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The Increasing Reach of the Social Science Research Network.    30/06/13

    Over the past half year downloads have exceeded 1,000,000 per month. [More]


The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Releases National Science and Technology Council Report on STEM Education.    28/06/13 [More]


Iron From the Sky: the Potential Influence of Meteorites on Ancient Egyptian Culture.    28/06/13

    A Royal Society lecture delivered by Diane Johnson, Project Officer at the Centre for Earth, Planetary, Space & Astronomical Research, Open University. [More]


PMSEIC's 2nd Meeting for 2013 Held on June 21.    27/06/13

    Two reports and listing recommendations regarding "unconventional gas production" (hydraulic fracturing), and the "skills policy agenda to lift overall levels of numeracy, science and digital literacy (STEM). [More]


PCAST Agenda for the July 18, 2013 Meeting.    27/06/13

    Big data -- smart cities and mathematical education feature in this meeting of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. [More]


Jim Peacock, on What We Give Up If  GMO Crops Are Banned?    27/06/13

    Former Chief of CSIRO's Division of Plant Industry, former, Chief Scientist for Australia, currently research fellow in Plant Industry at the CSIRO does a 71 minute Q and A on 936 ABC Hobart. [More]


President Barack Obama Had a Hot Day to Discuss Climate Change at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.    26/06/13 [More]


Entries Accepted for The Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists.    26/06/13

     Eligible entrants must have been awarded their doctoral degree in either 2011 or 2012. [More]


What is the Long-Term Global and Local Effect of Large-Scale Wind Energy Harvesting?    25/06/13 [More]


Barry Jones Socks It to 'Em at the Australian College of Educators Dinner.    24/06/13

    Politics is now dominated by "spin" and debates have become anti-intellectual and anti-science. [More]


Australia's Chief Scientist Comments on the New Set of Strategic Research Priorities.    24/06/13

    Just suppose that the ARC and the NHMRC were given carte blanche to 1) substantially improve their methodology of peer review and 2) then support the best research proposals and only then categorise them with respect to their effect on perceived priorities for the good of the nation. [More


With a Great Sweep of Its Collective Hand the Government Publishes Its 15 Broadly Scoped Research Priorities.22/06/13

    Bob Williamson: "The key question is whether the government is willing to support the priorities at a rate that makes Australia internationally competitive." [More


Research Universities and Their Future in the United States.    22/06/13

     "How Long Can the U.S. Stay on Top?" [More


US House of Representatives' Legislation to Restrict EPA Control of Carbon Emission.    22/06/13

    Eight congressional representatives have introduced a new bill to restrict the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to regulate carbon emissions from utility power plants. [More]


AAAS's CEO Makes a Plea for Basic Research.    21/06/13

    ...forward-looking investments -- like those in basic science -- are critical to stimulating growth in any fiscal climate... [More] 


If Universities Were Mines Would They Be Loved and Wanted?    20/06/13

    It doesn't make the front pages and indeed often it's restricted to the electronic editions, but research and tertiary education does seem to be having its problems in Oz. Several views. [More]


Scientific Collaboration and the Chicken and Egg Enigma.    20/06/13

    Dr Weale seems to be a man of few but pithy words. [More


In Case You Wondered -- Acidic Waters Do Not Toughen Corals.    20/06/13 [More]


UK Researchers Claim Funding Freeze is Slowing Progress.    19/06/13

     You might think that Australia could take advantage of situation the current UK's government is visiting upon its scientific endeavour. [More]


Check Out Some of the Short Videos from the Royal Society's  Summer Science Exhibition.    19/06/13 [More]


7 Representative Science and University Bodies Together with a Nobel Laureate Plead for Multi-Partisan Far-Sited Support.    17/06/13

    Australia’s research and science community jointly calls on all of our political leaders to put short-term politics aside and back a strategic national research policy to build a stronger, smarter nation. [More]


John Fischer, Paul Krugman, "The Stupidity Problem" and "Sympathy for the Luddites".    16/06/13

    There are some problems that don't have equitable solutions that our civilisation are prepared to accept. [More]


Marc Kirschner Slams A Perverted View of "Impact".    14/06/13

    What is now promoted as high-impact science is usually a narrow extension of existing experimental designs in a program focused on a set of feasible goals. [More


US Supreme Court Rules Unmodified Human Genes Cannot be Patented.    14/06/13

    The US Supreme Court (9-0) has ruled that companies cannot patent human genes per se. [More]


Fibrillation and the ARC.    13/06/13

     Justification of ARC policy is at best moot and at worst:  "our political masters told us to do it." [More]


Impact and US Government Investment in Genomics.    13/06/13

    The question arises as to what sort of an impact score the project would have obtained had it been "robustly and verifiably" assessed  when proposed on a projected cost-effective basis? [More


Science Funding Anxiety in the UK.    12/06/13

     "[T]he absolutely crucial thing is we fund basic scientific research" But to what extent? [More]


ARC Outlines Its "Principles and Framework" for Delineating Research Impact.    11/06/13

    The ARC has produced the following set of principles (paths) after 10 months of deliberations by ten agencies which focused on eight issues. [More]


Science Announces the 2013 'Dance Your Ph.D.' Contest.    08/06/13

    Australians have dominated in recent years, with a physicist winning in 2011 and a chemist in 2012. [More]


The New Editor-in-Chief of Science Makes a Statement and Sets a Primary Goal.    07/06/13

    Science should be part of a knowledge network that enables investigators from different disciplines...  to focus disparate expertise and approaches... [More]


STEM: Country Comparisons: International Comparisons of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education.    05/06/13

    And the lawyer who is the driving personality leading the effort for advancing K-12 STEM education in the US. [More]


Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Continues to Fight an Uphill Battle.    05/06/13

    And The Australian Council of Learned Academies issues a 180 page report on STEM that will have and impact factor as regards our elected public servants of near zero. [More]  


Les Field Said It: Impact Sometimes Requires Long Decades of Research.    04/06/13

    We best can deliver real, far-reaching benefits to our societies and economies by focusing on creativity and excellence... [More


Science & Technology Australia Announces Revised Dates for Science Meets Parliament.    04/06/13 [More]


CSIRO Chairman Announces Extension to Chief Executive's Contract.    03/06/13

    For some it may be interpreted as an acknowledgement of Steady as she sinks. [More


CSIRO Envisions More Than 20 different Energy Sources By 2050?    01/06/13

    In some future scenarios we could be looking at an even 50:50 split of renewable energy sources, with the coal and gas power stations... [More]