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Palau Yields a Diminutive Neighbour for Homo floresiensis.    (31/03/08)

    Two caves in the Pacific island nation of Palau have yielded fossils of a number of diminutive individuals. [More]


Named to the 2020 Summit.    (29/03/08)

    We list those named for the categories of The Productivity Agenda and Towards a Creative Australia for the government's 2020 Summit on Australia's Future. The full list is published by The Sydney Morning Herald. [More]


Government Advisor on Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change Economist Ross Garnaut Speaks Out.    (28/03/08)

    Economist Ross Garnaut, having been tapped by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to advise the government on what to do for and with the problems engendered by climate change speaks to the Australian-Melbourne Institute's economic and social conference. [More]


Fundamental Research, Precision and All That -- What's It's Use?    (28/03/08)

    Science' Editor in Chief, Bruce Alberts, and MIT physicist Daniel Kleppner separately make the case for the importance of fundamental research. [More]


Search for a Fulltime Chief Scientist.     (28/03/08)

    The Minister for Innovation, Industry, Research and Science, Kim Carr, is looking for a polymath to become Australia's fulltime Chief Scientist. [More]


If You're Gonna Have an Education Revolution Don't Forget the Bureaucracy.    (27/03/08)

    "...where academic staff... view themselves as managed by the incompetent and audited by the ignorant." [More]


An Israeli Economist Takes a Hard Look at the Attitudinal Change Toward Israeli Academe in the Past Thirty Years, and Doesn't Like What He Sees.    (27/03/08)  [More]


Renewable Energy to Contribute 10% of China's Energy Needs by 2010.    (27/03/08)

    Were China to have 10% of its energy needs contributed by renewable resources it would be the equivalent of burning 300 million tonnes of coal. [More]


ARC Future Fellowships to Go International.    (26/03/08)

    The Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, said today that Australian Research Council (ARC) fellowships will be progressively opened to greater international competition. [More]


University to More Than Halve Its Number of Academic Mathematics and Statistics Teachers.    (26/03/08)

    "Repeatedly building new higher education ideas is a fascinating intellectual and ideological exercise, but of itself it does not move the nation forward." [More


Transcript of Question and Answer Session Following Senator Kim Carr's Address to the National Press Club.    (20/03/08) [More]


British White Paper Focuses on Government Demand-side Stimulation for Nation's Innovation.    (20/03/08)

    John Denham, Britain's Secretary for Innovation, Universities and Skills in releasing the government's ninety-five page white paper said: "The government has built up the supply side of innovation successfully over the last 10 years now it is time to focus on the demand side." [More]


Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Addresses Science Meets Parliament / National Press Club.    (19/03/08)

    The Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies is holding its annual two day "Science Meets Parliament" event this Tuesday and Wednesday. [More]


Kim Carr Gives an Interview to Australian Life Scientist.    (18/03/08)

    Federal minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Kim Carr, outlines some of his thinking and philosophy. [More]


We're Going to Get Behind All Universities and We're Going to Recognise That There's Diversity in the Mission: Julia Gillard    (17/03/08)

    We've put the question of funding squarely before the [higher education] review. [More]


Cambridge University Governance Vote Allows Both Sides to Claim Victory.     (16/03/08)

     Cambridge University's "dons' parliament" voted on March 12 on whether to increase the number of outsiders on its executive governing body thereby changing the balance of power. [More]


Tony Blair to Lead International Campaign on Climate Change.    (15/03/08)

    Britain's former prime minister is working to prepare a blueprint for an agreement to cut carbon emissions by 50% by 2050. [More]


Perhaps Something that the Minister of Education and the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research and Their Reviews Might Consider.    (13/03/08)

    Yesterday Senator Kim Carr addressed the 38 vice-chancellors representing Universities Australia on his views regarding the rights and obligations of university researchers. [More]


Minister for Education Announces Higher Education Review.    (13/03/08)

    The federal Minister for Education, Julia Gillard, speaking today to the Australian Financial Review Higher Education Conference announced that the government will begin a review of "Australian Higher Education, to begin this month. [More]


President of the Royal Society, Martin Rees, Gets His 25 Minutes on the BBC's Hardtalk.    (13/03/08) [More]


Speculation Mounts on Wide-ranging Review of Higher Education -- Gillard Remains Silent.    (12/03/08)

    Although Kevin Rudd's Labor government has been in office over 100 days, Julia Gillard, Deputy Prime Minister, Federal Minister for Education and for Employment and Workplace Relations has yet to announce and expected review of higher education. [More]


President of Royal Society Comments on Future Use of Coal in the UK.    (12/03/08)

    At the Adam Smith Institute conference on "The Future of Utilities" Britain's business secretary John Hutton present the case for continued use of coal. [More]


Interdisciplinary Science is Gaining Status - But What's in a Name?    (10/03/08)

    The argument propounding interdisciplinary research in the medical/life sciences has once again gained momentum but in so doing it has also led to confusion. [More


England's Universities to Get Above Inflation Rise in Funding.    (0703/08)

    Total funds of close to 7.6 (A$16.5) billion for England's 131 universities and 128 colleges are designated for 2008-09 financial year. [More]


Hobbit Controversy Continues -- Claims of Cretinism Rejected on Several Counts.    (06/03/08)

    A paper by Peter Obendorf of RMIT has made the mass media by suggesting prenatal iodine deficiency produced the hobbit. [More]


It Must be a Matter of Faith -- the Peer Reviewers Must Be Reviewed.    (05/03/08) [More]


Kevin Rudd: Our Universities are in... Crisis. Unless We Fix the System Long-Term, We are on a Very Insecure Footing for the Future."    (04/03/08)  [More]


Cambridge Dons Voting on Increasing Number of Lay People on University's Governing Body.    (04/03/08)

     If the vote is passed to increase the outsiders from two to four, they will elect 12 out of 24 members - with the V-C having the casting vote - and academics will no longer be the majority of the governing body. [More]