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A "Bright Idea" for Upping Solar Power on the Home Front and Beyond.    31/08/13 [More]


Slowing in Global Warming Resulting from Pacific Ocean Cooling.    30/08/13

    ...the annual-mean global temperature has not risen in the twenty-first century... [More


AMSI Releases Its Election Priorities for the Mathematical Sciences.    29/08/13 [More]


Nature Reports Australia's Record Rains Lowered Sea Level.    29/08/13

    The mean global sea level fell by 7 mm this past year. [More]


Carl Wieman Takes his Crusade to Further Science Undergraduate Education to Stanford.    29/08/13 [More]


A Short Note from Australia's Chief Scientist: New Knowledge, New Ideas and Creativity.    29/08/13

    But are either of the major political parties listening? [More]


Science and Technology Australia Asks Labor, Coalition and the Greens "What's Your Vision?"    27/08/13

    We asked Federal Politicians from a range of parties to supply their vision in response to a set of core questions devised by STA members and the science & technology sector. Responses were received from the Coalition, Greens and ALP, and are presented as a comparative table. [More


Study Offers Clues on 20th Century Global Warming Wobbles.    27/08/13

    We already know from direct observations of the power coming from the sun that it has contributed nothing to global warming since 1979... [More


Active Learning Classrooms Really Are a Worthwhile Investment.    23/08/13 [More]


Science's CEO Tells It Like It Is.    23/08/13

    [US] science... budget has failed to keep pace with inflation for at least the past 4 years... [More]


Group of Eight Releases its Pre-Election Submission to the Coalition.    19/08/13

   "[T]here will need to be a shift in approaches not only to regulation, but also to policy formulation." [More


CEO Warwick Anderson: How We Deal With Alleged Research Misconduct at the NHMRC.    16/08/13 [More]


Peter Pockley, Dead at 78.    15/08/13

     Not just Australian science journalism but Australian Science are the poorer for his loss. [More]


Australia's Chief Scientist Follows UP His July 31 Position Paper on Directing STEM with a Speech on Interaction with China.    15/08/13

    Professor Chubb opines that by 2020 China's output of scientific publications will have surpassed that of the US. [More]


Phase 1 of Investigation of "Workplace Conduct in CSIRO.    14/08/13

    It flags a simple question: Just how do you define major? [More]


NHMRC to Webcast Grant Review Panel Briefing.    11/08/13

    On Monday (August 12, 2013) the CEO of the National Health and Research Council (NHMRC), will host an hour long webcast of the  briefing for the Grant Review Panel members. [More


Australia's National Science Week August 10 -18.    08/08/13

There are a number of different ways individuals can join in by finding near-by events. [More]


Nominations for NSW Science & Engineering Awards 2013 Solicited.    08/08/13 [More]


A Review of Higher Education Regulation.    06/08/13

    The siren call of micromanagement results in the ideal of reduction being more honoured in the breach than in the observance. [More]


AMSI Declares it's Time to Stem the Tide of Science Complacency.    03/08/13

AMSI: In 2010 52.8% of high school teachers teaching maths were not qualified to do so. [More]     


US President Nominates Astrophysicist France Córdova to Lead the $7-Billion NSF.    02/08/13

    Former NASA administrator Daniel Goldin: "She's a rock star." [More]


"Quantifying the Influence of Climate on Human Conflict".    02/08/13

We find strong causal evidence linking climatic events to human conflict across a range of spatial and temporal scales and across all major regions of the world. [More]


Australia's Chief Scientist Launches His Position Paper: "STEM in the National Interest: A Strategic Approach.    01/08/13

    A national strategy for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). [More]


New South Wales Coal Seam Gas Review's Initial Report: July 2013.    01/08/13

     It makes a number of recommendations to the O'Farrell Government holding its "feet to the fire".[More]