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US House of Representatives' Science Committee Revisits Publication Open-Access Policies.    30/03/12

    Since 2008 the NIH has required its grantees to post peer-reviewed manuscripts in a free online archive after an embargo of up to 12 months. [More]


Australia's Chief Scientist Talks Up Selling Science to the Public.29/03/12

    I hope the Australian Government will take over responsibility for signalling, repeatedly, the importance of the STEM disciplines to the community and for ensuring the resourcing of teachers..." [More


By Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Australian Synchrotron Survives, But Remains Straight Jacketed.    29/03/12

    The funding package is being provided through redistribution of existing allocations. [More


Sydney University and the ANU Make Moves to Jettison Their Dead Wood.    28/03/12 [More]


US House of Representatives Proposes US$ 2 Billion Boost to Obama's NIH Budget Request.    28/03/12

    ...saying that the level was "vital" in order to "maintain international leadership in science and biomedical research." [More


Two Comments Note Caveats Regarding Citation Metrics.    26/03/12

    A couple of "correspondence" in Nature point out that not all measures are equal and results differ by data bases. [More


Australia's Chief Scientist Talks Teaching.    19/03/12

    ...we were told by everybody that science and maths teaching has to be inspiring [and] that relevance is important. [More]


Perspectives on China and U.S. Competitiveness.    18/03/12

    PCAST gets a rundown on China's progress in R&D particularly in relation to that of the United States. [More


Association of American Universities' New President "On Teaching, Tuition, and Talent".    16/03/12

    Not to be flippant, but I think it's absolutely fine for a young professor in my field, Greek and Latin, to know absolutely nothing [about commercialising their research] [More]


Eureka Prize Entries for 2012 Now Accepted.    16/03/12 [More]


The Guardian Publishes All UK Universities Ranked According to Teaching Excellence.    13/03/12 [More]


Australia's Chief Scientist Outlines a Science and Future Scenarios Scorecard.    12/03/12

    He is strongly advocating to engage industry and bring cadetships back to the forefront of university degrees. [More


Tertiary Education and the American Way.    11/03/12

    When I went to college, in the early seventies, it was possible to work your way through a good state school. [More


A Collaboratively-Derived Science-Policy Research Agenda.    10/03/12

    A list of 40 “key unanswered questions” in an attempt to shrink the gulf between scientists and policy-makers. [More]


Scientific Panel Narrowly Recommended South Africa Over Australia for the Proposed Square Kilometre Array (SKA).    10/03/12

    The bids are considered so close that both are still considered to still be in the race. [More]


Union of Concerned Scientists Releases its 2011 Report  on the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.    07/03/12

    It examines 15 "near-misses" at U.S. nuclear plants during 2011 and evaluates the NRC response in each case. [More]


Oxford's Vice-Chancellor Pleads for Support for Post Graduates.    05/03/12

    At present lack of funding prevents too many students of ability from taking up places for graduate study. [More]


The Go8 Gives Its Update on the ERA.    04/03/12

     $65.7 million of SRE funding is being allocated using an "excellence index". [More]


Hawkeye Talks Science Communications.    02/03/12

    "The goal is to achieve clarity." [More


The Day After the Release of Unhealthy Science?    01/03/12

    The only public comment from a federal parliamentarian was from the Greens' Adam Brandt. [More]