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The Occupy Movement at the University of California, Davis.    29/11/11

    Chair, Davis Division of the Academic Senate has issued "a preliminary assessment of the events occurring on November 18, 2011. [More]


Israeli Council for Higher Education Committee Recommends University's Politics Department Should be Abolished Unless...    28/11/11

    Rivka Carmi the university's president says the report is "much ado about nothing." [More


Creating Professional Science Liaison/Interpreters for K-12.    25/11/11

     Bruce Alberts is Editor-in-Chief of Science and he has a bone to pick with the nation's (US) educators... [More]


Federal Government Designates Additional $1.2 Billion Over 4-Years For Universities.    25/11/11

    Included are support for student demand-driven funding, higher ceilings payable for certain Government grants and Scholarships. [More]


California and Carbon Emissions.    24/11/11

    The 2006 law aims to reduce California’s global warming pollution to 1990 levels by 2020. [More


UNSW Scoops the Pool of NSW Science and Engineering Awards for 2011.    23/11/11

    In the past five years Professor Simmons has pioneered a radical technology for making electronic devices atom by atom in silicon. [More


Universities Show Surpluses of  >$1.9 billion Says Evans -- University of Sydney to Slash 300-340 Full-Time Staff.    22/11/11 [More]


European Union Names its First Chief Scientific Advisor (CSA).    22/11/11

    Anne Glover holds the Chair in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Aberdeen and is currently CSA of Scotland. [More]


AAS Issues a Plea That Australia Not Become a Science Freeloader.    22/11/11

    The Australian Government’s main program for supporting strategic international science collaboration was terminated in June, 2011. [More


I Have a Hazy Notion of What a Logarithm is.    20/11/11

     Success at teaching science and math to secondary-age youngsters depends on two things, the teacher’s connection to the students, and a deep knowledge of the subject. [More]


Physics Today Has A Chat With Australia's Chief Scientist.19/11/11

    Besides seeking to improve the health of science at home, Chubb and his fellow policy makers want Australia to play a bigger international role. [More


Cathy Foley Asks: Has Australia Become a Mendicant Nation When It Comes to International Science Collaboration?    18/11/11 [More


US Congress Spits the Dummy, Cuts OSTP's Budget by .    16/11/11

    In May this year OSTP hosted meetings with Chinese officials contrary to a federal law enacted the month before. [More]


Announcement of Future Fellowships and Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA).    15/11/11

    We expect it to give a broader range of opportunities to researchers earlier in their careers -- ARC Chief Executive, Professor Sheil. [More]


Which End of the Dog Should You Believe.    14/11/11

    Universities accumulated surpluses of more than $1.9 billion OR half or more of the funds referred to relate to future funding. [More]


An "International Education and Research Task Force" for New South Wales.    12/11/11

    The taskforce will work with the NSW Government to develop a 10 year International Education and Research Industry Action Plan for the sector. [More]


NSF Director Subra Suresh Announces New Program to Fund "Out-of-the-box Ideas".    10/11/11

    Creative Research Awards for Transformative Interdisciplinary Ventures -- up to $1 million over 5 years bypassing traditional merit-review process. [More]


Report to Canadian Government Seeks to Upgrade Business R&D.    10/11/11

    It notes that business innovation in Canada lags behind other highly developed countries and that business R&D spending has been falling since 2006. [More]


Monash University's Retrenched Professor Awarded ARC Discovery Grants.    09/11/11 [More]


How Will Australia Vote On Abolition of the Leap Second?    09/11/11

    The International Telecommunications Union is scheduled to meet in January next year in Geneva. [More


Applications for National Science Week Grants Are Called.    08/11/11 [More]


Paul Krugman's Take on the Rise and Rise of Solar Power.    07/11/11

    [T]here’s now frequent talk of a ‘Moore’s law’ in solar energy... [More]


The Parable of Rudolf Mössbauer, a Physics Department and Research Excellence.    07/11/11 [More]


Research Impact -- Senator Carr Takes a Second Look.    07/11/11

    The study may show us that the idea is simply not feasible in practice... [More]


Archive of the PCAST November 2, 2011 Webcast.    04/11/11

    Public Comment - Some tough talk on progress on the draft policies to ensure integrity by government agencies regarding dissemination of scientific findings. [More


UK Teenagers Bring High Court Challenge Against University Tuition Increases.    02/11/11

    Grounds to be argued before the court include that the rise in fees is in breach of the right to education protected in the Human Rights Act 1998. -- Updated Nov.3 [More]


Federal Government's Attempt to Placate TAFEs Angers Universities While Student : Staff Ratios Soar.    02/11/11

     The average number of undergraduates and other coursework students for each university teacher has risen from 25.2 in 2000 to 34.1. [More]


PCAST Agenda for November 2, 2011 Meeting.    01/11/11

     Will include Overview of the National Research Council Report and Overview of the American Chemical Society. [More]