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The 2011 Ig Nobel Prize Winners.    31?/09/11 [More]


A Science Fable from Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo.    30/09/11

    We hope you enjoy it for its style as well as its content. [More]


The Shortlist of the Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books is Announced.    30/09/11

    We judges, both scientists and non-scientists alike, found that we were frequently exploring unfamiliar territory... [More]


Lisa Randall Writes on How Science Can Lead the Way.    29/09/11

    The Harvard University theoretical physicist Lisa Randall in some ways may be seen as a soft-spoken female counterpart of Richard Dawkins. [More]


Macquarie University V-C Steven Schwartz Chats to the Guardian.    29/09/11

    After listing his accomplishments regarding  his goal "to turn Macquarie into an internationally recognised research university" he turned to his daily routine... [More


UK Academics Promulgate In Defence of Public Higher Education, Its Value to Society.    28/09/11

     The document essentially claims a governmental hidden agenda: "The commodification of higher education is at the secret heart of the white paper..." [More


A Short Reply from the Office of the Chief Scientist.    28/09/11

    The most recent meeting of the Prime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council was held on February 4, 2011. [More]


US President's Science Advisor Announces NSF's New Family-Friendly Policies.    27/09/11

    Too many women give up because of conflicts between their desire to start a family and their desire to ramp-up their careers. [More]


ANU's Vice-Chancellor Seeks a Modest Midas Touch.    24/09/11

    In 2010 only 35% of Stanford's undergraduate alumni give to the university. [More]


An Aboriginal Australian Genome Reveals Separate Human Dispersals into Asia.    23/09/11 [More]


The Knight Strategic Review of the Student Visa Program 2011.    23/09/11

    Of particular interest to TFW were the report's comments regarding international Higher Degree by Research HDR students. [More]


Minister for Tertiary Education Addresses the National Press Club and NTEU Puts Out a Media Release.    21/09/11 [More]


UK Scientists Get Tough on Teaching Creationism in Schools.    21/09/11

    Creationism and intelligent design are not scientific theories, but they are portrayed as scientific theories by some religious fundamentalists. [More


University Student Services and Amenities: Two Views.    20/09/11

    Senator Eric Abetz: Compulsory student unionism by any other name still stinks. [More]


Australian Academy of Science President Gives an Update, Meets With PM.    19/09/11

    Recently I met with the Prime Minister and received a warm reception...  Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb, is proving to be a strong champion for science. [More]


The PCAST Meeting of September 16, 2011 Webcast is Available Online.    18/09/11 [More]


Joseph Gora Reports: News flash: 149 ERA Reviewers Located in Inner City Compound.    18/09/11 [More]


Brian Martin Discusses the ERA: Adverse Consequences.    17/09/11

    ERA is all about promoting research, but curiously enough there is little research available to justify the approaches adopted by ERA itself. [More


Pothole #2: The Tendency to Rely on a Centrally Planned and Top Down Approach to Innovation.    17/09/11 [More]


Association of American Universities Launches Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative.    17/09/11

    Founded in 1900 the AAU is an association of 61of the leading public and private research universities. [More]


New Federal Legislation Supports Academic Freedom.    16/09/11 [More]


UK's Campaign for Science and Engineering Questions Government Commitment to Ring Fence Science Budget.    15/09/11

     CaSE estimates that there will be a 12% reduction not accounting for inflation. [More]


ERA Developing into the Heath Robinson of Research Funding Devices.    14/09/11

    The attempt to find acceptable applications for the ERA appears to be degenerating into face saving farce.  [More]


Universities Australia Comments Favourably to Chances on Youth Allowance.    14/09/11

     The Federal Government is to introduce legislation to liberalise the entitlement to independent youth allowance. [More]


National Science Foundation Director Explains His Agency to Dealing With the Grim Fiscal Outlook. 13/09/11

     [For]the NSF, it will be dangerous if we choose to follow the latest fashion and lose sight of the long-term need to support science. [More]


Nominations for NSW Science and Engineering Awards for 2011 Open. 13/09/11

    Details, nomination forms and guidelines are now available. Nominations close on October 17.2011. [More]


Australian Academy of Science President, Suzanne Cory, to Front National Press Club.    13/09/11

   Her title: Driving Australia’s economic future through robust science education. [More]


The Chief Scientist and His Website.    07/09/11

     As of today Professor Ian Chubb has been our chief scientist for 107 days and 141 days have past since the announcement of his appointment. [More]


Winners of the 2011 Eureka Prizes.    07/09/11

    The Eureka Prizes are awarded annually by the Australian Museum; they reward excellence in the fields of scientific research & innovation, science leadership, school science and science journalism & communication. [More


Universities Australia Releases A Productive Country.    05/09/11

    The government's recent investments in higher education enables universities to 'tread water' but do not enable them to move forward... [More


Harry Robinson, Dead at 90 Leaves Us a Rich Legacy.    04/09/11

    His dry humour and unique style rendered a touch of class to TFW. We miss him. [More