Leah Epstein

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I am a full professor in the

Department of Mathematics, University of Haifa

My email is lea at math dot haifa dot ac dot il


My research is usually on

(Online and Offline) problems, approximation algorithms and polynomial time algorithms,

Scheduling, Load Balancing, Bin Packing Type Problems, and Graph problems.


My publications

In 2018, I organized a nice workshop on online algorithms in Prague - MOLI.


Editorial boards:

Operations Research Letters, Discrete Optimization, Journal of Scheduling, Acta Informatica, Information Processing Letters.

Program committees:

MFCS 2019, APPROX 2019, ICALP 2018 track A, WAOA 2018 (PC co-chair), ISAAC2018, WAOA 2017, CSR 2016, WAOA 2015, Europar 2015, LATIN 2014, WAOA 2013, ICALP 2013 track A, ESA 2012 (track A) PC chair, ALGOSENSORS 2012, MAPSP 2011, STACS 2011, ESA 2010 (track A), Europar 2010
, FUN 2010, LATIN 2010, SWAT 2008, AAIM 2008, MAPSP 2007, WAOA 2006, ESA 2006 (track B), WADS 2005