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Open Access and the Junk Journals.    30/11/12 [More]


Go8 and ATN Give Thumbs Up for ‘Excellence in Innovation for Australia’ (EIA) Trial.    28/11/12

    "Of these case studies, 87% were found to have considerable, very considerable or outstanding impact. [More] 


PCAST Agenda for the November 30, 2012 Meeting.    26/11/12

    Included: detail discussion of Massively Open Online Courses as they pertain to STEM Education. [More]


A Remarkable Media Release from Senator Carr (Kim).    26/11/12

     "We have a lot of knowledge. But we need to be more adept at analysing this wealth of information..." [More]


NIH to Demand Strict Open Access.   22/11/12 [More]


The MOOCs and the Vice-Chancellor.    21/11/12

    Monash V-C answers the rhetorical question "Do online courses spell the end for the traditional university?" with a firm No. [More]


Climate Change and the World Bank.    20/11/12

     A 4°C world can be avoided and we can likely hold warming to below 2°C. [More]


Co-Founder of One of the Largest Asset Management Firms Pleads For the Planet.    19/11/12

    We need oil producers to leave 80% of proven reserves untapped... oil companies’ enthusiasm... absolutely nil. [More]


Australia's Public Grants System Needs a Full Restructuring Says Brian Schmidt.    16/11/12

    It is not at all clear whether this cumbersome process is actually able to judge good projects from bad, because of what is ultimately a lack of specific expertise in the subject area of each grant. [More


The Inter Academy Council Reports on Responsible Research Conduct.    16/11/12

    It opens with the IAC/IAP's intent to forge "an international consensus on responsible conduct in the global research enterprise". [More


Survey Estimates Stanford University's Innovation and Entrepreneurial Impact.    15/11/12

    The survey estimates an annual world revenue of $2.7 trillion. [More


NSW 2012 Science and Engineering Awards Announced.    15/11/12

    ...designed to engage and involve the state's research community as well as the public in promoting the value of science and engineering. [More


NUS Survey Highlights Overcrowded Tutorials, Increasing Reliance on Group Work, and Insufficient Feedback.    14/11/12

     And then there's Salman Khan's The One World Schoolhouse -- with the subtitle Education Reimagined. [More]


The Council for the Defence of British Universities Established November 2012 - Sixty-Six Founding Members.    13/11/12

     Universities are amongst Britain’s most successful institutions. [More]


Group of Eight Wins 71% of ARC Discovery Grant Funding.    09/11/12

    1014 grants were awarded to researchers in 32 of the nation's universities totalling $359 million. $254 million are for Discovery projects. [More]


Doctoral Candidates from Trinity College Dublin Bring Biodiversity to the Pub.    09/11/12 [More]


The International Business Model for Universities and Evaluation of Research Proposals By Title.    08/11/12

    Under this government we have seen grants thrown at all sorts of questionable projects: Andrew Robb [More]


California Voters Indorse Tax Hike to Assist Education.    08/11/12

     It will provide an estimated $6 billion annually for K-12 education, community colleges and assist state universities. [More]  


Union of Concerned Scientists' Reaction to the US Presidential Election Results.    07/11/12 [More]


With a Salute to Harry Robinson.    04/11/12

    Pollsters' livelihoods don't immediately depend on being right; with bookies it's different. [More


The Provost of the University of California, Davis Writes a Letter.    04/11/12

    It's common knowledge within US academia that the University of California campuses are coping with very hard financial times. [More


PCAST Provisional Agenda for the November 30, 2012 Meeting.    03/11/12

     Under discussion will be a study update for "Networking & Information Technology R&D" 2012, STEM education and MOOCs as they pertain to STEM Education. [More]


Colin Macilwain Reports on German and French Pursuits of University Excellence.    02/11/12

     France and Germany have been making determined efforts to reform their university systems and in particular, to develop a small number of universities that can compete internationally with places like Harvard and MIT. [More]


5-days Out From the US Presidential Election the AAAS Appeals for Funds from its Members.    02/11/12

    Its CEO notes the possible consequences on US science and innovation should federal funding sequestration become the order of the day. [More]


Prime Minister's 2012 Prizes for Science Awarded.    01/11/12

    Top award goes to Ken Freeman for work demonstrating the importance of the Universe's Dark Matter. [More]