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Science Minister Kim Carr "launches" AuScope at  Parliament House Yesterday.    30/09/10

     AuScope brings together 23 participants including CSIRO, Geoscience Australia, 11 universities, and state government agencies "to transform our Understanding of the Structure and Evolution of the Australian Continent". [More]


There's a Way Forward for STEM Education, But is There Sufficient Will?    27/09/10

    Three reports totalling just under 300 pages have landed on President Obama's desk urging a revitalisation of the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics from K-12 and beyond. [More


UNSW Led Team Develops Key Device to Advance Quantum Computing Research.    27/09/10

    They have developed in silicon a 'single electron reader', one of the key building blocks needed to make a quantum computer. [More]


UK Science Leaders Plead Against Cuts to Science Budget.    25/09/10

    "A 20% cut [would] irreversibly destroy the U.K.'s potential as a leading scientific nation." [More]  


According to the ABS, BERD Has Moved From 1.26% to 1.34% of GDP.    23/09/10

    Currently Sweden tops the charts with 2.78% of GDP with Finland right on its heels at 2.77%. [More]


The Conundrum for the Peer Reviewer.    23/09/10

    Reviewers say that they feel forced into making impossible choices between equally worthy proposals, especially when success rates are less than 20%. [More]


149 Named to Evaluate Submissions for Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA).    21/09/10

    Evaluations will be undertaken by eight Research Evaluation Committees (RECs). [More]


Senator Carr Gives Universities Australia's Plenary Meeting a Rousing Pep Talk.    21/09/10

    We must continue, together, our program of cultural change, our pursuit of international competitiveness, and our agenda for structural reform. [More] 


Sweden's Research Facing a Challenge -- and Signalling a Message to Australia?    20/09/10

    "I don't think the universities are good enough at nurturing excellence. There is too much nepotism and wheeling and dealing. It's seen as a right to get promoted simply for providing long and faithful service." [More


Australian Universities' Review Available on Line.    19/09/10

    The Australian Universities' Review is published twice yearly by the National Tertiary Education Union with the avowed purpose "to encourage debate and discussion about issues in higher education and its contribution to Australian public life". [More]


CSIRO and What Price Bureaucracy.    18/09/10

    CSIRO scientists say they are becoming more confused, frustrated, unhappy and burned out by battles with management bureaucracy according to a new report. [More


President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology (PCAST) Releases Report on STEM Education.    17/09/10

    In the fall of 2009, the President asked PCAST to develop specific recommendations concerning the most important actions that the administration should take to ensure that the United States is a leader in STEM education in the coming decades. [More]


The Times Releases Its Overhauled Rankings of the World's Top 200 Universities.    16/09/10

    And yet another set of university rankings have been published. The Times have split from QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limiteds and joined forces with Thomson Reuters. [More]


The Official Listing of the Ministry and Shadow Ministry for the 43rd Federal Parliament as of September 14, 2010).    15/09/10 [More]


Australia's Chief Scientist Visits China and Germany -- the White House Hosts Its Third Educate to Innovate.    14/09/10

    In her first blog in just over two months Australia's Chief Scientist reports she's "been back on the road again..." [More


Will the Cabinet Announced on Saturday by Prime Minister Julia Gillard be Good, Bad or Indifferent, Functional or Dysfunctional?    13/09/10

    If nothing else it has elevated the matter of higher education from the middle pages of the media to have a few moments centre stage. [More]


University Rankings and the Research Performance Index.    11/09/10

     "On the Assessment of University Research Impact: Towards Simplicity, Transparency and Fairness," Technical Report, The University of Western Australia, August 2010. [More


Group of Eight Executive Director Rebukes Immigration Minister for Lack of  Adequate Response for International Student Decline.    09/09/10

     If Senator Evans believes his media release is an adequate response to Go8 concerns, he just doesn't understand the nature of the problem. [More]


Are We Really Re-entering the Dark Ages?    09/09/10

    "Science scorned" and response. [More]  


QS World University Rankings Releases its Listing for 2010.    08/09/10

    The rank order of the world's universities are different in a number of cases between that of QS World University Rankings and that of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. [More]


Education at a Glance 2010 - OECD Indicators.    08/09/10

    The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) yesterday released Education at a Glance 2010 - OECD Indicators. [More]


The Look of Australia's 43rd Parliament.    08/09/10 [More]


Group of Eight Revises Prediction on Future Demand for Higher Education in Australia.    05/09/10

    Using two "sets of estimates" the Group of Eight (Go8) have released a revision of its June 2010 predictions regarding future demand for higher education in Australia. [More]


PCAST'S Webcast of September 2, 2010.    04/09/10

    Videos of the Webcast of the September 2nd meeting of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. [More]  


Prepare and Inspire: STEM Education for America’s Future.    03/09/10

    In addition to a solid preparation in STEM areas: “Inspiration is also needed, at all levels, and we have to make sure that every element of our educational system is set up to both prepare and inspire.”[More]


Whither (wither?) Our Universities.    02/09/10

    A plea for a return to the principles of "unity of research and teaching; freedom of teaching; and ... self-governance". [More]


National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) Review Scheduled for 2011.    01/09/10

    The upshot of the matter is that whether or not our next government will support the funding of a revised roadmap for an NCRIS is problematic. [More