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Higher Education and Low Socio-Economic Status.    30/03/13

     The students receiving the packages were mostly high-achieving, low-income students... [More]


Solar Cell Manufacturing -- Can Australia Compete?    28/03/13

     John Mathews: There is still a chance for Australian firms to get involved... and capitalise on the fact that the technology was actually invented here. [More]


New South Wales Chief Scientist is to Lead Independent Review on Coal Seam Gas Activities.    26/03/13

     The due date for public submissions is April 26, 2013 see terms of reference [More]


It's a Zero Sum Game in Which Australia Loses.    25/03/13

    "Even for the winners [of ARC grants] the sums are not spectacular." [More


Australia's Chief Scientist Notes STEM Skill Shortages Need Attention.    25/03/13

    If we are to address this STEM skills shortage, we need to fix the science and maths supply line [More]


Prime Minister Julia Gillard's Cabinet Reorganisation as Regards Education, Research, Innovation and Development.     25/03/13 [More]


Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Releases Two New Reports Regarding the State of Australian Maths.    22/03/13

    1/  Discipline Profile of the Mathematical Sciences 2013
2/  Policy Document for 2013 -- AMSI Advocacy: policy measures in the national interest [More]


Do You Really Want to Become a Scientific Researcher?    21/03/13

    While the conservationists are exercised as to the rate of extinction of the planet's flora and fauna, there is upon us the age of the Bureausaurs. [More]


HHMI Gives $22.5 Million to the National Teaching Training Network, Chaired by Tom Luce.    19/03/13

    HHMI: The fact that [UTeach] works, and has been up and running for some time, gives us confidence that it's an effective model. [More


Archive of the PCAST March 15, 2013 Webcast.    16/03/13

    The segment by Tom Luce: Turning Reports into Action: Lessons learned... should be essential viewing for STEM educationalists and administrators Everywhere. [More]


The Full 2-Day Agenda for the March 14-15, 2013 PCAST Meeting: Private and Public.    16/03/13 [More]


Nature Features the MOOC.    14/03/13

    No one knows exactly where university restructuring may end up. [More]


PCAST Agenda for the March 15, 2013 Meeting.    14/03/13

Featuring: "An assessment of turning reports into action -- lessons learned,,," [More]


CEO of the Australian Research Council Cautions: Beware the Efficacy of Reward for Adjudged Impact.    13/03/13

    He has also given qualified endorsement to "developing some centralised, organised attempt to measure the economic and social impact of research." [More]


March 14 is Day. The Australian Museum is to Celebrate.    12/03/13 [More]


Astronomy, Astrophysics and the 457 Visa.    11/03/13

    It's a constant effort to keep ourselves relevant and internationally competitive. [More


EC's First Chief Science Adviser is an "Inspiring Scot" on a Hard Road.    08/03/13

    Helga Nowotny: "Unless you really anchor the position [of Chief Scientific Advisor] somehow, [it] will not become a powerful position comparable to the U.S." [More]


Effect of Sequestration on NSF and NIH Grants.    08/03/13

    The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has released its determination on the effect of the March 1, 2013 Sequestration on US governmental finding for NSF and NIH research grants. [More


It's Secret "100 Experts and Officials" Business.    06/03/13

    "The government will next month consider 15 research priorities" [More


Will the Network of Global Research Universities Be More Than Yet Another Virtual-Electronic Club?    05/03/13

    For the immediate aspirations of the association... [More


Call for Nominations 2013 Prime Minister's Prizes for Science.    05/03/13

     First Round of Nominations Closes - 5.00 pm AEDT 14 March 2013 [More]

The Australian Climate Commission: The Anthropogenic Affect on Climate Change and Our Weather is Now Clear.    04/03/13

    It is beyond reasonable doubt that human activities the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation are triggering the changes we are witnessing in the global climate. [More]


Geoff Sharrock Takes an Optimistic View of Mr Abbott's Relationship to Higher Education.    04/03/13

      Geoff Sharrock, a Program Director at the L H Martin Institute, lectures in higher education policy and management at the University of Melbourne. [More]


Robert Kirshner and the Beauty of Our Accelerating Universe.    03/03/13 [More]


Simultaneity of Increased CO2 Concentration and Temperature Increase Confirmed.    01/03/13

    The study uses alternative methods to confirm findings by Australian scientists released in July last year. [More] 


The Chief Scientist and others vs the Leader of the Federal Liberal Party.    01/03/13

    At the 2013 Universities Australia Higher Education Conference yesterday. [More]