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Perceptions of Australia as a Postgraduate Research Destination.    30/06/10

    In 2009 the Go8 commissioned market research to examine the attitudes, perceptions and experiences of Australia as a destination for study at the Higher Research Degree level. [More


8 FOI Applications Lodged Regarding Australian Synchrotron Conflict.    29/06/10 [More]


Meeting Australia’s Research Workforce Needs -- Senator Carr Consults.    28/06/10

    In releasing the "consultation paper" the minister said: "Everyone with an interest in the future of Australian research should take part in this process." [More


2010 International Climate Change Adaptation Conference.    28/06/10

    This week Australia's first international conference on adapting to climate change begins on the Gold Coast. [More]


National Scientific Academies and Their Place.    24/06/10

    "To exert influence, they must carefully nurture connections with people and institutions inside government who genuinely want independent scientific input..." [More]


Steps Toward Restoring Scientific Integrity to US Federal Policy Making.    24/06/10

    President Obama asked the Office of Science and Technology Policy 15 months ago to create a plan to restore scientific integrity to federal policymaking. [More


President of the National Tertiary Education Union on the Impending Workforce Crisis for Australian Higher Education.    23/06/10 [More]


The Cost of Producing the Extra 217,000 Graduates Targeted by the Government for 2025.    23/06/10

    Currently, Universities Australia is lobbying for ongoing annual disbursements of $500m-$900m. [More


The Use and Misuse of Metrics in Evaluation.    21/06/10

    The June 17, 2010 issue of Nature devotes a series of articles noting that: "Since the invention of the science citation index in the 1960s, quantitative measuring of the performance of researchers has become ever more prevalent, controversial and influential." [More]


Australia's Chief Scientist, Professor Penny Sackett, Delivered the Following Address to a Conference Convened by the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies.    21/06/10

    Climate change communication has had failings in the past. With an new election ahead in Australia, and progress around the world in greenhouse reduction activities, now is the time to turn that around and to make a difference that will last generations. [More


Royal Society 2010 Prize for Science Books Longlist Announced.    18/06/10

    The judges selected a longlist of twelve books. Maggie Philbin, Chair of the judges, said the books "explore science in very different ways". [More]


Australian Synchrotron's National Science Colloquium Advisory Group of Twelve Named.    16/06/10

    Might the Colloquium give advice at odds with advice from the Science Advisory Committee the chairman was asked. [More]


FASTS Organises Conference Dealing with Climate Scepticism.    15/06/10

     Dr Foley emphasised that the conference was not about politics or ''brainwashing'' the public. [More]


What To Do With the $250 Million CSIRO Obtained Through Its WiFi Patent.    15/06/10

    Rejuvenate the Science and Industry Endowment Fund. [More]


What is the Economic Return on R&D Investment.    14/06/10

    Science and Technology for America's Reinvestment: Measuring the Effect of Research on Innovation, Competitiveness and Science. [More


Australia's Chief Scientist Speaks Out on the ABC Regarding the Climate Change Debate.     11/06/10 [More]


For Whatever Reason, Sanity has Prevailed, $200m Back in the Pot.    11/06/10

    Money for research Infrastructure "returned". [More


US Senate to Consider Overturning EPA's Endangerment Finding.    10/06/10

     A vote on prohibiting the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions. [More]


Australia's Universities Faring Better Than At Least Those in 10 OECD Countries.    09/06/10

    Considering there are 31 OECD Nation's... [More


Please Don't East the Daisies.    09/06/10

    Overall the prospects for an education evolution of consequence are looking bleak indeed, it's just a matter of how bleak. [More


Tuition Fees, Undergraduate, Stanford University, 2010-11.    08/06/10

    Stanford University's regular undergraduate tuition for the academic year is US$38,700. [More]


UK's Guardian Publishes Its 2011 League Table for Britain's 118 Universities.    08/06/10

    The Guardian today published its ranking "according to teaching excellence" for all of the UK's universities. [More]


Webcast of the May 21, 2010 PCAST Meeting.    05/06/10

    The US President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology met on Friday, May 21, 2010 from 8:30am - 5:00pm. The archive of the webcast is now available. [More]


Climate Change and the Philosopher.    04/06/10

    Philip Kitcher was given eight books by Science and asked to undertake a group review under the title "the climate change debates". [More]


When an Inconvenient Truth is a Conflation Between Knowledge and Belief.    04/06/10

    A letter published in the June 4, 2010 issue of Science is fully self-explanatory. [More]


Building the Education Revolution.    03/06/10

    Media coverage of BER has been beamed laser-like on construction efficiency of the physical infrastructure. [More


Bureaucratic Intransigence Frustrates Hiring Young Overseas Academicians and Researchers.    02/06/10 

    The Federal Government has defended its decision to deny foreign academics and tutors priority visa processing. [More]


Government's Revised Indexation of Higher Education Costs Approaches Reality.    02/06/10

    The arrangements will deliver an additional $2.6 billion to universities over five years. [More]