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Moniz Gets to Work as US Secretary of Energy.    31/05/13

    Dr. Ernest Moniz was sworn in as the nation's 13th Secretary of Energy last week. You're able to look on. [More


The Global Research Council Publishes Its Principles for Research Integrity and Open Access.    30/05/13

    Whether or not the GRC will have much impact on either integrity in doing and reporting of research or open-access publishing remains to be seen. [More]


Recording Lectures or Dispensing With Them?    28/05/13

    Two of Australia's Group of Eight universities are featured in today's Australian for almost antithetical reasons. [More


Peter Pockley Recollects the Stoush Between Australasian Science and CSIRO With Regard to its Direction Under Chief Executive, Geoff Garrett.    27/05/13 [More]


CSIRO's Materials Science and Engineering Chief, Cathy Foley, Pleads for More Women in "Hard" Science.    25/05/13 [More]


Australian National Audit Office Reports Overall Education Investment Fund Well-Managed.    24/05/13

    Its two recommendations for improvement have been accepted. [More


President of Australian Academy of Science Defends Policy Regarding Treatment of Women.    23/05/13 [More]


On the South African Side of the SKA.    23/05/13

    The array, based in the Northern Cape, observed two strong radio flares from the binary-star system Circinus X-1. [More]


Does the Sword of Damocles Hang Over Australian Education?    23/05/13

    Simon Marginson suggests it very well may. [More


Science Media Centre (NZ) ALERT: Regulator Rejects New GM Food Safety Concerns.    22/05/13

    Earlier this year, a scientific review raised concerns that double-stranded RNA molecules produced in new genetically modified crops could pose a risk to human health. [More]


US Sequestration and the Biomedical Labs.    22/05/13

    For openers sequestration this year has cut US$1.55 billion from the National Institutes of Health's (NIH's) budget. [More


MIT Theoretical Nuclear Physicist Takes Over as US Secretary of Energy.    21/05/13

    "...he is savvy about how the Department of Energy operates because he has been there before". [More]


Misuse of the Journal Impact Factor 17/05/13 highly destructive, inviting a gaming of the metric that can bias journals against publishing important papers in fields that are much less cited than others. [More]


Did the Good Dr. Nelson Really Say That.    17/05/13

    From November 26, 2001 to January 27, 2006 he was the Minister for Education, Science and Training in John Howard's government. [More]


NSF Denies Access of Peer Reviews to House of Representatives Science Committee.    16/05/13

    That the matter has a fair way to go and may well get ugly. [More


Science 19 April 2013 Contains a 33-page Special Section on Science Education.    15/05/13

    The cover feature: "Grand Challenges in Science Education". [More]


Australia's 2013-14 Budget: A Science-Technology Snapshot.    15/05/13

    Science and Technology Australia has released its preliminary assessment of the 2013-14 federal budget. [More]


ScienceInsider: "Corporations, NSF Team Up to Improve STEM Retention Rates."    14/05/13

    The  "Graduate 10K+" initiative is being funded not by taxpayers but by Intel and GE. [More]


PMSEIC Releases Three Reports to the Public Through Chief Scientist's Website.    13/05/13 [More]



One Plant's Junk DNA is Another's...?    13/05/13

    The carnivorous humped bladderwort, Utricularia gibba, contains only 3% junk DNA [More]


So-called High-Quality Research Act "will have a chilling and detrimental impact on the merit-based review process."11/05/13 [More]


Uncertainty Regarding Nation's Science Budget with Budget Day Looming.    11/05/13

    The Budget papers are to be released when the Treasurer commences his second reading speech at approximately 7:30pm AEST Tuesday, 14 May 2013. [More]


Professor Sandra Harding, Universities Australia Chair, Addresses the National Press Club.    09/05/13

    Today, I want to talk about a revolution the education revolution and rather than a tale of two cities it is a tale of two futures. [More


Stanford's President Views the Future for his Charge.    09/05/13

     He outlines his assessment of how to future proof his university. [More]


Following on PCASTS Session on "The Brain" -- Scientists Get a Head Start".     08/05/13 [More]


Green House Gases Increase So Where's the Global Warming?    06/05/13 [More]


MOOCs and the Professor of Economics.    06/05/13

    Like it or not Information Technology is impinging increasingly on all aspects of this planet's environment including tertiary education. [More]


Archive of the PCAST May 3, 2013 Webcast.    04/05/13

    One of the features is the 75 minute roundtable on brain research with NIH director Francis Collins as one of the participants. [More


Gene Swap Helps Bird Flu Spread Between Mammals.    03/05/13

    A "super piece of work" scientifically, but also "very dangerous". [More]