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Australian Science Met the Policy Makers.    29/02/12

    The AAAS does breakfasts and lunches for congressional staffers. After all, it's the staffers who craft the decisions. [More]


India to More Than Double R&D Spending to US$8 billion a Year by 2017.    26/02/12

    Our real problem is quality teaching staff... and find means to draw upon the Indians working in the universities abroad. [More]


What's Needed are "Bright, Well-Prepared, and Well-Supported Teachers".    26/02/12

    It took Finland decades to change its learning environment. [More


Additional Data Support H. Floresiensis Not Cretinous H. Sapiens.       26/02/12 [More]


PCAST Agenda for the March 9, 2012 Meeting.    24/02/12

     The agenda will include "Perspective on China and U.S. Competitiveness". [More]


The Ageing NIH Grantee.    24/02/12

    From 1980-2012 a 6-fold drop in RO1 PIs aged 36 and younger. [More


Australian Synchrotron Looks Close to Rescue.    24/02/12

    A spokesperson for federal science minister Chris Evans says there will be an announcement in the "near Future". [More]


NHMRC and ARC at Odds Regarding Open Access Publishing.    24/02/12

    From July 2012 NHMRC will mandate open access publication. [More


What's It Take to Recruit STEM Teachers?    21/02/12

     Susan Singer, Professor of Natural Sciences at a small liberal arts college, gives her answer. [More]


How to Achieve a Low-Carbon Electric World -- a AAAS Symposium.    21/02/12

    Currently coal and natural gas provide 85% of the world’s base-load power. [More]


That Review of Funding for Schooling, David Gonski AC, Chair.    20/02/12

    Australia’s schools, government and non-government, should be staffed with the very best principals and teachers. [More]


Implementation of Universities' Base Funding Review May Await 2013-14 Budget.    17/02/12

    Senator Evans: "It’s a question of working through with the sector what [are] the priorities. [More]


The First European Chief Scientific Advisor Answers Three Questions.    17/02/12 [More]


University Research Block Grants for 2012 = $1.63 billion.    17/02/12

    The Group of Eight got 64.8% of the block grant funding leaving 35.2% for the remaining 33 universities. [More


Senate Estimates and CSIRO's Feeble Please Explanation Regarding Trevor McDougall's Sacking.    16/02/12

    Dr Johnson played down the importance of Dr McDougall's work, describing it as ''only a very small part'' of CSIRO's marine research. [More]


Australian Synchrotron to be Reprieved but Will it Remain in Low Gear?    16/02/12

    Matters that still need resolution are the backlog of requests for time (insufficient beamlines) as well as upgrading to service a wider range of experiments. [More


Eureka Prize Entries for 2012 Now Accepted.    14/02/12 [More]


The Forum -- Maths for the Future: Keep Australia Competitive.    14/02/12

    So far there has been no recognition of the Forum from either the government, the major opposition, or the minor parties. [More]


CSIRO's Marine and Atmospheric Research Has Ignored Expert Advice on "Fundamental Research".    13/02/12

    "fundamental research is needed to understand circulation processes from the surface to the ocean bottom''... it is ''absolutely crucial'' existing research be maintained and expanded. [More]


US Congress Considers Bills Requiring Federally Funded Researchers to Have Papers Publicly Accessible Within 6 Months.    11/02/12 [More]


PCAST Delivers its Report to US President Obama, Engage to Excel.    09/02/12

    [O]ver the next decade, approximately 1 million more college graduates [will be required] in STEM fields than expected under current assumptions. [More]


Teach Maths Effectively or Generations of Australians Will be Ill-Equipped for the Modern Economy.    08/02/12

   If you get left behind at high school, nothing we do at university will save you. [More]


Larry Summers on Universities' Future Role.    07/02/12

    It’s slightly absurd that in the English-speaking world on 15,000 separate occasions each year a lecture is given parroting the basics of capitalism. [More


Center for Mathematical Talent (CMT) at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University.    06/02/12

    In addition to working with the kids, the CMT is working to get teachers and school administrations to reassess how they're teaching maths. [More]


Stanford University Awards "Statement of Accomplishment" for Free Online Course.    06/02/12

    Sebastian Thrun is a remarkable guy and a remarkable teacher. [More


France Ups Its "Excellence Initiative" University Groups to Eight.    06/02/12

    This French group of eight are to get a total 7.7 billion (A$9.4 billion). [More


Coalition Universities and Research Spokesman Senator Brett Mason Make Big Joke, Yes? / No.    05/02/12

    "[B]eyond pointing to the Howard Government’s Higher Education Endowment Fund he proposed no solution to the funding shortfall." [More]


AAAS President Nina Fedoroff Champions "Building a Global Knowledge Society".    03/02/12 [More]


Boycott of Elsevier Journals Shows Rapid Growth.02/02/12

    Cambridge University Fields Medallist challenges scientific publishing giant. [More]


AMSI to Hold Two Day Forum on How  to Secure the Future for Maths and Stats.    01/02/12

    "We are bringing to this forum a range of solutions to the maths and stats skills shortage." -- Professor Geoff Prince [More]