Non-Linear Models and Computational Tools    

Lecturer: Prof. Vladimir Rovenski

Reception time:  Monday, 15.00-16.00, room 632, Office tel.: 04-8288422
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Sunday: 16.00-18.00

office room 632
(instead of room 620)


Thursday: 08.30-10.00

room 570 (computer)

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Material for Lessons

Books and Materials :

1. ODE Maple based lessons,  click  here

2. Dynamical systems worksheets (Maple 10 files can be Extracted from,   click  here


Lecture 01. 06.03.2006 Introduction to Maple.

Lecture 02. 09.03.2006 Plots and ODE. Analytic Solutions of 1-st order ODE: Separable ODE

Lecture 03. 12.03.2006 Solving Problems

Lecture XX. XX.04.2006 ,  click  here