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January 2013



Universities Australia Says Federal Operating Grants Per Student Have Decreased by 1.6% Since 2008.    30/01/13

    The government used to justify its position, a mostly discredited report by Ernst & Young that it had commissioned. [More


They Can See the MOOC Coming But What Will They Do About It?    28/01/13

    Thomas Friedman: One big thing happening that leaves me incredibly hopeful about the future. [More]


A Donation to His University in 1964 the Year After Graduating -- $5. Total Donations by 2013 -- $1.1 Billion.    28/01/13

    His day job earns him US$1 per annum. His personal wealth is currently estimated to be US$25 billion. [More


The Possible Future of Academe According to Norman.    27/01/13

    The US asset most resistant to change: its higher education system. [More]


Launch of International Year of Maths of Planet Earth.    23/01/13

    The Challenge of Sustainability and the Promise of Mathematics. [More]


Paul Nurse: The Single Most Important Factor in Deciding Research Funding... the Individual Behind the Research.    22/01/13

    Allow researchers doing the research to decide how they spend their funding". [More


A Question for Professor Arnold Schwarzenegger.    21/01/13 [More]


Mathematicians to Run Open Access, Peer-Reviewed Journals on arXiv.    20/01/13

     Make no mistake the times they are a changin. [More]


AAAS Notes a Plea to Parents Urging Greater Support for STEM Education in US Schools.    20/01/13

    Included is a list of 10 specific suggestions for parents, [More


Basic Research as the Foundation for Translational Medicine.    18/01/13

    The translation of scientific discoveries into effective treatments for most diseases has been much slower than expected. [More]


Soot ~100 Nanometres in Diameter is Absorbing Sufficient Solar Energy to be Able to Warm Earth's Atmosphere with ~1.1 Watts per M2.    16/01/13

    This assessment, by evaluating the large number and complexity of the associated physical and radiative processes in black-carbon climate forcing, sets a baseline from which to improve future climate forcing estimates. [More


Genomic Analysis Links Australian Aborigines to Indians.    15/01/13

    The first Australians didn't live in complete isolation beginning some 45,000 years until the European influx. [More] 


Director of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics  Make a Plea for the Young.    11/01/13

    In 2012 the ERC program received 4,700 applications. It funded 536 (11.4%) for 5 year terms. [More]


The International Monetary Fund's Chief Economist Has Second Thoughts.    11/01/13

    ...every dollar that governments cut from their budgets actually reduced economic output by $1.50. [More]


CSIRO and Friends' 8 Year Project to Lower Cost of Solar Thermal Power to 10 Cents per Kilowatt Hour.    11/01/13 [More]


US Federal Funding as the AAAS Sees It.    10/01/13

    Overall US federal R&D funding has declined by about 10% in inflation-adjusted dollars over the past few years. [More]


US Supreme Court Dismisses Attempts  to Stymie Federal Government Support of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research.    10/01/13 [More]


Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute to Host Event to Improve "Work Readiness" of PhD Graduates.    08/01/13 [More]


Public Funded Research Should be Open Access but To Do What With?    08/01/13

    The Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence allows any kind of reuse provided the copyright holder is properly attributed. [More]


30% of the US 2 Trillion Dollar Annual Expenditure on Health Care is Squandered, Says US Institute of Medicine.07/01/13 [More]


India's Prime Minister Announces Ambitious Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy.    05/01/13

    R&D to 2% of GDP in the next 5 years and the nation to join the top five in the production of scientific publications by the end of the decade. [More]


Archive of the PCAST January 4, 2013 Webcast.    05/01/13

    This is the 21st public meeting of US President Obama's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. [More


Science to Modify Its Peer Review and Introducing the Melding of Print with On-line Publication for Complex Papers.    04/01/13

    An opportunity [will be given] for each reviewer to comment on the other reviews obtained for the same submitted manuscript. [More


Nature's Graphic Summary of Scientific Research Papers Published in 2012.    04/01/13

    Whether Australia "punches above, below or on its weight" based on the criterion of top 1% citation percentage we leave for you to decide. [More]


AMSI's Summer School For 150 Honours and grad Students of Maths and Stats.    03/01/13

     The AMSI Summer School, now in its 11th year, will run from 7 January to 1 February at the University of Melbourne. [More]


Is NIH Remiss in Its Approach to Peer Review? Nature's Correspondence Come to its Defence?    03/01/13 [More]


Rita Levi-Montalcini Dead at 103.    01/01/13

     ...her work revolutionized the study of neural development, from how we think about it to how we intervene. [More]