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Member of the U.S. House of Representatives Defends the Utility of Scientific Conferences.    28/02/13 [More]


PCAST Agenda for the March 15, 2013 Meeting.    26/02/13 [More]


US Science Agencies to Mandate Papers Based on Research They Fund to be Freely Available Online Within 12 Months of Journal Publication.    25/02/13

    Those federal agencies that are affected are directed to submit draft plans within the next 6 months [More]


The Google Science Fair is back for 2013.    23/02/13

     This online science competition is open to young people aged 13 to 18 from around the world. [More]


Will Water Become the Ultimate Mobile Fuel?    21/02/13

    Silicon reacts extremely slowly with water to produce hydrogen gas, but 10-nanometre-wide silicon particles react 1,000 times faster. [More


The New York Times Comments on On-Line University Courses.    20/02/13 far, the evidence shows that poorly designed courses can seriously shortchange the most vulnerable students. [More


Eureka Prize Entries for 2013 Now Accepted.    19/02/13 [More]


Over Prescriptive Innovation Proposal Risks Undermining Policy's Intent.    19/02/13

    The synergies developed in the US in Silicone Valley and along Massachusetts Route 128 were not government decreed. [More]  


Beware the Impact Factor, My Son! The Jaws That Bite, The Claws That Catch!    18/02/13 [More]


The Chief Scientist Tells It Like It Is, But Who Can Be Bothered Listening.    17/02/13

    In terms of citation per paper, we do not out-perform the countries with an embedded scientific culture that we might aspire to be like. [More]


The Environmental Cost of High Efficiency Lighting.    17/02/13

     The availability of several metals contained in the bulbs is highly limited as well as others being hazardous [More].


US President Obama's 2013 State of the Union Address From the US National Academies Viewpoint.    14/02/13 [More]


New CEO for Science & Technology Australia.    13/02/13

     Catriona Jackson will be the new CEO for the nation’s peak body for science and technology, president of Science & Technology Australia Professor Michael Holland announced today. [More]


Transparency and Integrity at the Intersection of Science and Policy Making.    13/02/13

    On March 9, 2009 US President Obama issued a memo directing the Office of Science and Technology Policy to develop a plan to restore scientific integrity to federal policymaking. [More]


Proposed E.U. 2014-2020 Budget a Curate's Egg for Research.    12/02/13

    Horizon 2020, would get €70.96 billion, i.e. €9 billion less than the €80 billion proposed by the European Commission. [More]


Life Found in Antarctic Subglacial Lake.    12/02/13

    John Priscu: We have been allowed a glimpse into Antarctica’s subglacial world; I’m sure our results will change the way we view that continent. [More]


The Name of the Game is BIG DATA.    11/02/13

    Empowering students with knowledge of big-data infrastructures and open-source systems now, will allow them to make steps towards addressing the major challenges that big data pose. [More]


Greens' Motion For Treasurer to Rule Out Further Cuts or Delays to Research Funding Still Awaits Parliamentary Vote.    10/02/13 [More]


Career Support for Researchers According to ACOLA.    09/02/13

    Australian Council of Learned Academies on Career support for researchers: Understanding needs and developing a best practice approach. [More]


Orphaned University Compacts Discussed at an LH Martin Institute Meeting.    09/02/13

    With the forced departure of Senator Kim Carr from the tertiary-education portfolio, it appears any governmental interest in enforcing compacts has waned significantly. [More]


Australian Academy of Science Pre-Budget Submission to Treasury.    07/02/13 is more than money: we need more politicians and public servants to come from the ranks of scientists and technologists. [More]


Science Editor in Chief and Colleague Talk Up Improving Science Education Standards.    06/02/13

    Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)... explicitly builds on the U.S. National Academies' 2011 Framework for K-12 Science Education. [More]


NSF Director Resigns to Take Over the Presidency of Carnegie Mellon University.    06/02/13  [More]