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Simulations, Modelling and the Teaching of Physics in School -- the Open Source Physics Project.    31/12/11 [More]


The Search for Political Instant Gratification When it Comes to STEM Competence.    31/12/11

     Michael Gallagher, executive director of the Group of Eight, is calling for yet another review. [More]


Forest-Monitoring Project Has Measured 150,000 Trees.    31/12/11

     "...about one-third of such forests are vulnerable to climate change". [More]


CSIRO Headliner in July,  Sacked in November.    25/12/11

    CSIRO says it must focus on science that delivers ''the greatest national benefit''. [More]


Australian Born Robert May, Polymath, Former UK Chief Scientific Advisor and Royal Society Former President  Talks to the ABC's Robyn Williams.    25/12/11 [More]


President Barack Obama Bend's His Stated Principles of Scientific Integrity.    24/12/11

    The fundamental problem -- the science was re-reviewed. [More]


YAUR -- Yet Another University Ranking -- from Leiden University.    23/12/11

    Fourteen of Australia's universities are ranked in the top 500. [More


An Apparent Simple Blunder Damps the Effect of an Australian Academy of Science Report on Science Eduction.    22/12/11

    Nevertheless, nearly half of year 12 students took no science. [More


Can a Two-day Forum Breathe Life Into Support for Australian Maths Education?    21/12/11 [More]


Things Are Getting Tough Around UK University Life:  Email from a UK Academic not at Oxbridge.     21/12/11

    There is a clear picture of something that could be called University Research Funding Apartheid. [More


The UK and the "Corporate University".    20/12/11

    "We urgently need to protect the independence of the university system... there is no clear funding stream for research which looks at alternative economic models, such as the steady-state economy." [More


Nature Reports on "Australian Science Minister Demoted".    20/12/11

    Yet rated "easily one of the best ministers ever to lead the research portfolio". [More]


Stanford's President: What It Will Take to Improve K-12 Schools.    16/12/11

     One of the most critical ways... [is] through our work to improve the educational outcomes in our nation's K-12 schools. [More]


US Senators Call on Secretary Sebelius to Explain the Science Behind Her Plan B Decision.    16/12/11

    Why was the determination by the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) overruled? [More


Chief Scientist Tells Forum: Teaching of Science Courses is a Critical Element in Our Future.    13/12/11 [More]


The Nobel Prize Ceremony of 2011.    12/12/11

    Last week were the annual festivities of press conferences, receptions, Nobel Lectures, concerts and royal banquets. [More


Does Cabinet Reshuffle Reaffirm the Position of Tertiary Education, Science and Research in PM's Priorities?    12/12/11

     It remains to be seen whether or not these changes have an effect on the support for tertiary education, and research by the prime minister and her cabinet -- or interest in them. [More]


Higher Education Base Funding Review Final Report.    09/12/11

    The 200-page final report was delivered to the Minister this past October and released to the public yesterday. [More]


Is it a Case of the Blind Berating the Maimed?    08/12/11

    Shadow Education Minister Christopher Pyne: We need to at least get the Group of Eight universities back into the highest 50 ranked universities worldwide in the next four years. [More]


Australia's Astrophysicist Nobel Laureate Pleads for Improvement of Public Education -- Donates $100,000 for AAS' "Primary Connections" Project.    07/12/11 [More]


Australian Research Council CEO to Step Down in April 2012.    07/12/11

    "One of her great strengths is her capacity to come armed with a proposed solution", Kim Carr [More


PCAST Agenda for the January 6, 2012 Meeting.    07/12/11

    Scheduled for this meeting is a overview by the science and technology advisor to the US Secretary of State (foreign minister), Hillary Clinton. [More]


The Relationship Between Universities' Academic and Professional (Administrative) Staffs.    06/12/11

    "The senior administrative group is seen as making many of the key resource and policy decisions..." [More


Proposed Australian University Staff Cuts Make The New York Times.    05/12/11

    The New York Times reports on: "Plans to cut staff at [about a third] of Australian universities next year have provoked anger among academics. [More]


Where to Now for Maths and Stats?    02/12/11

    Mr Swan suggests looking at other measures to improve enrolments. [More]


European Commission Outlines 80 Billion Research Budget for 2014-2020.    02/12/11

    "This is the best news I have heard recently, being Greek and all that..." [More]


Bob Park Explains: Why People Aren't Going to Mars.    02/12/11

    You may have noticed that Martian landscapes photographed by Rovers are pretty drab, but... [More


The cost of sequencing the 3x109 bases of a human genome dropped to $10,500 last July from $8,900,000 in July 2007, according to the National Human Genome Research Institute.    01/12/11