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Chief Scientist Professor Penny Sackett Discusses Australia's Foresighting Activities at the World Science Forum.    30/11/09

     This past November 5-7 Australia's Chief Scientist, astronomer Professor Penny Sackett attended the World Science Forum in Budapest, Hungary. This is the first of her two presentations. [More]


Chief Scientist Professor Penny Sackett Discusses Women in Science from an Australian Perspective.    30/11/09

    This past November 5-7 Australia's Chief Scientist, astronomer Professor Penny Sackett attended the World Science Forum in Budapest, Hungary. This is the second of her two presentations. [More]


Leszek Borysiewicz Nominated to Become Cambridge University's Vice-Chancellor.    28/11/09

    The current chief executive of the MRC to take over from Alison Richard in October. [More


Nature Advises Tories to Delineate Their Research Policies.    26/11/09

    It is astonishing... that with all the Conservative Party's rhetoric on how it intends to drag Britain out of recession, it hasn't formulated policy on universities and research. [More


Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines a Sign of the Future?    25/11/09

    Various designs of vertical axis wind turbines have been mooted for several years So far none has gained favour. [More]


Five of Go8 Post Operating Losses for 2008.    23/11/09

    The deficit for The University of Melbourne was $210 million. [More


France's Stimulus Plans for Research Begin to Take Shape.    21/11/09

    If the recommendations of a panel chaired by two former French prime ministers are accepted, French science will get its most extreme makeover. [More]


Constraints on Public Higher Education Spending Here and California.    20/11/09

    University of California Board of Regents this Thursday approved a plan to raise undergraduate fees 32%. [More


Group of Eight Calls on Federal Opposition to Stop Playing Political Games with Student Support.    19/11/09

    Today's media release from the Group of Eight requires no additional commentary. [More]


No US Senate Climate Bill Before Northern "Early Spring".    18/11/09

    US Senator John Kerry (D–MA) told reporters late Monday that he won't try to bring the Senate climate bill to the floor before Copenhagen, begins in less than three weeks. [More]


Vayu -- Capable of Operating at 140 Teraflops -- Australia's New Top Super Computer.    17/11/09 [More]


R&D of E.U. Firms up by 8.1% in 2008.    17/11/09

    But China and India, 40% and 27.3% respectively. [More


CSIRO Administration to Allow Research on Emissions Trading to be Published With "Minor but Important" Changes.    14/11/09

    "Therefore, the paper had been "submitted to the journal, with the express permission of the acting chief of division." [More


Cars, Trucks, Planes, Trains, Ships -- and TREES.    12/11/09 [More]


Wellcome Trust to Award Longer-term Funding Focused on Individual Researchers Rather Than on Specific Research Projects.    12/11/09 [More]


UK's Peter Mandelson Announces Major Review of Higher Education.    09/11/09

    The strategy that we are publishing today aims to set a course for an equally successful decade ahead. [More


Australia's Chief Scientist on the Move.    09/11/09

    Australia's Chief Scientist, Professor Penny Sackett, has listed the following regarding he efforts during November... [More]


Scientists and the Political Scene.    08/11/09

    A couple of paragraphs written over five years apart on separated continents we thought warranted juxtaposing. [More


CSIRO's Manager for Media Liaison, Huw Morgan: Publishing data is fine... 07/11/09

    CSIRO is in the throes of being taught a salutary lesson on how not to produce an unwanted media inflation. [More]


German Chancellor's New Coalition Reaffirms Support for Science and University Research.    06/11/09

    Budgets of major research organizations will rise by 5% a year until 2015. [More]


Academic Senate of University of California Sees Increased Graduate Fees as Counterproductive.    05/11/09

    At a meeting on October 21, the Academic Council unanimously endorsed concerns about the deleterious impact of graduate student fee increases on students and academic departments. [More]


Is CSIRO's Apparent Self-Censorship Behind an Attempt at Gagging a Researcher?    05/11/09

    Dr Spash told the ABC today that when he offered to have the paper published as a private individual he was told that was not an option. [More


Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Research University Rankings by Categories.    04/11/09

    In addition to its overall rankings of the world's research universities, Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranks the institutions on the basis of a number of "Subjects" and "Fields". [More


The Australian: "It is Not in the CSIRO's Interests to Censor its Scientists".    04/11/09

    CSIRO "was never intended to be a mouthpiece pandering to government sensibilities". [More


Teachers’ Participation in Research Programs Improves Their Secondary School Students’ Achievement in Science.    02/11/09

    Participating teachers’ students passed Regents science exams at a rate that was 10.1% higher (P = 0.049) than that of non-participating teachers’ students. [More] 


CSIRO Scientist Claims Managers Wrote to Journal Demanding His Peer Reviewed Paper Not be Published.    02/11/09

    Dr Clive Spash: The CSIRO is currently maintaining they have the right to ban the written version of this paper from publication... [More]