Past Viewpoints


31/08/13 Ian Chubb: The Wonder of Why

30/08/13 Barry Jones: The 2013 Election and the Death of Rationality

04/07/13 Barry Jones: Education as commodity? How creativity fell off the agenda and labour market factors took over

14/03/12 Ian Dobson: A Short History of the Australian PhD

19/05/11 Peter Pockley: Divergent Views on the Post of Chief Scientist

02/01/11  29-Years and Counting

20/01/10  Chief Scientist's First Blog for 2010

01/09/09  Peter Hall Reports on the Clay-Mahler Lecture Tour

11/11/08  Adrian Gibbs Academic Mensuration - Wrong Criteria

03/05/08  Barry Brook: Make a Stand for Good Science

16/03/08  The Dissection of Peer Review or Should We Just Leave It to the Computer

27/07/07  Oliver Mayo: Pulling the Wool of the Sheep's Back - biological defleecing in the 21st century

09/07/07  Dennis Phillips: Higher Education's 'Corporatisation' Lehar Rumbles On

11/09/06  Productivity Commission's Research Study on Public Support for Science---

17/07/06  Harry Robinson: Role Models or Figures of Feel-Good?

06/07/06  Peter Hall: The Econometrics of Science, Research and Innovation

24/06/06  Harry Robinson: Will the Future Bring a Better Country?

23/05/06  The Roles of the Australian Academy of Science

16/02/06  Bureaucratic Politicisation & Government Self Interest - an Unholy Mix

31/12/05  CSIRO's Total Wellbeing Diet Stirs Unwelcome and Unnecessary Controversy

21/11/05  Gavin Brown -- Nurturing the Humanities

27/10/05  Peter Vanderaa Discusses Equity and the Higher Education Report 2004-05

06/07/05  Hugh Tyndale-Biscoe: Private vs Public Good Research - The Unequal Contest

30/06/05  Harry Robinson: Spin. Scruples and the Costello Future Fund

21/05/05  Gideon Polya: Funding Extensions to Private Tertiary Institutions

18/03/05  Max Whitten Writes an: Open Letter to the Hon. Dr Brendan Nelson MP

01/03/05  Peter Hall: Workforce Planning and Australian Science?

11/01/05  Harry Robinson: Who to Woo -- Pollies or Public?

31/05/04  Attractiveness of US vs. Australian Universities for Foreign Doctoral Students

30/04/04  Michael Lardelli: Is a Peak in Oil Production a National Emergency

30/03/04  Guy Nolch: Smoke-screen on CSIRO Science

26/02/04  Uses and Abuses of Mathematics in Biology

23/12/03  Geoff Davies: Beware of Techno-hype!

12/11/03  Reckless Squandering of Talent Hurts the Knowledge Economy

17/10/03  Gavin Brown Reflects on the Frog Prince

11/09/03  From a Stance of Avoidance to Regional Policeman

14/08/03  A Challenge to Scientists and 'SciComs'

22/07/03  Musings on Governmental Instant Gratification

11/06/03  The Secret Life of the Gross Domestic Product

16/05/03  Private School Funds Surpass Universities' in '03/'04 Budget

14/01/03  The High Price of Insider Shop Talk

09/12/02  From Dozy Cat to Celtic Tiger in 20 Years

19/11/02 Grey Power and the Enabling Sciences

24/10/02  Science and the Nation's Mindset

24/09/02 From FASTS Policy Document 2002: Higher Education and Basic Research

01/08/02 The Solution's Out There Somewhere But Does Anyone Really Want to Find It?

12/07/02 Back to Methuselah Meets Parliament

02/07/02 A "Dialogue" With Peter Karmel

24/06/02 Science Venture Capital with a Difference

15/06/02 For Whom the Bell Doesn't Toll

13/05/02 A Spider's Energy

22/04/02 Don't Overdo Your Excuses

28/03/02 Returns on Investment in Science and Technology - Peter French