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I Am Unapologetically... Pro All Forms of Knowledge That Can Increase Our Capacity to Satisfy Human Needs and Aspirations, Kim Carr.    30/09/09

    Yesterday the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research addressed the BioMelbourne Network CEO Forum. [More]


ABS Releases Statistics on Business Expenditure on Research and Development.    28/09/09

    One September 25 the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released its latest compilation of business' expenditure on research and development (BERD). [More]


Views of Two Nobel Laureates on the Mitigation of Anthropogenic Global Warming.    25/09/09

    Princeton University Economist, New York Times Columnist and Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman, and US Secretary of Energy, Physics Nobel Laureate Steven Chu have a few things to say. [More]


115 NIH Grants for "High-Risk Research and Innovation.    25/09/09

    The NIH is awarding US$348 million specifically to encourage investigators to explore bold ideas that have the potential to catapult fields forward and speed the translation of research into improved health. [More]


Protests by University of California Students & Staff Ignite.    25/09/09

    UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau: "'s the obligation of the state of California to support this great educational system." [More]


UK Government Reveals Plans for its Research Excellence Framework.    24/09/09

     "While we remain concerned to reduce the burden of the assessment, we believe we have exhausted the main options for any radically different alternative approach [to the RAE]." [More


Climate Change Matters on the United States Front.    24/09/09

    The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) reports on climate change from the viewpoint of the US political scene. [More]


They Can't be Serious, Can They?    23/09/09

    People are anxious about government intruding into academic affairs. [More]


Chief Scientist for Australia Welcomes News of Counterpart in European Union.    22/09/09

    I am encouraged by this announcement as it is a strong signal that the EU acknowledges the vital role science should play in informing policy. [More]


Missile Defence and Scientific/Technological Advice.    21/09/09

    On July 2, 2009 a letter with twenty signatories, half of whom are Nobel Laureates, was sent to US President Barack Obama explaining why the Bush/Gates anti-missile plan was ill conceived. [More


University of California Staff and Students to Unite in Protest.    18/09/09

    With the beginning of the 2009/10 academic year the staff and students of the ten campuses of the University of California have called for a walkout on September 24. [More]


"Tenure and the Future of the University".    18/09/09

    Dan Clawson's article in the May 29, 2009 issue of  Science evoked a marked response. We reprint three letters received by Science as well as Professor Clawson's reply. [More


President of the European Commission Promises to Appoint a Chief Scientist for Europe.    18/09/09

    "I want to set up a chief scientific adviser who has the power to deliver proactive, scientific advice..." [More


US University Student Loans -- a Quick Look Through Gail Collins' Eyes.    18/09/09

    New York Times Columnist Gail Collins' wit gives her the ability to make her points cogently and concisely. [More]


The Mismeasurement of Science and The Granting System.    17/09/09

    People do not realize that when it comes to arguing their case for more funding, scientists who do basic research are the least articulate... [More


With the ARC Examining Its Peer Review Procedures the Science Blog "Are We Drowning Our Young Scientists in Paperwork? A ScienceInsider Conversation" is Instructive.    16/09/09

    Click here to download the PLoS Biology article by Peter Lawrence which is referred to in the blog. [More to go to the blog]


ARC Undertakes Review of Its System of Peer Review.    16/09/09

On September 14th the Australian Research Council (ARC) announced the publication of a Peer Review Processes Consultation Paper. [More]


Richard Holmes' The Age of Wonder Wins Royal Society Book Prize.    16/09/09 [More]


Irrigate and Forest the Desert and Cool the Planet.    15/09/09

    Available online, the journal Climatic Change, has published simulations predicting the effect of converting the Sahara desert and central Australia to a forested expanse in order to mitigate global warming. [More]


The Hard Yards For Science Teaching.    14/09/09

    In "Building the Education Revolution" the Rudd Labor government is making "a $16.2 billion investment over three financial years... and a critical component in the Australian Government’s Nation Building Economic Stimulus Plan". [More]


Australian Universities' Review Publishes "University Rankings 2.0".    14/09/09

    Twice a year Australia's National Tertiary Education Union publishes the Australian Universities Review "to encourage debate and discussion about issues in higher education and its contribution to Australian public life. [More]


Report Summary on Human Space Exploration Released by Obama Administration.    11/09/09

    The select committee chaired by former Lockheed-Martin executive, Norman Augustine delivered its report to US President Barack Obama at the beginning of the month. [More]


The Marionette Master Continues to Pull the Strings of a Yet to be Still Born ERA.    09/09/09

    This morning Federal Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, dropped in on the "National Academies Forum Symposium on ERA" to tell them a few facts of political life. [More]


Minister Announces the Awarding of the Inaugural Australian Research Council Future Fellowships.    09/09/09

    The announced aim of the ARC Future Fellowships is to attract and retain the best and brightest mid-career researchers. [More


Announcement of the Passage of the Higher Education Support Amendment (2009 Budget Measures) Bill.    08/09/09

     To state the bleedin' obvious, the establishment of the independent Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) of itself will not be sufficient to bolster improvement. [More]


The Onus Falls as Much on the Science Sector as Industry to Develop Convincing New Faces of Science.    07/09/09

    A critical challenge for industry, universities and science organisations is to develop convincing profiles of scientific work in the 21st century -- John Rice & Bradley Smith. [More


Federal Coalition Claims Political Bias in Science and Language Centre Funding.    07/09/09

    The lack of adequately trained secondary school teachers in science and mathematics remains effectively unaddressed by the incumbents and appears not worth mentioning by the opposition. [More


Editorial Correction.    04/09/09

    The figure for Monash University's international student percentage, given as 32%, includes students at overseas campuses. International students at Monash's Australian campuses constitute 24%. See the corrected editorial for details. [More]


David Goldston Sounds a Note of Caution on the US Science and Technology Budget for Fiscal Year 2011.    03/09/09

     A memorandum of August 4 places: "emphasis on tightly linking research programmes to solving what are pointedly labelled as 'practical challenges'." [More]


Phillip Adams Chats with Terry Tao.    03/09/09 [More]


Royal Society Publishes Geoengineering the climate: Science, governance and uncertainty.    02/09/09

      In some 90 pages a committee of twelve, chaired by Professor John Shepherd, delivered its assessment of the options for fighting global warming with geoengineering. [More]