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National Innovation System Review -- Submissions Called.   (29/02/08)

    The Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Kim Carr, said today: "The call for submissions by the Chair of the Government's independent review of the National Innovation System presents a rare opportunity for all Australians to put forward their ideas on how we can create a more effective and efficient national innovation system." [More]


Head of China's NSFC, Chen Yiyu, Answers Three Questions.    (29/02/08) [More]


Audio of FASTS Forum Rights and Obligations of Scientists and Researchers Available Online.    (29/02/08) [More]


Proposed English University Research Funding Scheme Remains Contentious.    (28/02/08)

    Gordon Brown's Labor government intends to undertake in 2009 a system of "metrics" to replace the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) peer-review system. [More]


Canada Delivers Its Science Budget.    (28/02/08)

    Canada's Conservative minority government led by Stephen Harper has brought down a science budget in keeping with its promise to target  the best and the brightest in designated areas rather than spread funding across the nation's scientific activity. [More]


Labor Confirms Support for Square Kilometre Array.    (28/02/08)

   Minister says: I will... be putting forward Australia's iron-clad case for hosting the telescope during a high-level SKA roundtable in Berlin and an SKA presentation in Brussels. [More]


Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) Proposed to Replace Still Born RQF.    (27/02/08)

    In a brief media release the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Kim Carr, yesterday outlined his plans for a new research quality and evaluation system. [More]


Innovation Review to Release Issues Paper This Week, "Canvassing Key Topics and Posing a Number of Critical Questions Relating to Innovation".    (27/02/08)

    "In reviewing our innovation capabilities and preparedness we need to be forward-looking. It is not enough simply to ask how well things may be working now." [More]


Australia 2020 -- If You're Not Prepared to Nominate or Make a Submission, are You in a Position to Damn It?    (27/02/08)

    While it's a fair bet that Australia is not about to become the 21st century realisation of an Athenian democracy -- sans slaves --, Kevin Rudd's initiative does allow anyone to give voice to his/her views about what's good for the nation. [More]


US National Science Board's 2008 Science and Engineering Indicators.    (26/02/08)

    Last Month the United States' National Science Board Released its 2008 compendium of science and engineering indicators (SEI). While most of the data deals with US matters, there is enough of international interest to make it a highly worthwhile resource. [More]


FASTS  Forum on the Rights and Obligations of Researchers in Universities and Public Sector Research Agencies Received Ministerial Attention.    (23/02/08)

    The Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies (FASTS) yesterday hosted a forum on the rights and obligations of scientists and researchers in universities and public sector research agencies. [More]


NIH Peer Review Under Review - First Draft.    (23/02/08)

    The US National Institutes of Health has received a 78-page draft report of recommendations for the revision of its system of peer review. [More]


Is It Really the Sandstones vs the Rest?    (22/02/08)

    The Group of Eight believe they should be apportioned a larger slice of the higher education funding pie. [More]


Stanford University Waives Tuition When Family Income Less Than US$100,000 a Year.    (21/02/08)

    Families earning less than US$60,000 a year will not be charged for tuition, room and board or additional required expenses. [More]


After a Slow Start, the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research is Getting a Fair Share of Media Coverage.    (21/02/08)

    Senator Kim Carr says: We need to double our R and D effort over time and clearly the public sector has a significant role to play in that - and we have an education revolution which will involve a research revolution as well. [More]


Are University Administrations Being Forced to Short-change Maths?     (20/02/08)

National Committee for Mathematical Sciences chairman and University of Melbourne professor Hyam Rubinstein estimates about $25 million nationally had been allocated to universities to support the recruitment of new staff and teaching students in maths and statistics but 80% is being diverted. [More]


Support for Higher Education and Research: Some Thoughts of Simon Marginson and Bob Park.    (19/02/08) [More]


FASTS to Host Forum on the Rights and Obligations of Researchers in Universities and Public Sector Research Agencies.    (19/02/08)

    The scheduled keynote speaker is Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. [More]


Entries in the 2008 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes are Now Open.    (19/02/08)

    There will be 20 prizes totalling more than $200,000 in areas ranging from research and innovation through environmental journalism to the sleek geeks science prize. Entries close May 2, 2008. [More]


Ms Gillard Commends a Bill to the House.    (19/02/08)

    Julia Gillard, Minister for Education at 16:28 on February 15 opened her address the Australian House of Representatives: "I am pleased to introduce legislation that will ...remove unwarranted, bullying government interference over our universities and other higher education providers." [More]



Science's Editor-in-Chief Has Some Questions for Actively Would-be US Presidents.    (01/02/08)

    Donald Kennedy, Science's Editor-in-Chief for a couple more months would like to see those individuals still vying to be their party's nomination for US president to take part in "The Real Debate". [More]