News & Views item - November  2012



The Inter Academy Council Reports on Responsible Research Conduct. (November 16, 2012)

This past September the InterAcademy Council (IAC) and the InterAcademy Panel (IAP), the global network of science academies, published its report on responsible behaviour in science: Responsible Conduct in the Global Research Enterprise.


It opens with the IAC/IAP's intent to forge "an international consensus on responsible conduct in the global research enterprise", and continues:

A global research enterprise is emerging, with enormous benefit to economic and social well-being. Today throughout the world, millions more scientists and engineers are working than there were just two decades ago. Many countries are now investing substantial sums in scientific, engineering, medical, social science and other scholarly research. Multinational research teams are on the increase. In this new global context, shared scientific core values and norms are important for both the research community and the broader public. Yet significant differences among countries have been revealed in the definitions of and approaches to the conduct of responsible research.

These urgent issues are being addressed by the world’s national scientific academies through their representative international organizations, the InterAcademy Council (IAC) and the IAP - the global network of science academies. This report, sponsored by IAC and IAP, represents the first joint effort by the scientific academies to provide clarity and advice in forging an international consensus on responsible conduct in the global research enterprise. It acknowledges and draws on information and recommendations from the many national and international organizations that have issued guidelines and statements on the basic responsibilities and obligations of researchers.


The report concludes with the following recommendations: