Vsevolod (Seva) Lev

      Mail:      Vsevolod F. Lev
                 Department of Mathematics
                 The University of Haifa at Oranim
                 Tivon 36006

     Phone:      +972(4)953-9620 (o)
                 +972(4)655-2254 (h)
       Fax:      +972(4)953-9608

    E-mail:      seva©math.haifa.ac.il

Welcome to my Web page!

I am a Full Professor in the Department of Mathematics of The University of Haifa at Oranim.

To learn about my background, you may check the web page of the Moscow Math School N2, the page of MIIT graduates, or have a look at the pages of the mathematics departments of Tel Aviv University (this is where I got my Ph.D. from), The University of Georgia (my first postdoc), or The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (my second postdoc).

Here are my Resume (postscript) and Publications List (HTML, papers available for download). Also, you can find most of my publications on MathSciNet. Besides regular publications, from time to time I write Expository Notes on various topics which are of interest for me. (Most of the notes are not yet available online).

I am an editor of the Moscow Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory, Journal of Uniform Distribution Theory, and the INTEGERS Journal.

My research interests are mainly in Combinatorial Group Theory, Number Theory, and the Theory of Uniform Distribution. This includes exponential sums, geometry of numbers, additive combinatorial problems, "Erdős problems", and related fields. To find out more, visit my Problems Page!