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November 2008



Rudd Government Returns "Public Good" as a Criterion for Cooperative Research Centre Studies.    29/11/08 [More]


Engineers for Australia's Future.    28/11/08

    The 131 page report Engineers for the Future was published some three months ago. It is troubling that to date it has received so little interest. [More]


International Report Is Damning in Its Assessment of French Biomedical Science Administration.    28/11/08

    A remarkably candid report recommends French governmental support for the life sciences should be reorganised into a single, strong funding agency. [More]


President of AAAS Decries Top US Civil Service Science Positions Being Given to Bush Appointees as His Administration Winds Down.    27/11/08 [More]


Meat of Minister of Education, Julia Gillard's Speech on Leading Transformational Change in Schools.    24/11/08

    A NATIONAL AGENDA FOR REFORM -The next step of our Education Revolution begins now. [More]


Rupert Murdoch's Fourth Boyer Lecture: Fortune Favours the Smart.     24/11/08

    More or less annually media giant Rupert Murdoch bags the Australian education sector. This year he has used his fourth Boyer Lecture to round on public primary and secondary education. [More]


Monash University's Vice-Chancellor Designate Doesn't Quite Follow the Group of Eight Line.    23/11/08 [More]


Completing the Ordered Nucleotide Sequence of the Tammar Wallaby a Step Closer.    23/11/08

    Centre of Excellence for Kangaroo Genomics have produced a map of the genome of the tammar wallaby. [More]


Some Initial Comment from NSW's Chief Scientist/Chief Engineer.    22/11/08

    On October 24 the newly designated premier of New South Wales, Nathan Rees, announced the appointment of Professor Mary O'Kane, former vice-chancellor of The University of Adelaide, to be the state's first chief scientist/chief scientific engineer. [More]


Henry Waxman to Lead US House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee.    22/11/08

    In a surprise vote by US House of Representatives Democrats 82-year old John Dingell was not reappointed chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. [More]


David Lammy, UK Minister of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills.    21/11/08

    This past October David Lammy (36) was appointed Minister of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills What will be his influence on the 2009 review? [More]


Science and the Obama Transition.    20/11/08

    US president elect Barack Obama is getting on with developing strategic policy, budgetary, and personnel decisions with regard to science and technology prior to the inauguration. [More


Minister Releases Texts of Public Research Agencies' Charters.    19/11/08

    The Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Kim Carr, today released the texts of the four charters that the minister has agreed with the chairs of the boards of CSIRO, AIMS, ANSTO and AIATSIS. [More]


California Mid-Year Budget Cuts Hit University of California's Ten Campuses for US$65.5 Million.    18/11/08

    The University of California (UC) system consists of 10 research campuses and receive about US$3 billion of operational funding per annum from the state of California. [More]


Citation Statistics, Author Numbers, Matrices  and All That.    16/11/08

    Bad measures of productivity are actively harmful to science, and that is something that their advocates should bear in mind. They are encouraging dishonesty. [More]


In the Light of the US' and World's Economic Downturn Will President Elect Obama's R&D Promises Be Kept?      14/11/08

    At the top of the list for many is the early appointment of a science adviser with the additional title of assistant to the president. [More


It's the Economy Stupid.    13/11/08

    "Education and research are not merely costs to be cut, but investments in long-term economic recovery." That's the take home message of the principal editorial in today's Nature. [More]


Australia and a Community College System is Advocated by Melbourne University's V-C Glyn Davis.    12/11/08

     But Professor Davis' approach is not modelled on California's university system, which is a ternary one not a binary system. [More]


Minister Carr and His Wikipedia Entry.    12/11/08

    It can be quite edifying what parliamentarians may utter when subjected to the heat of Senate Estimates. [More]

     [Note correction-081113] 


The Goracle Has His Say.    10/11/08

    In an extensive opinion piece Nobel Laureate and former US vice president Al Gore sets down his views for the program that should be undertaken to allay global warming. [More]


Minister for Education's Sir Robert Menzies Oration 2008.    07/11/08

    Delivering the Sir Robert Menzies Oration yesterday evening at The University of Melbourne the Minister for Education, Employment and Workplace Relations focused on the universities. [More]


Young Scientists Need a Bit of Affirmative Action.    07/11/08

    Dr Zerhouni coupled the peer-review assessment to setting a minimum quota for the number of awards made to new investigators in 2007 and 2008. [More


Barack Obama Receives Advice on Filling Executive Science and Technology Posts from the National Academies.    07/11/08

    The 76-page booklet, Science and Technology for America's Progress, was issued in September during the presidential election campaign. [More]


Assessment of US Doctoral Programs By the National Academies is Expected in Several Months.    07/11/08 [More]


Let's Talk About Inanimate University Infrastructure.    06/11/08

    The Go8 has determined that 38% of its buildings are in poor or critical condition of which 20.4% are considered to be in a critical condition. [More]


Obama Victory May Bring Repercussions on Student Recruitment.    06/11/08

    "The Obama success puts us into a whole new chapter and 4/11 could well be as powerful and influential as 9/11." [More]


Discovery of Fossilised Embryo From a Devonian Fish Earns John Long the 2008 Australasian Science Prize.    05/11/08

    "John Long has the wonderful ability to sort through new material and see structures that other experienced palaeontologists completely overlook." [More]


US Union of Concerned Scientists Issues Its Statement Regarding Senator Barack Obama Becoming U.S. President Elect.    05/11/08

    Promises to help: craft the most effective policy solutions--actions that will make our world cleaner and safer while strengthening our economy and enhancing our national security we. [More]


Citation Statistics Brought to Heel? -- A Sequel.    04/11/08 [More]


CalTech's Robert A. Millikan Professor of Biology Had a Few Cogent Points to Make as He Stepped Down from the AAAS Presidency.    04/11/08

    This past February David Baltimore gave his presidential address to the 2008 annual meeting of the AAAS. [More


Science Simulations Augment Lectures, Tutorials and Student Labs.    03/11/08

    A library of over 80 interactive computer simulations, is the initiative of 2001 Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman. [More]