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Britain's Scientists Polled on Election Candidate Preferences.    30/04/10

    Robin Weiss: "I'm pretty pissed off with Labour as a whole," but on the other hand he holds a dim view of the Tories. [More]


German Research Foundation (DFG) has a Rethink on Quantity and Impact.    30/04/10

     Ideas are hard to quantify—they are even harder to compare. But wise peer-referees can qualify them. [More


US National Academies on -- What You Need to Know About Energy.    30/04/10 [More]


Royal Institution of Great Britain and Former Director Baroness Greenfield Reach a Rapprochement.    29/04/10

    Following a review, on January 8 this year the Royal Institution declared the director, Susan Greenfield, redundant. [More


It's On Again, an Attempt to Make Cambridge University Governance More Top-Down.    28/04/10

    A number of its academics believe the proposal will make it easier for the university to sack and silence "difficult" dons. [More]


Australian Academy of Science Publishes Australia's Low Emission Energy Future.    28/04/10

    Like many countries, Australia is facing a dilemma in meeting its commitment to control greenhouse gas emissions. [More


The Budget, the Senator and Great Non-Expectations.    28/04/10

    These are very difficult economic times, very difficult -- Senator Kim Carr. [More


Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences: A Strategy for Recruiting a Tertiary Education Workforce.    27/04/10

      Figures show that the numbers of Australian students enrolling in PhDs are stagnant and there is little likelihood of a quick turnaround... [More]


PCAST Scheduled for May 21, 2010.    26/04/10

     Major contributions by  Arun Majumdar, Jane Lubchenco and Marcia McNutt promise discussion of major US science initiatives.  [More


CSIRO Goes in for Prognostication: Megatrends and Megashocks.    24/04/10

    CSIRO has released a 22-page report on what trends and challenges are to come the way of our children and their offspring. [More]


Paul Nurse to Succeed Martin Rees as President of the Royal Society.    24/04/10  [More]


Chief Scientist Off to the US on a "Scientific Mission".    23/04/10

    Professor Penny Sackett has updated her blog. [More]


A Note on Ranking Schemes for Universities.    22/04/10

    "What users really want to know from university ratings." [More]


US Congress Reviews Bills on Public Access to Research.    22/04/10

    Provision for online access to research manuscripts stemming from federal funding within six months of publication... [More]


Proposed Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Comes Under Intense Scrutiny.    21/04/10

    Is the intent really to enhance the quality of learning and research in the sector rather than merely control it? [More]


Australian Innovation System Report 2010.    20/04/10

    Putting money into research and development will lift Australia’s productivity and create new high-skilled jobs -- Kim Carr. [More


The Medico and the Physicist.    19/04/10

    A significant proportion of the medical profession slings off at physical scientists pointing out that many have next to no understanding of their innards. [More]


Update on the Governance of the Australian Synchrotron.    18/04/10

    In a move that met with staff approval, management today announced the appointment of two high-profile Australian scientists... [More


Minister for Science and Research Refutes Allegations of Political Bias in Higher Education Funding.    16/04/10

    Would you have us move Melbourne University to Kooyong? [More


Chief Scientist Calls for Nominations for 2010 Prime Minister's Science Prizes.    12/04/10

    “It would be my hope that the names of the Prize Winners are as recognised as those of Australia’s great sports heroes.” Professor Penny Sackett. [More]


France's Minister for Science: "Cannot Decide Who's Right and Wrong in a Scientific Debate."    12/04/10

    However, she is not alone in developing policy with regard to the anthropogenic effect on Earth's climate. [More]


Independent Body to be Established to Oversee "Research Integrity".    12/04/10

    It is not clear just what powers the Committee will have at its disposal. [More]


Australian Academy of Science Medal for 2010 Awarded to Science Journalist Peter Pockley.    12/04/10

    For "...outstanding contributions to science by means other than the conduct of scientific research. [More]


Academe and the Jobs Market.    08/04/10

    Today, the international market place for academics, at least here in the US, is essentially broke. [More


A Grid of Multiple Wind Farms Could Stabilise Electrical Output.    06/04/10

    Uninterrupted power supply from winds perhaps in the world, maybe possible. [More]


Australian Synchrotron Staff Lift Work to Rule Ban.    06/04/10

    However they say, "Many of the problems still remain, such as low staff morale across the organisation". [More


There Are Two NASAs.    03/04/10

    Adventure-NASA that caters to a public weaned on Star Trek, and Science-NASA. [More]


Royal Society Awards King Charles II Medal to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.    03/04/10

     For "outstanding contribution to furthering scientific research in their country". [More]


Public Research Universities in the US to Develop a Framework for Their Future.    01/04/10

    Scheduled for today the University of Texas, Austin is to host the first of five regional meetings which will analyse the contributions to education, research, and innovation by the US' foremost public research universities. [More]


Additional Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Proposed for US Environmental Protection Agency.    01/04/10

    Fluorinated gases and facilities that inject carbon dioxide into the ground monitoring to be considered. [More]