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CSIRO Scientists vs Coalition's Greg Hunt Regarding Abatement of CO2 Through Soil Carbon Sequestration.    31/03/11

     Last week Greg Hunt told Lateline that 150 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year could be abated through soil carbon sequestration over a land area of just 100 square kilometres. He has now amended that to 100 kilometres squared. [More]


Royal Society Motion Graphic: International Scientific Collaboration as a Proportion of National Output 1996-2008.    29/03/11 [More]


UK's Arts and Humanities Research Council and the "Big Society".    29/03/11

    "If you've got 'em by the financial balls, their minds, if not their hearts, will follow". [More


The Conversation Intends To Be "A New Approach to Journalism".    28/03/11

    A former editor of The Observer, The Age and The Sunday Herald, Andrew Jaspan, together with Jack Rejtman have launched the website The Conversation, which describes itself as "an independent source of information, analysis and commentary". [More]


NSW Chief Scientist Forecasts Bleak Future Without Better Retention and Production of Scientists.    26/03/11 [More]


What Constitutes a Successful STEM Education Program?    24/03/11

    "Why are you floundering?...  the answer is only 8 miles away," the new NSF director was chided. [More]


FASTS: Climate Science Must Drive Reform Not Chiefly Politics.    24/03/11

    But how many of our parliamentarians are listening? [More


Legislation Introduced for the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).    23/03/11

    A university’s authority to self-accredit will be... enshrined in the Provider Standards. [More]


In CSIRO Who Gets Paid What?    23/03/11 [More]


ANU's New V-C Speaks Out.    22/03/11

    [W]ith the government facing other challenges, it may feel that educational reform is done when it is, in fact, far from complete. [More]


Martin Pera Repatriates to Lead Stem Cells Australia.    22/03/11

    Q: Why did you leave ASCC in 2006? --  Q: Why did you decide to move back to Australia? [More]


Oxford Congregation Rails Over Government's Admonishment to "Dramatically Increase" Intake of Pupils from State Sector.    22/03/11

    Oxford should resist... conditions aimed at socially defined outcomes that are not rooted in independent academic judgment. [More]


Over 2,000 CSIRO Staff Institute 2hr Rolling Strikes This Week.    22/03/11 [More]


CSIRO Staff Picket Outside East Geelong Lab.    17/03/11

     We hope we have made our message loud and clear. CSIRO Staff Association secretary Sam Popovski. [More]


UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser John Beddington's Warning Against Pseudoscience Stirs Debate.    17/03/11

    We [should be] grossly intolerant... of what purports to be science by the cherry-picking of the facts and the failure to use scientific evidence and the failure to use scientific method. updated 24/03/11 [More


Signs of the Pernicious Effects of the ERA.    16/03/11

    ERA's ranking of the quality of journals per se have created an: aura of false objectivity... [More]


Global Warming and Electric Transport.    15/03/11

    There was a significant reductions in CO2 emissions... [More


Are Studies Assessing Impact of Undergraduate Science Teaching Methods Poorly Designed?    14/03/11

    [a]lmost half of the comparative studies collected for review had to be excluded because they lacked the simple descriptive statistics needed to compute an effect-size estimate. [More


U.K.'s 2014 Research Excellence Framework Designates Research "Impact" to Contribute up to 20% of Overall Scores.   11/03/11 [More]


Times Higher Education Has Academics Rank Universities' Reputations.    11/03/11

    This week they released their survey of 13,000 of the world's academics who nominated up to 10 institutions they considered to be "the best" in the respondent's field of expertise. [More]


An Economics Nobel Laureate Posits a "Hollowing Out" in Skills Demand -- Degrees Per Se Don't Bring Dollars.    10/03/11

    George Bernard Shaw made the observation that "If all economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion". [More


Archive of PCAST's March 8, 2011 Meeting.    10/03/11

    The archive of the March 8, 2011 meeting of the US President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology is now online. [More


Australian Synchrotron's Troubled Recent Past Appears Overcome.    10/03/11 [More]


Table of Average US Faculty Salaries.    09/03/11

    Perhaps it says something about US society that the most highly paid professors are those in Legal professions and studies. [More]


UK Parliamentary Report Addresses the Matter of Government - Scientist Interaction.    07/03/11

    Our chief concern was the uncertain role that the Government Chief Scientific Adviser played in the National Risk Assessment... [More]


CSIRO Staff Vote 9:1 for Strike Action - Staff Association President Speaks Out.    05/03/11

    We are seeing a reduction of the role of scientists in policy making. We've got to challenge the creeping departmental bureaucracy that's stifling science. [More]


March 8 Agenda for PCAST Released by OSTP.    04/03/11

    The agenda for the March 8, 2011 meeting of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST). [More


Top Nations, According to Citations, in the Agricultural Sciences.    04/03/11

    Based on citation data from Thomson Reuters' Essential Science Indicators, Times Higher Education has published a table showing the mean number of citations per agricultural sciences paper for the 25 leading nations. [More]. 


Transcript of Australia's Chief Scientist Testifying Before Senate Estimates (Economy) on 23 February 2011.    02/03/11

    Senator Colbeck -- There is nothing in your relationship with the government or the direction that the government has taken on any of the issues on which you have had a view that has contributed to this decision?
    Prof. Sackett -- No.  [More]


The ERA Elicits Discussion -- Robin Batterham Has a Suggestion.    02/03/11

    We should concentrate more of our research funding on those that are performing at the higher levels. [More