Past Op-ED


08/12/12  And it Took Only 2-Years for Brilliance to Burst Forth

05/06/12  Tony Guttmann - Busted: The Broken Business Model of Australian Universities

26/05/12  Bryan Gaensler: Comments on Placing the SKA on Two Continents

08/03/12  John Turner Posits A Better Outcome For All Students

24/10/11 An Environmental, Economic, Accounting of Pollution?

30/09/11 Are the Mechanisms for Funding Research Beyond Repair?

18/08/11 Julian Cribb: The Case for Re-naming the Human Race

27/07/11 Jan Thomas: Mathematics, Why We Need More Qualified Teachers

11/06/11 Peter Hall  Makes the Case for Environment, Diversity and Academic Strength

05/05/11 Jan Thomas Issues a Plea for Maths and Stats

20/04/11 Senator Carr's Ode to the Chief Scientist

27/03/11 Ian Dodson A New ERA, or A return to the Dark Ages?

15/01/11 While Mediocrity Reigns.

23/11/10 Peter Hall: "Curiouser and Curiouser: Managing Discovery Making".

15/10/10  The More Things Change the More They Stay...

20/09/10  Joseph Gora: Watch Out! here comes the TEQSA Juggernaut.?

29/08/10  STEM - Who Needs It?

31/07/10  There are More Things in Heaven and Earth

29/06/10  Ken Baldwin asks: When is Science Valid?

21/06/10  Universities: the Stepchildren of the Education Revolution

30/04/10  12 Years and Counting

30/12/09  Eight Years on - Where are Australia's Universities in Relation to Their Cohort

27/11/09  A Case of CSIRO Bullying Bodes Ill for the Future of the Organisation

01/11/09 (17/01/01)  Australian's Creative Generation Must be Allowed to Influence Decisions

29/09/09  Jan Thomas  ̶  Access to Mathematics is Vital for Equity

12/09/09  Her Ability to Influence Events depends on Who Listens

29/08/09  The Threat to Australia's Reputation in International Education

31/07/09  Bryan Gaensler -- Australian Science: Our Future

01/06/09  That Matter of Tenure

11/05/09  Justice Michael Kirby Makes a Point at Indiana University

06/04/09  Peter Hall: Mathematics, Learning and Survival

14/03/09  Max Whitten Writes of CESAR, and Science Policy

01/03/09  Gordon Brown's Romanes Lecture 'Science and Our Economic Future

31/01/09  Comparative Costs of Scholarly Publication

29/12/08  Hey, Therese, I'm Shrinking Science, but I don't think  the voter's have noticed

27/10/08  Peer Review: Two Views from the University of Haifa

14/10/08  A Compact of Hubs and Spokes and Research Assessments

18/09/08  Nobel Laureates Force Royal Society Knee Jerk "Sacking"

31/07/08  Harry Robinson: Big, Bigger, Biggest

28/06/08  Harry Robinson Admonishes "Vanity Unfair"

28/06/08  Jan de Gier: Back to the Future

27/05/08  Harry Robinson Muses about a Super-Bureaucrat Turned Prime Minister

30/04/08  Harry Robinson Asks: "Where are the Head Kickers"?

03/04/08  Uwe Proske: How Important are Practical Outcomes in Research?

31/03/08  Harry Robinson Writes of Visions Grand, Plans Small

02/03/08  The Economic Kit and Caboodle -- Harry Robinson

29/01/08  Harry Robinson Asks for the Real Kevin Rudd to Stand Up

29/12/07  Harry Robinson Assesses Richard Pratt's Vision for Australia

24/12/07  Cathy Foley: What Does it Mean for Physics to Have a New Labor Government?

01/12/07  Peter Hall Offers Some Observations As Regards Australian Mathematics to Come

28/11/07  Harry Robinson: What Form Will the Rudd Prime Ministership Take

29/10/07  Group of Eight Publishes Election Policy Wish List

29/10/07  Harry Robinson: The Big, Bad Piggybank

29/09/07  Harry Robinson: In Case You Hadn't Heard, There's an Election in the Offing

18/09/07  Peter Hall: Oz vs the Richest Academic Kid on the Block

 30/08/07  Harry Robinson: And Another Thing

 22/08/07  Peter Hall: Comparing Four Pillars of Wisdom

28/07/07  Harry Robinson Reflects on Science and the Wordsmith

25/07/07  Yaron Ezrahl: Fools in the Public Sphere

27/06/07  Harry Robinson Hails the Word, but is There a Farewell in the Offing?

11/06/07  Tom Spurling, President FASTS at the RQF Forum

29/05/07  Harry Robinson on the Chequerboard of Polls and Polies

25/05/07  Peter Hall Assesses The RQF: Concentrating on Our Research Strengths

 28/04/07  Harry Robinson Relays Some Hot Gospel for the Tertiary Sector to Meditate

28/03/07  Harry Robinson Looks at Pollies Through Dark Glasses: But There is a Moral

09/03/07  Jim Scott: A Sustainable Australia Needs Sustainable Science for a Sustainable Environment

 02/03/07  The Minister and Shadow Minister Politely Disagree While the President of Stanford Gets Specific

15/02/07  A Plea From Harry Robinson: Arise Poor Cousins

24/01/07  Those Pesky Selected Statistics Keep Poking Through Like Weeds in Fallow Soil

22/12/06  Mathematicians Make Their Case to the Productivity Commission but Will the Government Bother to Listen

25/12/06  Harry Robinson Reflects on the Year That Was

28/11/06 "I'm not here just to fill a place on the front bench. I actually want to achieve things." -- Julie Bishop

26/10/06  Addict Turns on His Own Kind: Harry Robinson Call the Media to Account

 06/10/06  Max Whitten: Taxonomy, Biodiversity, and Their Importance for Australia's Economy

02/10/06  Ms Bishop Views Australia's Relationship with China

31/08/06  The European Research Council -- Close to Birth

 31/07/06   Please, Miss, Define Diversity and Specialisation

18/06/06   How Should Universities Contribute to the Knowledge Economy...and the RQF

15/05/06   Harry Robinson Exhorts -- On to 2026

27/04/06   Peter Hall Writes that Diversity of Research is a National Treasure

30/03/06   $40 Million and Sinking -- The RQF Millstone Around Australia's Neck

29/03/06 Jeopardy & Hope: Harry Robinson asks Why is Higher Education on Short Rations

13/03/06 Harry Robinson:  The Encumbering of Unencumbered Australia

05/03/06 Surely You're Joking, Ms Bishop - The Minister Goes to Science Meets Parliament

25/02/06 US NSB Publishes World Science and Engineering Indicators

 30/01/06 Harry Robinson: Values and Minister Bishop

02/01/06 Harry Robinson: Entrepreneurs and the Ideas Men

 29/12/05 Don't Make Science a Turnoff

30/11/05 Aye, But Who Will Pay For It

 26/11/05 Robin Holiday -- The Fundamental Incompatibility Between Science and Religion

31/10/05 CSIRO Remains Up to Its Arse In Crocs

26/09/05 Snow Barlow: Nuclear Debate Must Focus on Waste

15/09/05 Peter Hall Discusses the Preferred Model for Australia's Research Quality Framework

 26/08/05 Is There a Politician to Stand for Creationism? Intelligent Design? Science?

16/07/05 Change Can Equal Progress or Regression

28/06/05 Wendy Parsons: CSIRO Censorship a National Slap in the Face

13/05/05  Australia's Treasurer and the Future

 24/05/05  US Science Present and Future: Views by Bruce Alberts and John Marburger

 30/04/05  The Marketisation of Australian Higher Education - Where the US Leads Must Australia Follow

14/04/05  Peter Hall on Lies, Damn Lies and 223 Extra Statisticians -- The Innovation Report for 2004-05

31/03/05   Michael Lardelli Describes The Devil's Handmaiden to Global Warming

01/03/05  Is CSIRO Becoming a Costly Irrelevance?

01/02/05  Harvard's President Makes Headlines -- Can His Grand Vision Survive

 31/12/04  Aussies Score - No. 2 on Science Breakthroughs; No. 1 on Natures' Most Popular

11/12/04  Harry Robinson - Suppose and Suppose

30/10/04  The Reversal of Dawkinsisation or Just the Cheapening of the Universities?

28/09/04  Quality Review of ANU's Performance. It's Good but Should Improve

23/09/04  Universities Forgotten in the "Great Debate" - Peter Hall Comments on Responsibility

22/09/04  Don't We Wish - What Revolves in the Treasurer's Brain in the Dark Hours

 27/08/04  "The biggest problem in higher education in the United States is the steady erosion in the economic health of its great state-supported public universities." Donald Kennedy

12/08/04  What Price the Lack of Progress

19/07/04  Harry Robinson: Polls, Politics and Pollies

29/06/04  Business and University Collaborations

02/06/04  Max Whitten: CSIRO's Budget - Substance vs. Spin?

27/05/04  Basic Research & the Public Good - An Economic Prerequisite

 17/05/04  The California Compact: Schwarzenegger & the Universities

11/05/04  Peter Hall: The Ides of May - On the Commercialisation of Science and Technology

15/04/04  Pauline Gallagher: Government's Review of Australian Collaborative Research

13/04/04  Dianna Kenny: Academic Promotion, a Faustian Bargain

12/04/04  Peter Hall: Math Matters

31/03/04  Australia's Research Infrastructure -- When Do We Want It?

26/03/04  Hail Nelsonus, Procurator for Education, Science and Training

01/03/04  Max Whitten:  CSIRO - An Experiment Gone Wrong

17/02/04  It's Only Important If You Believe it May Cost/Win You an Election

10/02/04  Dianna Kenny: Do Australian Universities Really Need a Cain-ing

28/12/03  The Relevance of the 1954 Orr Letter to 2004 and Higher Education Reform

22/12/03  The Minister, Shadow Minister & Former Bureaucrat Weave a Tangled Web

01/12/03  Peter Hall: Challenges Facing Statistical Science in Australian Universities

26/11/03  AD Sen Cherry: The HE Support Bill is Not in Our Best Interests

10/11/03   No, Not a Script from Yes Minister but from a Senate Estimates hearing

22/10/03   Max Whitten asks: Commercialise CSIRO at any Price?

 20/10/03   Why the Budget Surplus? - Harry Robinson Considers

30/09/03   Federation Fellows - Reviews - But Above All,  Workplace Reform

26/08/03   Assessing Australia's 21st Century Innovation Capacity

19/08/03   No Eye for the Main Chance

21/07/03   The Systematic Dumbing Down of Australia  

30/06/03   Is There a Party in Opposition with a Higher Education Policy

29/05/03   Mapping Science and Engineering Infrastructure and Beyond

23/04/03   Why Postgraduates are Pessimistic: Matt Hall

 01/04/03   The Relevance of the HR's Standing Committee on Science

13/03/03   In Search of Priorities

27/02/03   The Nation's in the Very Best of Hands

29/01/03   The Change in Academic Work Picture Book

08/01/03   Benchmarking Australia's Investment in R&D

07/12/02   Australia's National Research Priorities - An Assessment

19/11/02   Roundtable for Young Scientists at Science Meets Parliament, 2002

15/11/02   Australian Science and the Maelstrom

25/10/02   The Minister and the Media Release

22/09/02   The Go8 Meets the National Press Club

08/09/02   Work = Achieving and Objective or a Result

30/08/02   Australia's Research Infrastructure and the View from the Australian Academy of Science

19/07/02   Why Can't the Universities by Just Like Us?

15/07/02  Is Progressive Fossilization Really the Avenue for Higher Education to Follow?

18/06/02   The NSF's VIGRE Program

02/06/02   The Parable of the Vasa

02/05/02   Steady as She Sinks

10/04/02 An Upbeat View of Research and Development in Australia - Chris Nicol

19/03/02 An Unexpected Observation from a Reformist Former Vice-Chancellor

24/02/02 Courageous Decisions Are Not Notable Attributes of Current Australian Politics

25/01/02  Brendan Nelson Promises He'll Be A New Broom To Sweep Clean

01/01/02  Is "Following Close Behind" A Policy That's Good Enough

12/12/01 Not All Animals are Equal: Some Clone Better Than Others

21/11/01 If John Doesn't Care and Rupert Just Gives Lip Service

30/10/01 It's Not a Disaster If Nobody Cares

10/10/01 A Backing Australia's Ability Update

17/09/01 Not That Sort of Pyramid

29/08/01 A Visit to a Special Place

17/08/01 Basic Research, the Public University and the ARC

29/07/01 Growing Concern for Basic Research

16/07/01 The Creeping Decline of Our Intellectual Infrastructure

29/06/01 Could Broad Spectrum Research into Dragons be the Answer? 

13/06/01 Who Needs a Nerd at the Bottom of the Garden 

31/05/01 Exercising the Balance of Power

20/05/01 The Art of Persuasion-Time for a Learning Lobby

06/05/01 A Quiet Revolution in N.S.W? Perhaps

19/04/01 Not All Carrots Are Equal

04/04/01 They Talk the Talk But...

24/03/01 Surely You're Joking, Mr. Howard

15/03/01 Don't Panic, It's Just A Matter of Definition

04/03/01 Two Revolutions Shall We Miss This One?

21/02/01 When Dubya Meets Science

12/02/01  It's Education All the Way Down

30/01/01  Choose  Your  Discipline    Pick  a  Winner?

17/01/01 Australia's Creative Generation Must be Allowed to Influence Decisions

11/01/01 Australian Science: Our Future