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Australian Government to Establish $21 million Stem Cell Research Fund.    31/05/10 [More]


Royal Society to Update Its Guide to Climate Change Science.    29/05/10

    Recently 43 of the Royal Society's elected fellows sent a letter protesting that some of the society's statements with respect to aspects of global climate change were oversimplified. [More]


Concern Over Primary and Secondary Education in Mathematics, Science, Engineering, and Technology.    28/05/10

    It's a familiar sounding phrase voiced time and again in Australian STEM circles but this is in fact the lead into... [More]


Academics, Tutors and the Skills Occupations List [SOL].    28/05/10

    Earlier this month the federal government's Department of Immigration and Citizenship released its "New List of Skilled Occupations... ". [More]


The Miners, the Pollies, the Economists and the Resources Tax.    26/05/10

   With the Federal Parliament in session for a couple of weeks the matter of the 40% super profits resources tax was bound to become a focal point of less than enlightening argy-bargy. [More]


The ERA and Newton's First Law.    24/05/10 [More]


Ask the President's Science Advisor.    24/05/10

    To ask a burning question of Dr. Holdren, send an e-mail to... [More]


US President Orders Review of Implications of Synthetic Biological Research.    22/05/10

     A request for "a study of the implications of this scientific milestone..." [More]


Dr Huppert Goes to Westminster.    21/05/10

    Julian Huppert (31) is Research Council UK Academic Fellow in Computational Biology and in the May 6 general election Dr Huppert was elected the MP to represent Cambridge. [More]


Malcolm Fraser Speaks -- Who's Listening, and Who Ought to Be?    21/05/10

    [T]hey're trying to interfere more in the way universities are run and what universities are doing. [More]


Chief Scientist Reports on US Visit.    21/05/10

    Professor Penny Sackett, last Friday reported in her blog on her April visit to the United States which began in Annapolis, Maryland. [More]


Bond Issues and the Cash-Strapped Universities.    21/05/10

    In October 2009 New Zealand's Canterbury University successfully floated a NZ$50m issue of 10-year 7.25% fixed-rate bonds. [More]


US National Academies' National Research Council (NRC) Issue Congressionally Requested Reports on Anthropogenic Climate Change.20/05/10 [More]


New U.K. Minister for Universities and Science, Holds His First Media Briefing.    19/05/10

    Unlike some of his predecessors, at least he knows what the research assessment exercise (RAE) is. [More]


A Very Bright Idea.    19/05/10

     Bard High School Early College, a school on the Lower East Side of Manhattan... [More


The Wilful Chronic Disintegration of Australia's Science and Technology Intellectual Infrastructure.    17/05/10

     In the past 20 years the decline in maths standards have dropped to "dangerously low" levels. [More]


Mobile Phones and Cancer.    17/05/10

    The mass media report today on the World Health Organisation's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) study on the link between mobile(cell) phone use and cancer. [More]


Pornographic Viewing/Downloads Cited as a Reason for Cuts to NSF, DoE Research Budgets.    14/05/10

    By a vote of 292 to 126 the US Congress' House of Representatives voted for a 3-year budget freeze. [More]


Tory David Willetts Named UK Minister of State for Universities and Science.    14/05/10

    While at Oxford where he studied philosophy, politics and economics; in opposition he shadowed universities and skills. [More]


The Australian Government's 2010-11 Science, Research and Innovation Budget Tables.    12/05/10 [More]


Ian Dobson: The Disjointed Growth of University Staffing Since Dawkins.    11/05/10

    The academic staff component for teaching has grown at a much lower rate than for academic research and the growth in [support] staff . [More]


Abbott Tells Primary School Students Earth was Hotter in Jesus' Day.    10/05/10

    To make these glib statements to school students, I think, is wrong -- Kurt Lambeck. [More]


Delayed Action Increases Risk of Dangerous Climate Change -- Australia's Chief Scientist.    09/05/10

    Australia's Chief Scientist has released a strongly worded statement to the media. [More]


Suzanne Cory Elected Australian Academy of Science President.    08/05/10

    On Monday Suzanne Cory assumes the presidency of the Australian Academy of Science for a four-year term succeeding ANU geophysicist Kurt Lambeck. [More]


250 Members of the US National Academy of Sciences are Signatories to This Letter.    07/05/10

    "Climate Change and the Integrity of Science": Among them, AAS president Kurt Lambeck. [More]


The Wellcome Trust Announces Details of 7 Year 425,000 p/a Investigator Awards.    06/05/10

    These awards build on our strategic goal of supporting the brightest researchers with the best ideas. [More


A Distinct Element of Confrontation Has Surfaced in Governmental/University Relations.    05/05/10

    We are in the business of transforming universities, we are not in the business of handing out blank cheques. -- Kim Carr [More]


President of Universities UK: None of the Political Parties are Talking About Their Plans for Higher Education.    04/05/10

    To many in the higher education sector it seems that there is a convenient pact of silence between the three major parties. [More


Impasse Between the University of California and its Postdocs.    04/05/10

    Size matters and the more than 6,000 postdocs at UC's campuses after 18 months of trying to negotiate their first-ever labour agreement, have come to the notice of the US House of Representatives. [More]


Royal Society's Incoming President and Winner Take All?    03/05/10

    You need a combination of special systems that attract and support those who are excellent... [More