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January 2011



ERA 2010 National Report Published.    31/01/11

    So far what has elicited the public comment is how Australian universities' research ranks in comparison to world standard -- compared with say the top half of the OECD nations? Well there's always SJTU. [More]


The Impossible Dream?    28/01/11

    Aim to inject just over 700 competent STEM teachers into the system per annum? [More


The Chief Scientist Discusses Questions Regarding the Current Floods and Australia’s Climate.    28/01/11

     Are these floods unusual or rare?  Is this flooding due to climate change induced by long-term global warming? [More]


Cambridge Considering Modifying One-on-One Tutorials.    26/01/11

    A savings of £600,000 per year if  tutorials were extended to two students simultaneously is suggested. [More]


Understanding Science for Anyone Who Wants To.    24/01/11

   Understanding Science, for those who are prepared to investigate it, will be found to be an invaluable resource. [More


What Effect on Universities :  a true unleashing of market forces?    24/01/11 [More]


British Labour MP: Universities Are Punching Below Their Weight.    21/01/11

    Mr Sheerman vented his annoyance with the tertiary sector's supine response to the draconian funding cuts being imposed by Britain's coalition government. [More


Physics Today Invited to Interview Australia's Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.    20/01/11

    Physics Today has published five of the list of questions submitted by its editor in chief to Senator Carr and the answers provided. [More]


A Strong Comment from University College London.    19/01/11

    [T]he situation [English universities find themselves in] is one of chronic political mismanagement, with mixed messages, uncertainty and confusion adding to anxiety over budget cuts and tuition fee rises. [More]


Might Extensive CO2 Sequestration Trigger Temblors?    19/01/11

     If sequestration does become a major part of the effort to reduce greenhouse gases, a public education campaign will be needed. [More]


Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth Speaks to the AEU.    18/01/11

    The subject of funding came up some dozen times, whether it indicated much more than a federal government committed to drip feeding -- you be the judge. [More]


Martin Rees Joins Silent Protest at Cambridge.    18/01/11

    There is a concern that there is no money under the new system especially for humanities. [More]


The Aging of Australian Academics.    17/01/11

    When one takes into account the lag period between undertaking meaningful remedial action and obtaining competent replacement academics, the nation is looking toward an impending disaster. [More]


Science Education and the US Community (2-year) College.    14/01/11

    Should there be a growing Role for Science Education in Community Colleges? [More]


Has Global Warming Exacerbated the Queensland Floods?    13/01/11

     Just what data can be brought to bear to support the belief. [More]


Beware the Obsession to Acquire Resources in Order to Achieve Lofty Goals, if Only We Could Remember Them.    12/01/11 [More]


Webcast of the January 7, 2011 Meeting of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.    11/01/11

    The contribution by the new director of NSF is of particular relevance. [More]


University of California President's Open Letter to California.    11/01/11

    California must take up the question of whether it wishes to turn back from the wisdom and foresight of the earliest Californians. [More


Where Do All the Indian Engineering Graduates Go?    08/01/11

     The new director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), Subra Suresh suggests a partial explanation. [More]


Is There an Alternative Way to Bring Scientists Together for Peer Reviews.    07/01/11

    William Sims Bainbridge suggests try Second Life and NSF gives it a trial run. [More


PCAST Update -- First Meeting for 2011.    07/01/11

    The first meeting of the US President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology at the beginning of the second decade of this millennium is scheduled for January 7, 2011. [More


The AAAS Review of Science Books and Films.    06/01/11

     In an online-only format, SB&F offers thousands of book, DVD, website, and software package reviews. [More]


A View of the Threat to British Universities has Bearing on Australia's Academe.    05/01/11

    In HEFCE’s texts, words like “quality” and “excellence” have become increasingly empty. [More]


Outgoing Chairman of US House of Reps Committee on Science and Technology Has Some Sage Observations.    04/01/11

    Research leads to innovation; innovation leads to jobs; jobs leads to more taxes, which then pay for more research. [More


Experts Should Avoid Pressures to Oversimplify Their Advice.    03/01/11

    "[S]et out a measured array of contrasting specialist views, explaining underlying reasons for different interpretations of the evidence." [More]


For the First N&V of the Millennium's Second Decade Spare a Thought for the Weak Photon.    02/01/11

    Below the extreme blue end of the visible spectrum there is no photoemission. [More]