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President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology Issues A Plea  For Improved Federal Approach in Energy Research.    30/11/10

     A report released today by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology provides specific recommendations on how the United States can transform its current carbon-based economy. [More]


The Debacle of the Proposed National Science Curriculum.    26/11/10

    It raises the giant sleeper, as yet unaddressed, of the huge amount of staff development that will be required... [More]


Are the Government's Education Targets Valid Criteria for Judging Merit?    25/11/10

    This report shows the government's target that 40 per cent of 25-34 year olds hold a Bachelor-level education by 2025 is well within reach. [More


US President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology to Report on Energy Policy.    25/11/10 [More]


Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Legislation Far from Complete.    24/11/10

    "I'm hopeful there will be further opportunities for discussions between now and Christmas," Universities Australia's Chairman. [More


Go8 Comments on the Strengthened Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).    22/11/10 [More]


One Nobel Laureate's View of Journal Impact Factors.    22/11/10

    "...a minor industry sometimes call bibliometrics. The most famous (or infamous) of its indicators, the 'impact factor'..." [More]


While Australia's Minister for Research Obsesses Over the ERA, in the US "Quality Attracts Quality in Academic Research".    19/11/10

    For 2005-'09,  24 US universities contributed 42% of the nation's publications, 19 universities received 47% of all citations. [More]


Subra Suresh Takes Over as the NSF's New Director.    19/11/10

    Among other matters, Suresh believes NSF's peer-review system requires modification. [More]


Recipients of the 2010 Australian Prime Minister's Prizes for Science.    18/11/10

    The five Prime Minister's Prizes for Science were presented last night by the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator Kim Carr at the Prize Dinner in the Great Hall of Parliament House. [More]


Oz Unis See Big Decline in Overseas Enrolments -- US Enrollments of International Students Up.    17/11/10

    An interview with two Australian university vice-chancellors sounded like the intoning of a tragedising Greek chorus. [More]


Overall US Enrollments of International Students Increased this Northern Autumn.    16/11/10

    Of all responding institutions, 51.9%  reported an increase, 24.4% reported a decline, and 23.7% reported level enrollments. Last year, 45% reported an increase, 29% a decline, and 26% level enrollments. [More]


A Future International Interactive Website to Address Climate Change and Engage the Public Announced by the Chief Scientist.    16/11/10

      Citizens want to know how emissions affect their local climate, environment and community, and how their actions make a difference... [More


UK's Research Excellence Framework to Have Peer Reviewed Impact Component.     15/11/10

    There may be "pressure on departments to continue research in a specific area to reap benefits from advances made a long time before, even when more future impact might be generated from new directions."  [More]


A French Report on Their Expat Scientists in the US May Be a Cautionary Tale for Australia.15/11/10

    Though small in number, it is best of Frances's researchers who are seduced by America. [More]


UNESCO's Science Report 2010: The Current Status of Science around the World.    12/11/10 [More]


Denise Bradley Talks to Times Higher Education International About TEQSA.    12/11/10

    Asked if she were prepared to move from interim head to designated leader of TEQSA replied: "To say that it doesn't excite me is an understatement." [More


Armidale Born Jillian Banfield Awarded Benjamin Franklin Medal in Earth and Environmental Science, and Named a L’Oréal-UNESCO Laureate.    10/11/10 [More]


NIH Director Warns Only 10% of Grant Applications May be Funded If Republican Campaign Pledge Realized.    09/11/10

    "There are certainly concerns, especially with some of the rhetoric you've heard since Tuesday." [More


Webcast of the November 4, 2010 Meeting of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.    05/11/10 [More]


Higher Education Affordability and Accessibility in Comparative Perspective.    04/11/10

    The report covers 17 countries and compares the relative affordability and accessibility of higher education in them. However, the survey makes no attempt to assess the quality of the higher education offered. [More


Comments of Five Newly Elected Members of the US Congress Regarding Climate Change.    04/11/10

    [T]he IPCC, they don't even believe the crap. —Steve Pearce, new congressman from New Mexico. [More]


The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology Scheduled to Meet November 4 - Update.    03/11/10

    For the updated agenda click here


ARC CEO, Margaret Sheil, Defends Excellence in Research for Australia.    03/11/10 [More]


Group of Eight Rails at Overreaching Governmental Micromanagement.    01/11/10

    The legislation establishing the Government’s new tertiary education regulator (TEQSA) has been drafted in a closed manner with rather limited consultation. [More]