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January 2012



Nominations Called for Prime Minister's Science Prizes 2012.    30/01/12 [More]


US National Science Board's Science and Engineering Indicators 2012.    26/01/12

    [T]he structural changes that are part and parcel of rapid growth bring with them painful dislocations... [More]


PM Acknowledges that Australian Education Standards Are Falling Relative to Top Asian Nations.    25/01/12

    Without a concerted, bipartisan, decadal approach the retrogression is set to continue. [More


Will Journals "Outsource" Peer Review?    24/01/12

    A Finnish start-up, Peerage in Science, thinks they may. [More


Can Arsenic Substitute for Phosphorus in DNA, RNA and Protein?    23/01/12

    Rosie Redfield at the University of British Columbia has spent much of the last year developing evidence against the claim. [More]


Prime Minister Julia Gillard Announces "Revitalising" Changes to Her Science, Engineering and Innovation Council.    21/01/12

    The revitalised council is to meet regularly three times a year and will consist of ... [More]


Is Science Crucial to Australians' Quality of Life -- the Chief Scientist Seeks Student Opinion.    20/01/12

    Professor Ian Chubb, commissioned Universities Australia "to analyse first year [university] studentsí attitudes toward the science, technology, engineering and mathematics..." [More]


Terry Tao Awarded a Crafoord Prize by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.    20/01/12

    The annual award rotates between the disciplines of astronomy, mathematics, geosciences, biosciences and arthritis research. [More]


Study on the Aging of Grantees in US Biomedical Research,  is it Relevant to Australia?    19/01/12

    Lead author Kirstin Matthews has told Nature that part of the problem is that the NIH is risk-averse and unwilling to fund nascent work. [More


ACER Asks: Where Are the Academics of Tomorrow? Supply and Demand Issues for Australian Universities.    18/01/12

    ...there is a perception among current research students that positions in universities are not widely available. [More]


CSIRO Issues Report: Acceptance of Rural Wind Farms in Australia: A Snapshot.    18/01/12

    Report finds much stronger rural public support for wind farms than media coverage suggests. [More


Inspiring Australia Makes $5 Million Available for Unlocking Australia's Potential.    17/01/12

     Grants from $5,000 to $500,000 are to be made available for this competitive grant round which "will be open to support the broader Inspiring Australia strategy, in accordance with the provisions outlined in the guidelines". [More]


Some Comments from Two Newly Installed Vice-Chancellors.    16/01/12 [More


UK Government Ratifies Measures to Bar Anti-Evolution Groups from Teaching Creationism in Science Classes.    16/01/12

    Richard Dawkins: I welcome all moves to ensure that creationism is not taught as fact in schools. [More]


State Legislatures in the United States Introduce Anti-Evolution Bills Again.    12/01/12

    One requires teachers to instruct pupils that proper scientific inquiry results from not committing to any one theory or hypothesis, no matter how firmly it appears to be established. [More]


Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Moves the Hands of the Doomsday Clock 1-Minute Closer to Midnight.    11/01/12

    Unfortunately, Einstein's statement in 1946 that "everything has changed, save the way we think," remains true. [More]


NSF Continues to Fiddle With the Meaning / Utility of "Impact" for the Assessment of Grants.    10/01/12

    The NSF seems to moving toward eliminating the concept without eliminating the term. [More]


Australia's Chief Scientist Opens 10th Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Summer School.    10/01/12

    "So many people struggle to see [mathematics'] relevance in their day to day lives." [More]


Archive of the PCAST January 6, 2012 Webcast.    09/01/12

     Hilary Clinton's science advisor leads off the 15th PCAST meeting of the Obama administration. [More]


Indian Prime Minister Talks of Support Upgrade for Science.    08/01/12

    Manmohan Singh: Over the past few decades, India's relative position in the world of science had been declining. [More]


A South African View of the Square Kilometre Array.    08/01/12

    One proposal that has been suggested is what might be seen a Solomonic decision... [More


Giving the Next Generation of Researchers a Voice.    06/01/12

     Science introduces NextGen VOICES to help combat the tendency to focus overly narrowly on one's research field. [More]


PCAST Agenda for the January 6, 2012 Meeting. 03/01/12

    Scheduled for inclusion is an overview of the functions of the science and technology advisor to the US Secretary of State (foreign minister), Hillary Clinton. [More]