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Springfest in honor of Vera Serganova,  spring 2021

 Israel-Texas Representation Theory workshop, 2020

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Vladimir Hinich

Department of Mathematics
University of Haifa 
Mount Carmel, 31905 Haifa 

email: hinich at math dot haifa dot ac dot il



Research area: homological algebra.

Recent publications

Editorial duties: I am an editor for Applied Categorical Structures. If you intend to submit a paper please make your submission online.

Course information for students


Spring 2022

         Lie algebras

         Linear algebra - B

 Some old courses

         Introduction to algebraic geometry

         Introduction to Lie algebras

         Introduction to differential geometry

        Lectures on infinity-categories (Weizmann, 2016)

       Basic algebra course



 Office hour: Wednesday, 16-17, (via ZOOM) by appointment.