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Working Group I Contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report: Summary of the Summary for Policymakers.    29/09/13 [More]


The Fish of  Immense Significance for our Understanding of Early Vertebrate Evolution.    26/09/13

    John Long beautifully elucidates how and why the 419 million year-old fossilised fish, Entelognathus "is arguably one of the most exciting fossil discoveries in the past century. [More


Christopher Pyne Talks the Talk -- What Next.    25/09/13 [More]


Gretchen Vogel's Take on Science and the German Election.    25/09/13

    Currently  only the Lšnder, or states, are allowed to directly fund education at all levels. [More


Is the Abbott Government Marching to the Beat of the Tea Party's Drum?    20/09/13

    ScienceInsider: "Australia's New Government Cuts Climate Panels." [More]


NHMRC's CEO -- Quality Not Quantity: Measuring the Impact of Published Research.    19/09/13

    The challenge for researchers, institutions and funders will be to identify, protect and encourage quality and integrity. [More


Archive of the PCAST September 12, 2013 Webcast.    17/09/13

    Includes the Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discussing "Anti-Microbial Resistance". [More]


Abbott's Ministry Gains the Attention of AAAS's Science.    17/09/13

    It's not often -- as in never before -- has the naming of an incoming Australian government's ministry grabbed the attention of Science. [More]


The Australian, the IPCC and Expert Response.    16/09/13

    The Australian gets it wrong on global warming and the IPCC, again. [More]


Steven Schwartz Looks to the Future in Interviewing Eric Blair (AKA George Orwell)    16/09/13

      ...a sound economy is not an end in itself. It is a tool that can be used to help a nation reach its social goal [More]


Attack on Social Science Australia and the US.    11/09/13

    ...there are good reasons why, in most of the world, decisions about science funding are left to the experts. [More


Shanghai Jiao Tong University's 2013 Academic Rankings.    11/09/13 [More


PCAST Agenda for the September 12, 2013 Meeting.    10/09/13

    A feature presentation will be Anti-Microbial Resistance -- Thomas Friedman, Director Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). [More]  


Election Afterthought.    08/09/13 [More]


Undergraduate Science Education: "Self-Efficacy is the Key"    07/09/13

     The natural response to the shift toward inquiry-based science education is an increase in faculty-mentored undergraduate[s]. [More]


Australia's Chief Scientist Announces "New Research into STEM Skills in the Workforce".    07/09/13 [More]


NIH Director Francis Collins Speaks on Sequestration.    07/09/13

    ...people are going to die of influenza five years from now because we don't yet have the universal vaccine, [More]


2013 Winners of the Eureka Prizes.    05/09/13

     The Australian Museum Eureka Prizes were announced on 4 September "in the presence of 700 science, government, cultural and media leaders". [More]


The Commission for the Future or the National Innovation Council or Just Talkin' the Talk.    04/09/13

    A generation has passed and where to we stand relative to our cohort?  [More]


Science and the Arts Supply Four New Italian Senators for Life.    03/09/13 [More]


Google Hits the High Seas for Research.    02/09/13

    Possible increasing interest in the formation of public-private partnerships for the furtherance of research for the commonweal? [More