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Science Adviser to Bush Whitehouse, John Marburger, Dies.    31/07/11

    John Marburger III, 71, died Thursday, succumbing to non-Hodgkins lymphoma. [More


Little Insight on How to Create a World Class University.    30/07/11

    This past Thursday Melbourne's Grattan Institute held an open discussion on the topic How to Create a World Class University. [More]


Peer Review Across the Atlantic.    29/07/11

    "We have heard in the course of this inquiry that there is no substitute for reading the article itself in assessing the worth of a piece of research." [More


Australian Technology Network Universities Want Impact Back in the Mix for Judging Excellence.    27/07/11

    "... the best way to measure impact [is] to have researchers make qualitative statements, such as through case studies, that could be informed by quantitative measures and then assessed by an independent panel." [More]


Tied Vote Blocks Cambridge University's No-confidence Motion.    27/07/11 [More]


England's 2014 Research Excellence Framework Fumbles On.    26/07/11

    The  reincarnation of England's Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) the Research Excellence Framework (REF) for 2014 was to be Better, Faster, Cheaper... [More]


The Complexity of Reform: Peter Coaldrake Opines.    25/07/11

    [I]t is all too easy to underestimate the complexity of reform... [More]


A Not So Peaceful Act.    22/07/11

    Destruction of what would appear to be beneficial transgenic modification of foodstuff in a search for improved food security. [More]


A Review of BBC Impartiality and Accuracy of Science Coverage.    21/07/11

    There are certain shortcomings in its coverage and it is to undertake six recommendations for improvement. [More]


Two Years and 282-Pages in Gestation the US National Academies' K-12 Framework for Science and Engineering Education.    20/07/11 [More]


Australian Academy of Science Invites Everybody With an Interest in Women in Chemistry --    19/07/11

    to an afternoon discussion session at Parliament House compered by science journalist and broadcaster Robyn Williams, and featuring Professors Suzanne Cory, Carol Robinson and Margaret Sheil. [More]


Who Should be Excluded from Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions?    18/07/11

    "...the Chinese are proposing to increase their emissions by 500 per cent." -- Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott. [More]


The PCAST Meeting of July 15, 2011 Webcast.    16/07/11

    The archived video of the July 15, 2011 meeting of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) was made available immediately following the meeting. [More


Are Lessons from the NSF's GK-12 Program Cogent for Australia?    15/07/11

    It has brought more than 10,000 STEM graduate students into elementary and secondary schools around the United States. [More]


Peter Rowlett on the Unplanned Impact of Mathematics.    14/07/11

    There is no way to guarantee in advance what pure mathematics will later find application. [More


Updated Agenda for July 15, 2011 Meeting of PCAST.    14/07/11 [More]


Australia If or When a 4oC Increase in Average Global Temperature Occurs?    14/07/11

    CSIRO: Rapid global warming of 4C would be unlike anything experienced before by modern human societies. [More


Task Force Recommends European Research Council to Remain Within European Commission with Greater Autonomy.    13/07/11

    The task force also identified several ways to make life easier for ERC-funded scientists. [More]


ACF's Analysis of the Government's "Pollution Pricing Package".    12/07/11

    The Australian Conservation Foundation has released its evaluation of the federal government's "pollution pricing package". [More]


One Small Step Toward Cutting Greenhouse Gas Pollution.    11/07/11

    Don Henry: More bricks certainly need to be laid, but today were moving from talk to action. [More


The Incredible Shrinking Website of the Chief Scientist.    08/07/11

    The only visible addition to the website since Professor Chubb became Chief Scientist is his address to the National Press Club on June 21st. [More


Student of History, English, German, and Arabic Appointed New French Science Minister.    08/07/11

     Laurent Wauquiez has the honour of being France's youngest cabinet minister. [More]


From Nature "Careers": Better Teaching Needed.    07/07/11 [More]


Subsidisation by International Student Fees and Adulteration of the Universities' "Provisions".    07/07/11

    And it is noteworthy that not a murmur has been heard from any political quarter regarding that dire warning by the president of the Australian Academy of Science. [More]


Senator Carr at the 4th International SKA Conference.    07/07/11

     More than 70 institutes in 20 countries are participating in the scientific and technical design of the SKA telescope. [More]


European Commission to up Spending on Research and Innovation ~45%, to 80 Billion for 201420.    06/07/11

    It will now be scrutinized by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers, representing 27-member EU states. [More]


100,000 Additional Places and Counting But When Does it Reach Instability?    04/07/11

    To what degree have universities' course and research structures become distorted from the viewpoint of the nation's commonweal? [More]


Go8 Announces Pilot of In-House Quality Assessment and Outlines Options for the Base Funding Review.    04/07/11

    However, as has been recently noted, too narrow a focus of resources will lead to an unstable situation that will benefit no one. [More]


Space Shuttle's Final Flight; Bob Park Bids Farewell and Makes a Cost Comparison.    03/07/11 [More]