Geometry and DEs with  Maple    

Lecturer: Prof. Vladimir Rovenski

room 624, Office tel.: 04-8288422
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Presentation of the textbook using in this course:

          V. Rovenski, Geometry of Curves and Surfaces with Maple (GC&SwM)   (enter and find programs and illustrations !)


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Syllabus of course, 

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Wednrsday (4): 08.30-10.00

room 133 comp. center


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Final marks

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Material for Lessons

1. Text file: WWW Sources  " Curves ",   click   here

2. Text file: WWW Sources  " Surfaces",   click   here

3. File: projects book,   click   here


1) Stroeker  "Discovering Mathematics with Maple", in English. 
 Each chapter X=1,2,3,4,5,6  folder contains the 5 worksheets:

  and some folders contain some extra files explained in the corresponding section

Lesson on 07.06.2016 is cancelled

Targil and tasks:

1. Solve problems until  05.04.2017:
    4 worksheets (one from each Chapter 2,3,5,6) in Stroeker book (
TourAXa.mws, TourAXb.mws, where chapters X=2, 3, 5, 6)
    (Use files
TourWXa.mws, TourWXb.mws with examples of solutions)

2a. Investigate and plot graph of one function y = f(x). Take data (No. of a function plan and example) from Section 1.5, deadline for 2a and 2b xx.04.2017  

2b. Use the commands interp, spline (for the functions in 2a) and plot the curve by different ways.

3a.  Mini-project: My Favorite Curve (description, equations, properties, applications) . 
Take data (your number) from FILE Task_plane_curves.txt    

3b.  Investigation of Space Curves (investigation for any t and for t0, figure with Frenet frame and osculating circle at t0). 
     (Program in Section 12.3 in Rovenski book) take data (your number) from FILE Task_curves_R3.pdf

     Deadline for 3a:  xx.04.2017, and for 3bxx.04.2017  

4. Ordinary Differential Equations  (Deadline: xx.06.2017Solve problems: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16

5. ODEs and Calculus of Variations: Task from pdf files: Part_01_h, Part_02_h, Part_03_h, Part_10_h.
    Example of solutions in Maple files: 081, 0813, 082, 084.

6. Surfaces in the space R^3.  (Chapter 19 of GCSwithM-book , Sec_ParamSurfaces.mws, Diff_Geom_Surfaces.mws)

7. Final Project  (based on Chapters 1,2,4,7,8,12,18,22,23,25,26,27,28,29 of "Proj" book)  

הפרויקט יכלול:

1. כותרת, שם המגיש, תוכן עניינים, חלק עיקרי, מקורות

2. חלק עיקרי יכלול:

  קטעים ותוכניות מספר (פרק) – בחינה כ-70%

  בעיות נוספות (רמה: אנליזה, משוואות דיפרנציאליות מקורסים באוניברסיטה) ופתרונותיהם שלהם באמצעות מייפל כ-30%

  דוגמאות עם עקומות ומשטחים בR3

  תוכניות מייפל עם הערות והסבר תוצאות

  איורים - לא גדולים (2 בכל עמוד).

3. להגיש את הגרסה המודפסת של פרויקט בתיבת הדואר של Rovenski.

4. לשלוח קובץ zip עם קבצים של הפרויקט: XX<your TZ>


Project must include:
1. Title, student name, contents, Main part, References (Bibliography).
2. Main part must include:
  text and programs from the book (Chapter) - testing. ~ 70%
  additional problems (level: analysis, differential equations in University courses)  and their solutions using Maple. ~30%
  modeling with curves and with surfaces in R3.   
  Maple programs with comments and explanation of results
  Figures - not large (2 per page).
3. To place printed version of a project in Rovenski's mail box.
4. To send zip file with files of a project: XX<your TZ>
     by email:

   Deadline for Final Project:  10.08.2017

   Defenses of projects  in  room 624 :    14.07.2017, 12:00 - 13:30 ;   


3. Geometry and differential equations with Maple,         to obtain zip file with materials click  here


   Questions and appeal ( ערעורים ) : at XX.30-YY.30 of XX of XXXX