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Stanford Addresses Economic Downturn's Effect on Endowment.    29/05/09

    By decreasing the endowment payout by 10% next fiscal year and 15% in fiscal year 2011, Stanford hopes it will recover within three to four years. [More]


A Glance Toward the US Congress Regarding Climate Legislation.    29/05/09

    While Australia's federal parliament is arguing just how and when it will implement legislation to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, the US Congress is working through proposed legislation as well. [More]


Government Responds to O'Kane Review of Cooperative Research Centres.    28/05/09

    In early August last year Kim Carr released the report of the review committee chaired by Professor Mary O'Kane regarding Australia's Cooperative Research Centre's (CRC). [More]


The Astronomer and the Prime Minister.    27/05/09

    In light of the Chief Scientist's emphasis that "there must be a cross-portfolio commitment to the investigations, to maximise expertise", her office must be transferred to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet without further delay. [More]


Accusations of Block Grant Manipulation Divide University Sector.    27/05/09

    some Group of Eight universities are accused of using marriages of convenience with medical research institutes to inflate their research income and prestige. [More]


Royal Society Announces Long List for Consideration for its 2009 Scientific Book Prize.    27/05/09

    Of the books submitted to the Royal Society for judging, thirteen have been placed on its "Long list". On June 25 six of the books will be short listed and the winner will be announced on September 15th. [More]


Nominees Picked to Head NASA.    27/05/09

    Two space flight advocates -- former astronaut Charles Bolden and Washington lobbyist Lori Garver picked. [More]


62% of Indian Higher Educational Students in Australia are Enrolled in Vocational Education and Training (VET).    25/05/09

    The Indian Based Daily News & Analysis reports: "Newly-released statistics by the Australian Education International on enrollment of Indian students in Australian universities observed an increase of 38.9% from last year as of March 2009." [More]


Alan Trounson: Connecting to the international community is good for Australia—there’s less inducement for Australian scientists to move.    22/05/09

     The Victorian Innovation Minister has announced four collaborative grants between Victorian and Californian stem-cell research teams. [More]


Norman Augustine on the Coming Review Focusing on the Human Aspects of the US Space Program.    22/05/09 [More]


University of California Takes a Hard Financial Blow.    21/05/09

    The University of California consists of ten campuses seven of which rank in the top 50 of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University rankings of research universities. [More]


Upping Parental Income Test Threshold for Access to Youth Allowance Expected to  Increase Number of Eligible Students by 17%.    21/05/09 [More]


AAAS Submits Comments on Scientific Integrity to Office of Science and Technology Policy.    21/05/09

    The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has submitted a series of carefully considered comments regarding recommendations to insure scientific integrity of documents issued by the government's executive branch. [More]


Keep a-Hold of Nurse / For Fear of Finding Something Worse.    20/05/09

    Hilaire Belloc's admonition to the young citing Jim's demise at the jaws of the lion might be allegorically cautionary to the Australian higher education and research sectors. [More


UK's Aimhigher Associates Scheme Gains Momentum.    20/05/09

    Last year, John Denham, the UK's Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills, introduced as a pilot -- the Aimhigher Associates scheme. [More]


Austrian Chancellor Overrules Science Minister -- Austria Will Remain in CERN.    20/05/09 [More]


Israeli Minister of Science Answers the Questions Asked.    18/05/09

    A cardinal ability required of politicians who want to progress is to be able not to answer questions asked but instead supply answers to questions as they would have wanted them to be asked. [More]


"Carbon-Low" Fuels Compared.    16/05/09

    At the end of April the California Air Resources Board (CARB) set out a low-carbon fuel standard to enforce greater use of fuels to reduce greenhouse emissions, compared with petrol. [More]


President of the Australian Academy of Science Opines on the "Super Science Initiative".    14/05/09

    All the focus is on material infrastructure. The human infrastructure doesn't get a great deal of attention. [More


527 Days.13/05/09

    The Rudd government brings down its 2nd budget. [More]


The Lingering Effect of Anthropogenic CO2.    11/05/09

      What if total cessation of all anthropogenic CO2 production could be instituted? [More]


Austria Citing Budgetary Constraints to Withdraw from CERN.    09/05/09

    "Nobody is happy about the decision," says Nikola Donig, a spokesman for the Austrian ministry of science. "We would have loved to stay in CERN, "But budgets are tight". [More]


A Not so Gentle Reminder.    09/05/09

    A glance to our Canadian fellow member of the Commonwealth of Nations may be instructive as the US attracts one of its best. [More]


President Obama Tosses a Wild Card into the NASA Deck -- Review of Manned Space Exploration.    09/05/09 [More]


Australia's Chief Scientist on US Visit.    07/05/09

    Australia's Chief Scientist, Professor Penny Sackett, issued a short media release today describing whom she met and that discussions included "best practice approaches for providing expert advice to government".  [More]


The Education Investment Fund and the Call for 20% Renewable Energy by 2020.    06/05/09

     But it all depends how far beyond the fringe of the carpet Prime Minister Rudd and his cabinet can see. [More]


A Plea to Support the Engineers.    06/05/09

    In the lead up to the Federal Budget the Go8 Deans of Engineering have written to the Prime Minister and Ministers Gillard and Carr. [More]


Simon Marginson Views the Legacy of International Student Fees Abetting a House Resting on Sand.    05/05/09

    Since the late 1980s, when there were 25,000 international students, Australian education exports have grown by leaps and bounds. [More


Australia to Delay Emissions Trading Scheme to Begin 2011 -- Ups 2020 Goal to 25% Cut of 2000 Level. 04/05/09 [More]


Out of Self Interest Corporations Urged to Up Support for Universities.    04/05/09

     Michael Chaney, Chairman of the National Australia Bank, is also Chancellor of the University of Western Australia. [More]


Not a Patient Man.    02/05/09

    Speaking before a friendly audience Energy Secretary Steven Chu railed against the conservative culture of the agency he runs and described his struggles to meet its mission of helping the country move to a less carbon-intensive economy. [More]


A Nobel Economist Examines Climate and Cap and Trade.    01/05/09

    [P]redictions of economic disaster if we try to do anything about climate change are junk economics. [More


Cast a Glance Over Your Shoulder.    01/05/09

    Data compiled by the ScienceWatch tracking service indicates Indian scientific publications rising sharply. [More]