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ANU Professor Aidan Byrne to Become Australian Research Council CEO Effective July 23, 2012.    29/05/12

    Aidan Byrne is currently the Australian National University's Dean of Science and Director of its College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. [More]


Archive of the PCAST May 25, 2012 Webcast.    27/05/12

    John Holdren introduces this 17th public meeting of PCAST. The webcast includes the US Chief Technology Officer, the Future of the U.S. Science and Technology Research Enterprise, IBM's Watson (Jeopardy) Project and Google's Self-Driving Car and... [More].     


Science and Nature Report on the SKA Solomonic Compromise.    26/05/12 [More]


The Greek Tragedy and Its Science.    25/05/12

    Now is the time for European leaders to secure the survival and future development of Greece's most competitive scientific and technological institutions. [More


Three Comments on the Chief Scientist's Report on the Health of Australian Science.    24/05/12 [More]


Chief Scientist Releases Health of Australian Science.   23/05/12

    "...the evidence presented in this report suggests that Australian science is generally in good health"... [More


AAAS Introduces Online Science Test Construction Kit.    22/05/12

    One of its initiatives is its Science Assessment Website which is designed to assist middle and high school teachers to test their students’ knowledge of key scientific concepts. [More]


US Senators Introduce Bills to Enable Increased Intake of Foreign-Born STEM Immigration.    21/05/12

    Senator Cornyn: American universities are educating the world’s leading STEM graduate students—only to export this talent to our competitors overseas. [More]


Chief Scientist Speaks to the Cooperative Research Centres Association's 2012 Conference on Developing Future Research Priorities.    19/05/12

    What will affect our workforce if/when we do not have enough experts in the areas we need? [More]


Is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) a Viable Procedure to Mitigate Global Warming?    18/05/12

    At US$1 billion, Technology Centre Mongstad's price tag is 10 times the original cost estimate. [More]


Golden Goose Award to Celebrate Contributions of Basic Science to the Commonweal.    17/05/12

    The award will honour researchers whose work may initially seem obscure... yet contributes to profound new discoveries. [More


Global Research Council (GRC) Closes Its Inaugural Meeting.    16/05/12

    Having detailed the proposed merit review system the GRC is to "focus on developing common views on safeguarding research integrity and expanding open access. [More


Australian Born Fields Medallist, Terence Tao, Closes in on Solving the Weak Goldbach Conjecture.    15/05/12 [More]


Universities' Risk Management -- if the Roof is Leaking... Cut Staff.    14/05/12

    The collective maintenance backlog across the higher education sector has reached $2-3 billion dollars. [More]


The Mismatch Between Good Statistical Data and Governmental Policy Decisions.    14/05/12

     There is a gigantic mismatch between the production of really good statistical information... and how decisions are made. [More]


U.S. Science Education Community is to Comment on a Set of Science Standards for the Nation's School Children.    12/05/12

    The standards are a 2-year effort built around a novel "framework". [More]


Yet Another Rankings of Universities ─ But With a Difference.    11/05/12

    It has ranked the university sectors of 48 nations as a whole. [More


Australia's Chief Scientist Reports on Mathematics, Engineering and Science in the National Interest.    10/05/12

    "[Inaction] by Australia would see the gap between our capacity and those of others widen further." [More


Science and Maths to Receive $54m Boost Over Four Years -- ABS Will lose $255m Next Year.    09/05/12 [More or less]


Group of Eight Damns the Federal Budget as Regards Higher Education with Faint Praise.    09/05/12

    In a Budget environment where other portfolios had to make savings, the Minister has maintained funding commitments to Australia's universities. [More


Newly Elected President of France François Hollande's Views on Support for French Science.    08/05/12

    ...the trust between researchers and political leaders has been broken. My first objective will be to restore that trust. [More


Harvard & MIT To Jointly Go Online With edX to Educate the Planet.    08/05/12

    Harvard President Drew Faust: "edX gives Harvard and MIT an unprecedented opportunity to dramatically extend our collective reach by conducting groundbreaking research into effective education and by extending online access to quality higher education." [More]


Why Stats, Why Maths?    07/05/12

    ""The future demands that scientists, policy-makers, and the public be able to interpret increasingly complex information..." [More


Walking With Coffee: Why Does it Spill?    05/05/12 [More]


A Plea for Support for Pre-University Science Teachers.    04/05/12

    "Science teachers' professionalism also rests on their continual active involvement in science through structured collaborations with scientists." [More


PCAST Agenda for the May 25, 2012 Meeting. 04/05/12

     Under discussion will be the "Future of the U.S. Science and Technology Research Enterprise", IBM’s Watson Project and Google’s Self-Driving Car". [More]


Wikipedia Founder Enlisted by UK Government to Make Research Findings More Freely Available.    03/05/12

    David Willetts: "To try to preserve the old model is the wrong battle to fight." [More


AMSI:  Increases in Undergraduate Numbers in Science and Engineering Insufficient to Overcome Skill Shortages in Maths and Stats.    02/05/12

    AMSI hopes that "a concerted, multi-scale approach to boosting participation in mathematics at all levels in the education system.will be made available when the budget is announced next week". [More]


Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Allows Research Without Fear of Patent Infringement. 01/05/12 [More]