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Panel of InterAcademy Council Lists Seven Key Recommendations for Changes for the IPCC.    31/08/10

    A Panel designated by the InterAcademy Council, which is made up of science academies from around the world, today released its 113-page report. [More


2010 Fields Medals Awarded.    28/08/10

    While often compared to the Nobel Prizes,  many hold it in greater esteem. [More]


Royal Society Short Lists Science Books for 2010 Prize.    26/08/10

    The Royal Society has announced the six books short listed for its 2010 science prize, the winner to be announced on October 21st. [More]


President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) September Agenda.    26/08/10

    US President Barack Obama's President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology to next meet on September 2. [More]


General Certificate of Secondary Education in Science Jumps in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.    25/08/10

    There was an  increase of entries for chemistry and physics of 32%, while those for biology rose 28%. [More]


US Vice-President Talks Up US Science, Technology and the Stimulus Package.    25/08/10

    Introduced by the Energy Secretary, Joe Biden praised Steven Chu as someone who has taught him more about innovation than anyone else in the Obama Administration. [More]


Nature Does a Whip-Around of Opinion Regarding Australia's Indecisive Federal Election.    24/08/10 [More]


A Cost Too Much for STEM Education?    20/08/10

    Put simply, there must be appropriate recognition for improving teaching and learning at the postsecondary level. [More


Our Future: Hobbled by Claytons Science Policies.    19/08/10

    The Australian Academy of Science is disappointed that neither of the major parties has taken the opportunity to offer a serious commitment to Australian science... [More


ALP, Liberals and Greens Reply to FASTS "Challenge" in Their Own Fashions.    18/08/10

    Please note: where questions have not been directly answered, an attempt has been made to extract the most relevant information from the statement provided by the Parties. [More


Wave Power Along Australia’s Southern Coast Could Generate 50% of the Nation's Current Requirements.    18/08/10

    However, the authors caution that a period of 10 years or more, should be regarded as the next step to adequately define the wave climate for wave energy resource assessments. [More]


Winners of the 2010 Eureka Prizes.    18/08/10

    2010 is the 21st year of the awards which now total $190,000. New awards for 2010 "include prizes for Early Career Research, Outstanding Medical Research Translation, Innovation in Computer Science, and Advancement of Climate Change Knowledge. [More


The Group of Eight Issues Labor and the Opposition a "Question Without Notice".    18/08/10

But will they favour our university elite with a meaningful reply? [More]


The Science of Climate Change: Questions and Answers Propounded by the Australian Academy of Science.    16/08/10

    Based on a series of 7 key questions, the Australian Academy of Science has released a skilfully illustrated 24-page publication which "aims to address confusion created by contradictory information in the public domain". [More]


2010 Academic Ranking of World's Research Universities Compiled by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.    16/08/10

     Once again Australia scored three in the top 100 -- with The University of Melbourne moving significantly up the rankings from 75 to 62 due significantly to Elizabeth Blackburn's award of a Nobel Prize. [More]


Paul Nurse Reinforces and Amplifies His Views on Funding UK's Scientific Elite.    16/08/10

    He also emphasised that by cutting research today, they [the government] are in danger of burning the seed corn of the future. [More]


University of California Postdocs Accept 5-Year Contract Proposal.    16/08/10

    The proposal must now be accepted by the University of California's Board of Regents. [More]


Monash V-C: Without successful research-intensive universities, the mechanisms of government and business will function poorly, if at all.    13/08/10

    [T]he future of Australia's universities is the business of all of us. [More]


Speak Some Algebra for the Ladies,  Baram.    13/08/10

    Science subjects in the schools is being hampered in part by the language employed which is devoid of narrative. [More]


Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and Universities Australia -- Federal Election Comment and Recommendations.    12/08/10

    To date, none of our political parties has acknowledged these listings let alone addressed them in any manner of consequence. [More


Then Job Arose, and Rent His Mantle.    11/08/10

    Yesterday the Australian Labor Party announced its science policy entitled Science for Australia’s Future. [More


Empowering Young Scientists.    10/08/10

    With the aging of the world's principal investigators it is past time that those following are given a greater voice in the direction and support of research, development and innovation. [More]


Australia Ranks 11th in University Degrees for the 25-34 Year Age Group.    08/08/10

     Canada, Korea and the Russian Federation lead the pack. [More]


AAS President Suzanne Cory Speaks Out.    07/08/10

    In an interview for The Age Professor Cory addresses Australia's political leaders. [More]


Sharks? No Fear -- Nemo, Marlin, Dory are Endangered Through Rising CO2 Levels.    06/08/10 [More]


ABS' Latest Analyses on Australian R&D.    06/08/10

     The data show a shift in emphasis in the higher education sector from basic research to applied research. [More]


The United States' Environmental Protection Agency Rejects Ten Petitions to Reconsider Findings that Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions Threaten the Public's Health and the Environment.    05/08/10 [More]


Higher Education Makes the National Affairs Section of The Australian.    05/08/10

    "Mr Crean said the government would fully meet the rising costs imposed by a jump in student places." [More


US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Releases Climate Report.    05/08/10

    It reports that the past decade was the warmest on record and the Earth has been warming over the last 50 years. [More]


FASTS' Challenge to the Contestants of the 2010 Federal Election: declare your commitment to science and innovation as core drivers of the national economy.    04/08/10

    It outlines the issues that its members have identified as priorities in science and innovation in the lead up to the 2010 Federal Election and requests responses by August 11, 2010. [More]


The World's Universities and Colleges Providing Lectures and Courseware Online.    03/08/10 [More]


France's President Welcomes the 35th International Conference on High-Energy Physics.    02/08/10

    It is extraordinary that it does not occur to people to systematically involve you in the major decisions, choices and endeavours that we statesmen are responsible for making and pursuing as part of our jobs. [More].


A Note from the President of the Australian Academy of Science.    02/08/10

    "Our future prosperity will depend on our capability in the sciences, engineering and mathematics. During this election period, we must all be vigilant to ensure this message is heard clearly." [More]


Australia's Chief Scientist and the Brain Bee Challenge.       02/08/10

    She told her young audience: [A]s Chief Scientist, I have very little time for research. Instead, I contribute to science by communicating with the public, helping to inform government policy and meeting students like you whenever I can. [More]