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New South Wales Chief Scientist &Scientific Engineer Has a Word Regarding Climate Change.    31/03/09

    Last Friday Professor Mary O'Kane, New South Wales Chief Scientist and Scientific Engineer spoke to the state division of Engineers Australia but the heart of her talk was really addressed to the population at large. [More]


National Science Foundation Releases Funding Terms Related to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act  (Obama Economic Stimulus Package).    31/03/09 [More]


Kim Carr "Talks the Talk, But Does He Walk the Walk"?    30/03/09

The President of the Australian Academy of Science made the observation in June last year: "[Senator Carr] recognizes that science and technology are important, and he's certainly seeking input from the community. But it's too soon to tell if he's listening." [More]


The Short, Medium and Long Term of It: Budget Time Approaches.    27/03/09

    The Acting Prime Minister, and Minister for Education, Julia Gillard does a lively two-step around the Bradley Review. [More]


Steven Chu Gets an Undersecretary and Talks to Kevin Rudd.    26/03/09

     US Energy Secretary and Physics Nobel Laureate Steven Chu makes good copy. [More]


Canadian Association of University Teachers: Canada Needs a Government to Match What the Obama Government is Doing for Research.    26/03/09 [More]


The University of California Weighs Its Options.   

    Employee furloughs and pay cuts are among the budget measures that UC is considering in the coming months. [More


Cambridge Dons Retain Control of University.    23/03/09

    You might think that a university that is in the 801st year of its existence, and is 4th in the world ranking of research universities would be seen by its political masters as knowing what it was about. [More]


Canada's Current Minister for Science and Technology is a Worrisome Entity.    23/03/09

    It was first reported by Canada's popular media, then taken up by Science and last Saturday came to the attention of the redoubtable Bob Park. [More]


Australian Stem Cell Centre to Get an Extreme Makeover.    20/03/09

     Elizabeth Finkel reports from Melbourne: "The Australian Stem Cell Centre (ASCC), a controversial experiment in speeding the commercialization of stem cell research, is slated for a radical overhaul". [More]


The US National Science Foundation and the Economic Stimulus Package.    20/03/09

    Its official name is American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and some US$3.0 billion will come the way of the National Science Foundation (NSF). [More]


The Ambitions of the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.    20/03/09

    Yesterday Kim Carr, the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, addressed the Association of Pacific Rim Universities which is "a consortium of 42 leading research universities in the Pacific Rim". [More]


Chief Scientist Addresses FASTS "Science meets Parliament" Gathering.    19/03/09

    On Tuesday evening Australia's Chief Scientist, Professor Penny Sackett addressed a gathering of over 300 scientists and parliamentarians. "It was precisely the sort of leadership and truth telling we would want in a chief scientist," said FASTS executive director, Bradley Smith. [More]


A Case in Point: Arizona State University.    18/03/09

    Toward the end of April in 2007 Nature published an extensive article on "US higher education: The Arizona experiment." [More


Senator Carr Reiterates His Prescriptive Approach to Australia's University Sector.    18/03/09

     Apart from one announcement the address to the National Press Club was a rambling rehash of his previous pronouncements with regard to the holding of universities to account. [More]


Maths Makes Page 27 of the Sunday Telegraph.    17/03/09

    TFW is a bit late with the news but when maths makes a Sydney Sunday tabloid that in itself is newsworthy. [More]


Education Minister Says Australia Will Upgrade Recruitment of Overseas Students to Aid Nation's Research.    17/03/09

     But how persuasive will she be in cabinet to sequester the means to upgrade the attractiveness of Australia's universities? [Move]


Matters of Consequence To Be Addressed Comes the Revolution.    16/03/09

    In a carefully crafted and thoughtful article Andrew Trounson reviews the Minister for Education Julia Gillard's proposals to implement some of the proposals of the Bradley Review. [More]


Professor Penny Sackett:  I'll be the Chief Scientist for Australia, Not of Australia.    16/03/09

    Is the Chief Scientist cloaked in metamaterial? [More]


Redistribution of England's 2009-10 University Block Funding -- Science Reports.    13/03/09

    For all of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown's fine rhetoric, the fact is US President Barack Obama's US$25.5 billion stimulus for US science has blitzed the field. [More]


1800 New Full-Time Academics Needed Over Three Years NTEU Warns.    12/03/09 [More]


Michael Gallagher Has His Say in Full.    11/03/09

    Michael Gallagher, Executive Director, The Group of Eight addressed the Financial Review Higher Education Conference 2009 yesterday and took about 8 thousand words and some 18 PowerPoint foils to say it. [More]


An Executive Order and Memorandum by US President Barack Obama are Expected to Have Far Reaching Consequences.    10/03/09

    On March 9 US President Barack Obama signed an executive order dealing with overturning former president George W. Bush's restrictions on embryonic stem cell funding. The memorandum deals with protecting the scientific process from political intervention. [More]


Kim Carr Talks University Research.    09/03/09

    Federal Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, today addressed the Australian Financial Review Higher Education Conference in Sydney: "I begin with two premises..." [More]


UK's HEFCE University Funding Tables For 2009-10 Published.    06/03/09

    The Higher Education Funding Council for England (Hefce), which will allocate some 1.6 billion of research funding based, with qualifications, on RAE. [More]


About That US$21 Billion for Science in the US Economic Stimulus Package.    06/03/09

    The discussion between Science's Robert Frederick and Jeffrey Mervis should be of interest to Australians -- including our parliamentarians -- because it looks beyond the immediate effects for the funding injection toward the longer term benefit. [More


The Gillard-Carr Nexus.    05/03/09

    Yesterday Julia Gillard addressed the Universities Australia Higher Education Conference 2009, today it was the turn of Kim Carr. [More]


Support for Australian Maths a Growing Imperative.    04/03/09

     If language is the foundation of modern civilization, mathematics is its keystone. [More]


The Shrinking World of Australia's Academics.    04/03/09

    Adrian Gibbs: the report of the Bradley review makes it clear that all levels of the academic workforce are in decline, as about 900 staff leave or retire each year. [More]


US Academy President Sounds a Note of Reason Regarding Space Exploration.    04/03/09 [More]


The Ides of March Approaches.    03/03/09

     Perhaps it'll be the date that the federal government announces its response(s) to the Bradley Review of Higher education and the Cutler Review of Australian Innovation. [More