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Barry Jones: The Dilemma Facing Australian Society Changing Policy About Asylum Seekers Must Be Seen In Five Contexts:    30/07/13

Historical, Legal, Moral, Personal and Political. [More]


Tales From the Royal Society.    27/07/13

     A selection of four videos from the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition 2013. [More]


Teaching Tertiary Students to Understand Biological Processes in the Context of Systems.    26/07/13

    "Reforms in biology education aim to develop students' understanding of biological processes in the context of systems, both within and across spatial and temporal scales." [More


Nature's Special Issue on Learning in a Digital Age.    24/07/13

     Last week Nature made available one of its online special issues, this one in conjunction with Scientific American: "Classrooms haven't changed much in the past few centuries... These routines are starting to change". [More]


Stanford's President Speaks Out on the On-Campus Undergraduate Experience.    21/07/13

    "It's time to consider growing undergraduate enrollment." [More


Archive of PCAST's July 19, 2013 Webcast.    20/07/13

    This 24th meeting is unique in that members of the UK's Prime Minister's Council for Science and Technology are guests of PCAST. [More]


Germany Possibly to Broaden its Funding for Research and Higher Education.    20/07/13

     The report from the Wissenschaftsrat... proposes two new funding mechanisms to support top research at a broad spectrum of schools... [More]


MOOCs Feature in This Week's Nature.    18/07/13

    For TFW readers who have access to Nature the July 18, 2013 issue contains the following articles with sober assessments of MOOCs present and future. [More]


PCAST Agenda for the July 18, 2013 Meeting.    16/07/13

    Big data:smart cities and mathematical education feature in this July meeting. [More]


The ARC's Future Fellowships Program in Jeopardy?    16/07/13

    The Future Fellowship scheme really has delivered by supporting the development of world-class research groups [More]


A Coursera Update.    12/07/13 [More]


Will It Be Bureaucratic Heavy-Handedness or a Deft Guiding Touch for Japanese Science and Technology?    12/07/13

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has made economic revitalization a priority, and fostering innovation is a key part of his plan. [More


Australia's Chief Scientist Opens Maths of Planet Earth Conference -- But is he Preaching Only to the Convinced?    10/07/13

    These days the increasing power of the digital computer has opened new avenues in mathematical exploration and it remains to be seen how and when these mathematics will effect our understanding of our milieu. [More]


Senator Kim Carr Back from the Wilderness of the Backbench is Making His Presence Felt.    10/07/13

    "I am not in the business of asking universities to write long essays or fill in more forms. [More


WebGURU and the Research Experience for Undergraduates.    07/07/13

    How to set up positive research experiences for undergraduates. [More]


The Diminishing Support for Biomedical Research in Much of the Developed World.    05/07/13

    Last October's midyear budget whisked away some A$500 million in overhead payments for Australian universities. [More


Just in Case You Thought Picking Winners is Reducible to Metrics.    04/07/13

    As one of the authors, David Currie, succinctly put it: "Some very poorly funded people manage to do a great deal." [More


Impact Factors a South American Viewpoint.    04/07/13

    We should abandon these indicators and concentrate on strengthening regional and national journals and networks for socially and locally relevant research. [More


Thinking Mathematically on Global Issues: AMSI Conference -- Who When Where.    02/07/13

     Mathematics of Planet Earth Australia 2013: The Conference brings together some of Australia's and the world's top minds... [More]


A Glimmer of Sanity Prevails.    02/07/13

    From around the higher educational circus. [More]


Back to the Future -- Senator Kim Carr Gets Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, and as a Bonus Takes on Higher Education.    01/07/13 [More]