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University of Adelaide Retiring V-C Tells Federal Government Like It Is.    29/06/12

    Decries our universities' over dependence on overseas students' fees. [More]


The Search for a Deeper Understanding of Our Universe at the Large Hadron Collider.    28/06/12

    The Royal Society's brilliant 2012 International Lecture by Professor Rolf-Dieter Heuer, CERN's Director General. [More]


A Necessary Condition for a Great Research University.    26/06/12

    "It was a lot easier to run a cabinet department than the University of Wisconsin." [More]


Teaching Maths Beats Sitting in Front of a Spreadsheet.    25/06/12

    But "You've got to understand the subject and have a breadth of knowledge to be able to teach it well". [More


Nature Discuses Five Questions Regarding the Mutation of H5N1 Influenza to Allow Direct Mammalian Transmission.    22/06/12 [More]


Tentative Agenda for the July 19, 2012 Meeting of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.    22/06/12

    Featured will be An Assessment and Outlook for Nuclear Physics and The White House Neuroscience Initiative and Advances in Neuroscience. [More]


US National Research Council to Determine Impact of Federal Regulations on Academia.    21/06/12

    Just how much red tape will be detailed by the National Academies and just what might be done about it could make entertaining reading. [More


UK Government Panel Recommends Open Access for All Publicly Funded Research Publications; Gets Mixed Support.    20/06/12 [More]


Australia's 2012 Innovation Challenge.20/06/12

    Backyard Innovation, is open to the general public and has a $10,000 prize. [More] 


The Prospects for the STEM Major.    20/06/12

    "Six of my friends completed PhDs this year and only one of them has been able to secure a post-doctoral appointment." [More


The Acceptance and Progress of Wind Power.    18/06/12

    A Chinese energy planner's goal is to put 150,000 MW of wind power on-line by 2020. [More


Germany Expands Its Group of "Elite Universities".    18/06/12

    Five new institutions replace three which have been dropped from the group. [More]


US National Academies Report on the Future of the Nation's Research Universities.    16/06/12

    US Congress asked: How can we assure the ability of the American research university to maintain the excellence in research and doctoral education? [More]


NIH Panel Notes Overabundance in Biomedical Research Trainees for Academic Posts.    15/06/12

    The NIH should... equip students for various career options, and test ways to shorten the PhD training period. [More]


Nobelist Elizabeth Blackburn Talks to High-Schoolers on Her Take on Life as a Scientist.    14/06/12

    She is eager to convey that science "is something that is both interesting in itself and can give you lots of joy as a profession and a career." [More]


PeerJ  to Charge Authors Maximum of US$299 for Lifetime-Unlimited Open-Access Publications and Submissions.    14/06/12

    Articles will be peer reviewed for scientific validity ó but not for importance or impact. [More


Federal Government Releases Issues Paper on Higher Education Staff Data Review.    12/06/12

    It poses 22 questions for comment. [More]


NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer, Mary O'Kane, Asks: Does Australia Have the Education System Its Future Needs?    09/06/12

    Australians are a competitive bunch thatís for sure. You just need to note our collective obsession with sport to recognise this. But... [More


US National Academies Press to Release its Study on American Research Universities.    09/06/12

    The 250-page report, Research Universities and the Future of America is the response of the National Academies to a request of the US Congress. [More]


Changes Between 2005 and 2010 in Academic Publications -- Numbers, Acceptances, Rejections.    07/06/12

    Notable is the wide range in acceptance rates of manuscripts from the different nations. [More]


Appeal to NSW Governor, University of Sydney Chancellor Marie Basher to Stop 23 Academics Being Declared Redundant.    06/06/12 [More]


Eight of Astronomy's Greatest Mysteries.04/06/12

    And in at least one case, experts aren't sure that a seemingly simple question will ever be answered. [More]


US National Science Foundation Reports on STEM Graduate Enrolments Over Past Decade.    03/06/12

    Enrolment by first-time, full-time graduate students in science and engineering fields has increased 35% from 2000 to 2010. [More]