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Simon Marginson Warns Its Time to Lobby Andrew Robb on Coalition Higher Education Policy.    28/04/12

    ...whom Professor Marginson would like to consider being sympathetic to higher education. [More]


The Royal Society's Assessment with  regard to the People vs the Planet.    28/04/12

    Its report considers three pressing challenges as paramount... John Solston explains.  [More]


Barack Obama, Canadian Tar Sands Oil, and Global Warming.    28/04/12

     During the next six months... I will be very clear in voicing my belief that we're going to have to take further steps to deal with climate change in a serious way. [More]


EPA Reports on U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions.    26/04/12

    The total US emissions for 2010, a 3.2% increase over 2009 levels. [More]


Harvard: We Write to Communicate an Untenable Situation Facing the Harvard Library.    25/04/12

    "Many large journal publishers have made the scholarly communication environment fiscally unsustainable and academically restrictive..." [More


CSIRO Administration Sure Knows How to Support Winners.    23/04/12

    But Not for "outstanding work on important and fundamental problems of ocean dynamics... [More]


The Guardian/Observer Continues Its Attack on for Profit Academic Publishers.    23/04/12

    When they are brought to heel Professor Gowers should get not just a knighthood, but the Order of Merit. [More]


Sage Advice from 22-years Ago.    20/04/12

    When should 2 + 2 = 5?  [More


The Impact of the Human Genome Project on the US Economy.    20/04/12

    For every US taxpayer dollar invested in the Human Genome Project the US economy has reaped US$141. [More]


Did Extensive Inbreeding of the Tasmanian Tiger Contribute to Its Extinction?    19/04/12

    Mitochondrial DNA from 12 museum-archived specimens collected between 102 and 159 years ago were examined. [More


AAAS Launches Open Access Online Publication, Science & Diplomacy.    19/04/12

    It analyses the connections between scientific cooperation, foreign relations, and public policy. [More


Welcome to the Anthropocene.    17/04/12 [More]


20-Week Public Consultation Period for Murray-Darling Proposal Ends Today.    16/04/12

    "We made sure [the CSITO report] was a dispassionate analysis, so we have probably underestimated the benefits." [More]


Creativity and the Biological Sciences.    13/04/12

    Many creative new approaches will be needed to convert the data into the deep understandings of biological mechanisms... [More]


Hunt for the Higgs Particle Resumes.    13/04/12 [More]


A Solomonic Compromise May Yet Determine the Home(s) of the SKA.    12/04/12

    There's little scientific advantage to splitting the project, "Itís a question of politics". [More]


Wellcome Trust to Launch a "High Calibre" Scientific Journal called eLife To Compete Directly With Top Impact Publications.    12/04/12

     One option under examination by the Trust is to make grant renewals contingent on open access compliance. [More]


Chief Scientist Launches Occasional Paper Series.    11/04/12

     Issue No.1, April 2012 is Geoengineering. [More]


Restyled PMSEIC Held First Meeting on March 30.    11/04/12

     The Chief Scientist commented: "The Prime Minister is committed to ensuring she has access to the best possible scientific advice for policy decisions... [More]


Some Recent Titles from CSIRO Publishing.    10/04/12

     Information on eight volumes in the series on animals recently released or about to be released by CSIRO Publishing. [More]


Greens Express Concern over Rates of University Staff Casualisation.    10/04/12

    The University of Notre Dame boasts 42.2% casuals, followed by RMIT, 36.3%. [More


Sweden's SciLifeLab to Become National Research Institute for Molecular Biosciences and Bioinformatics.    09/04/12

    It is to be expanded from a current staff of 300 to about 1000 scientists and have a turnover of about 1 billion SEK (A$143 million) "within a few years". [More]


The 2011 Report of the Beyond Graduation Survey.    05/04/12

    Of the bachelor graduates who were available for full-time employment, the proportion who had secured full-time employment increased considerably in the first year after course completion... [More


SKA Members Meet in Further Discussion as to Where It Should be Placed.    04/04/12

    The membership was reported to have met earlier today and is expected to issue a public statement in the near future. [More


CSIRO Gains Additional $220 Million on WLAN Patent Royalties.    04/04/12

    The secretary of the CSIRO Staff Organisation, believes the $220 million should be reinvested in scientific research. [More


Universities Australia is Guarded in Support for My Universities Website.    03/04/12

    Belinda Robinson, Chief Executive of Universities Australia, has expressed concern about the accuracy and reliability of the information provided. [More]