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arXiv to Adopt New Governance and Business Model.    31/08/12

   Will receive up to US$350,000 per annum through 2017 to support "the free repository that has revolutionized the way scientists share information". [More]  


Winners of the 2012 Eureka Prizes.    29/08/12

    The Eureka Prizes are awarded annually by the Australian Museum; they reward excellence in the fields of scientific research & innovation, science leadership, school science and science journalism & communication. [More


Matters of Relevance, Questions of Impact.    27/08/12

    Martin Rees: asking researchers to write about the potential future national importance of their work is "absurd". [More


University of Adelaide's New Vice-Chancellor Plumps for Back to the Future.    26/08/12 [More]


Were you the First to Warn About Anthropogenic Global Warming in a Scientific Paper?    25/08/12

    Wallace Broecker: When food prices skyrocket as a result of global warming people will be ready to finally do something about it. [More]


Australia's Chief Scientist Explains to the Attorney-General's Department Science's Value and  Tells Science Industry Association CEOs Not to Undermine Basic Research.    24/08/12 [More]


Foundation CEO of Universities Australia, Glen Withers, Puts the Importance of the Gonski Review in a Telling Thumbnail.    23/08/12

    ...the reform in schools can be allied with further finalisation of reforms in tertiary education and in early childhood education. [More


A Forum of Four US Presidential Science Advisors Discuss What It Was/Is Like to Hold the Office.    21/08/12

    Four smart guys discuss their adventures and challenges in the office. [More]


Climate Commission Issues The Critical Decade: International Action on Climate Change.    21/08/12

    The findings in a nutshell. [More


A Short Three Nations' Tour of Research University Rankings.    20/08/12 [More]


Report of the Prime Ministerís Manufacturing Taskforce Raises Hackles of Universities Australia.    17/08/12

    Universities Australia is concerned that the report understates the value of basic research... to support innovation [More] 


Australia's 13 Entrants to the 2012 Science Olympiads Score 4 Silver 8 Bronze 1 Honourable Mention.    17/08/12

    Students sit a five-hour theory exam followed by five hours of practical laboratory tests. [More


Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Center for World-Class Universities Releases 2012 Rankings.    15/08/12

    Of the top 50, 10 are Californian despite the state's cash strapped status. [More]


Chief Scientist Spruiks STEM for National Science Week.    15/08/12

    [T]he assumption that science will always be there when we need it is risky, especially if we can't engage and inspire the younger generations... [More]


Australian Academy of Science Early-Mid Career Researchers Forum.    13/08/12

    The 2-day Forum is the national voice of Australia's emerging scientists across multiple disciplines. It examines critical issues... [More] 


The Olympic Games Final Medal Count as Tabulated by The New York Times.    13/08/12 [More]


What Will It Take for China to Develop 1st-Class Universities?    13/08/12

    "[T]he biggest problem in Chinese higher education" is the the teaching of skills at the expense of educating its students." [More]


The New Higgs-Like Particle is Raising More Questions Than Experimenters Can Answer.    11/08/12

    Thereís a tremendous program if the Higgs exists. Itís really not the end of the story. Itís the beginning of the story. [More]


Mark Jacobson and Solving the Energy/Pollution Enigma.    09/08/12

    Unless the nations' leaderships begin to show some guts "nations will keep trying technologies promoted by industries rather than vetted by scientists". [More]


PCAST Agenda for the September 7, 2012 Meeting.    08/08/12 [More]


Should It Be Dubbed the Stanford Model?    07/08/12

    To meld breadth and depth of knowledge, is considered vital in this century. [More


Universities Australia Slams Grattan Instituteís Graduate Winners as Narrow and Myopic.    06/08/12

     It appears to advocate moving the deck chairs by re-proportioning funding responsibility while maintaining overall Australian sourcing in a dynamic equilibrium. [More]


NIH Director Issues an Apologia for Proportionality of Research Funding and Throws Down a Challenge to the Biomedical Research Community.    04/08/12 [More]


Life Sciences Beginning to Look to arXiv.     01/08/12

    Will we be witnessing the beginning of wide adoption of true and immediate open access through the preprint server? [More]


Nine Winners of New Annual US$3 Million Fundamental Physics Prize Announced.    01/08/12

    The recipients were chosen to reward outstanding originality of concept. [More]