No Substitute for an Advocate with Class

16/08/03  Feynman Your Services Wouldn't be Required

23/07/03  Beware the Jabberwock My Sun/ The Jaws That Bite

 26/06/03  Pot-Shot Policy Formulation or Progress Through Propaganda

22/05/03  The Distortion of Australia's Universities

26/04/03  Science and Political Ethic: Facts vs Expediency

27/03/03  Let Us Cultivate Our Garden

24/02/03  A Gresham's Law for Australian Academe

28/01/03  The Nexus Between Research and Teaching

29/12/02  A Graphic Look Back... and Ahead

11/20/02  It's Not a Crisis if Nobody Cares

11/11/02  Science Meets Parliament, Round 4

11/10/02  An in Depth Analysis of CSIRO Leaves Us Little the Wiser

15/09/02  "Thou Shall Not Admit to a University System in Crisis

26/08/02  Who Cares What the Opposition Says When You've Got the Numbers

10/07/02  A Philosophical Point of View

11/06/02  Who Was There to Led The Charge That Took Us to the Rear?

09/05/02  It May be Moving From a Nightmare into a Disaster

11/04/02  The Federation Fellowship: The State of Play

27/03/02  Aye, and Who Will Pay For It

14/03/02 The Relevance of Mr Howard's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council

26/02/02 The First 100 Days

08/02/02 The Politicisation of Science Policy

20/01/02 The Nov. 10th Election May or May Not Have Made a Difference

28/12/01 Australian Academy of Science's 12 Proposals

04/12/01  Lack of Trenchant Appraisal Keeps Us in Limbo

14/11/01 Suddenly Things Have Gone Very Quiet

29/10/01 Intellectual Suicide or the Power of Negative Thinking

13/10/01  Education and the Power of the Press

26/09/01  As Good As It Gets - Part II

05/09/01  Is Being a Basic Research Freeloader Good Policy?

27/08/01  Tomorrow and Tomorrow

14/08/01  Harry Truman, Where are You

20/07/01  Now THAT'S a Lobby

05/07/01 "You Get No Bread With One Meatball"

18/06/01   Toward a Knowledge Nation - But with Faltering Steps

06/06/01   More Than Time for a Sea Change

25/05/01 Excerpts from the Federal  Budget and 2001-02

09/05/01I 100 Going on 200 and Full of Pride

26/04/01I Infiltrating Science

13/04/01 Are Australia's Universities Good Enough

27/03/01 But Who Will Pay For It?

19/03/01 The Consequence of Ryan

11/03/01 To Bad, We Lose, Nobody Wins

25/02/01 Problems with Primary Education?  Rubbish Flexibility,  That's All You Need

17/02/01  A Fissioning Atom Can Generate Good Along Unexpected Paths

02/02/01 "How's the Carrot"

26/01/01 Swimming through glue

17/01/01 Small could be valuable

10/01/01 Nineteen years and counting