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Professor of Physics


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Department of Mathematics and Physics, Faculty of Science and Science Education, University of Haifa at Oranim, 36006, Tivon, ISRAEL

Phone Number: 972-4-9838844

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Solid State Physics and Chemistry. Biophysics. Resonance and Relaxation Phenomena. Phase Transitions. Domain Structures and Walls. Dynamics of Domain Walls. Kinetics of Phase Transitions. Phase Growth. Nucleation. Nonlinear, Pre-Transitional and Precursor Phenomena at Phase Transitions. Heterophase Fluctuations. Wetting Effects in Domain Walls at Phase Transitions. Diffusion in Metals, Alloys and Hydrogen-Bonded Substances. Proton and Defect Conductivity in Hydrogen-Bonded Substances. Charge Transfer and Soliton Effects in Hydrogen-Bonded Materials. First-Principles Calculations in Metals, Alloys and Ferroelectrics. Static Properties of Ferroelectrics at Phase Transitions. Pyroelectric Effect in Ferroelectrics and Solar Energy Cell. Ferroelectric Advanced and Smart Materials. Solid Thin Films. Conduction in Biological Membranes. Nerve Conduction. Modeling for the Generation and Propagation of an Action Potential in Axon Membranes. Transfer of Phase-Transition Type Excitations in Solids and Membranes. Oscillation Effects at High Magnetic Fields. Domains of Orbital Magnetism at Quantizing Magnetic Fields. Phase Transitions at High Magnetic Fields.


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